My Early Training in Astrology and Yoga

Sherrie Locke, 11 Tzi,  February 2014

I’ll start at home in Dallas, Texas. During the school year, my mom and I were always “tuned” in on a daily basis and practiced telepathy. My mom has had a diversified range of metaphysical interests all her life too, so I guess that’s where I got it.

One of my favorite games when I was small was “Amazing Kreskin,” a psychic testing and development game (I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up.) That’s all I wanted to play, so I could get better and better at it.  I have always been like that, thus the later indulgences in paranormal organizations and psychic research organizations. I love to be tested and use my skills in a research environment!

Back to mom…so when she attended classes (and she chose well), they were good ones.

Astrology Class
When I was very young, my mother, who was a pretty good superficial astrologer at the time, decided she wanted to learn more, so she attended a series of classes with the very famous Rosicrucian astrologer A. Leroy Simmons in Dallas, Texas.  I used to stare at his incredible aura when he was teaching the group, his light was so bright, I had never seen anything like it

Since I was always with my mom, I attended the advanced astrology courses with her, either staring at the teacher watching his aura morph, or many times falling asleep on a couple of chairs or even under the table, while this man wrote endlessly on a chalk board and answered question after question.

It was cool in the fact that in a couple of years study (it was an ongoing course), mom got to use my chart and the family charts for all the research, so not only did I learn things I was interested in about the family (which we discussed at length at home), but I also got the added bonus of my chart being a subject of interest because I have an unusual chart, which was used as class material and which we also discussed at length at home.  I also had the opportunity to see the energy around people I had not been previously exposed to, people with a passion for metaphysics and, as I learned later, were likely into other disciplines too.

It’s amazing that years later I still retain so much of the teaching of that incredible soul A. LeRoy Simmons, and as a matter of fact it forged a powerful bond with Nevada Hudson (matriarch of the psychic fairs and president of the Fort Worth and North Texas Astrological Society) and my mom and I, since we all knew him and studied with this great master. My mother was invited to attend further advanced studies at the Rosicrucian headquarters in California, but my father was having none of it.

That started my interest in the teachings of elders other than my first nation elders. (I was maybe five or six to about age eight.)

I attended my mom’s first yoga class with her at age eight. It was a class with Kumar of India in Dallas, Texas. He later became a Dallas icon and only left this Earth last year in 2013 after teaching yoga well into his nineties and opening one of the first vegetarian cafes in an area of Dallas known as Oak Lawn, “The Cosmic Cup.”

How this pertains to my psychic development is simple: the very first question I asked him when we met the first time was, “What is the proper breathing they are referring to in Hindu texts?” I think he was a bit stunned, and I suddenly became the yoga kid that got to do all the fun “flags” and other postures due to the fact I was in dance academy and was familiar with postures and routines.

I wanted to know about the breathing so I could access altered states of consciousness.

And yes, he told me.


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