Maya Astrology and My Mayan Day Sign

Sherrie Locke, 3 Ik,  January  2014

After moving to Guatemala, the land of the living Maya, six years ago,
I became more deeply interested in Mayan astrology and spirituality. I 
discovered that my Mayan day sign, 13 Sun, is very accurate and even 
helps to show that Mayan astrology works.

Sun, called Ajaw or Ajpu, means illumination, which is what I do with 
a psychic reading, bring things into the light. The number 13 is the 
highest of the numbers that are associated with a nahual such as Sun. 
And according to the Ki´che´ Maya of Guatemala, people whose number is
 13 have psychic powers that must be developed. So 13 Sun precisely
 describes me and what I do.

My Pueblo Heritage

Sherrie Locke, 3 Ik,  January  2014

Some people ask me how I know for sure I have the blood of the pueblo people running through my veins. For starters, we are all nearsighted (ever noticed how many pueblo people wear glasses?), all psychic and all see auras.

To begin we must go back a long time. In my case, the year 1570. In that year, my Spanish ancestors made it all the way to northern New Mexico.

They, of course, wanted to interbreed with my beautiful female ancestors, but the pueblo women (and other first nation women) were considered to be livestock by the Spaniards (this is true, check your history), without a human soul. So the way around that “problem” was to baptize the women into the Catholic Church, after which they were considered appropriate “wives” for breeding, service and so on.

Santa Clara Corn Dance

Therefore, my family has the records of every baptism, marriage, birth and death (well most of the deaths) from the year 1570 to the present in my matriarchal lineage, all there in print. I have several family members on both sides of my matriarchal clan who continue to do research with great success (thanks to the Catholic Church, they keep good records.) But as of yet, there is no “degree of Indian blood” (that’s what the official paper is called) or Department of Interior card for any of us, even though grandpa was born at Santa Clara pueblo.


My New Blog about Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Hi Everyone,

Today I am initiating my new blog!  I plan on bringing you diverse and eclectic info about psychic readings, tarot readings, aura readings, sacred sites with psychic properties and other exclusive information from the land of the Maya for your perusal and enjoyment. Blessings!