Maya Astrology and My Mayan Day Sign

Sherrie Locke, 3 Ik,  January  2014

After moving to Guatemala, the land of the living Maya, six years ago,
I became more deeply interested in Mayan astrology and spirituality. I 
discovered that my Mayan day sign, 13 Sun, is very accurate and even 
helps to show that Mayan astrology works.

Sun, called Ajaw or Ajpu, means illumination, which is what I do with 
a psychic reading, bring things into the light. The number 13 is the 
highest of the numbers that are associated with a nahual such as Sun. 
And according to the Ki´che´ Maya of Guatemala, people whose number is
 13 have psychic powers that must be developed. So 13 Sun precisely
 describes me and what I do.


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