My Psychic Experiences in Childhood

Sherrie Locke, 11 Tzi,  February 2014

Growing up in an extended clan of “unusual” people, I had no idea how lucky I was until I started to get a bit older.  Everyone on my Tewa Native American side of the family was very psychic, with their own “flavor.”

People like Grandma Tafoya, my great grandfather Juan Torres (another story altogether) and all my aunts and uncles.  My aunts were called tia Lorenza or tia Cordelia, with the exception of the youngest, whom we called aunt Shirley.

Aunt Shirley is an oil painter, and my uncle Johnny  was also an Incredible artist.  A piece of his art is in the White House.  As I mentioned previously, I spent every summer of my life in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my extended matriarchal clan. So as soon as we arrived, I was already asking when we would have a trip up into Cheyenne Canyon with my cousins. I hounded them relentlessly until they caved in. I have lots of cousins, and we all got together when uncle Johnny’s tribe came down from Denver with ten kids and, what with my other aunts and uncles and their kids, it was quite a tribe. Very early on there were three of us that stuck together like glue. We had a powerful psychic connection. They were the two younger boys of my aunt Lorenza.

Aunt Lorenza Perry was the first woman barber in Colorado. She was tough, extremely knowledgeable and the one that took all us kids into the “outback” of the Rocky Mountains, since we were all big enough to walk.  John, Jeff and I were the three musketeers, the explorers, the ones who had all the scary stories to tell (some we got from our older cousins), and we sought out all the local legends and then went to find where it happened, so we went to “haunted” anything we could find.  And after we got cars…watch out!

We had learned from elders how to do “clearings” on that kind of thing, so we enjoyed freeing spirits to go to the “other side” and did it frequently.  Between mountain climbing, spelunking in forbidden areas and of course (as well taught to us by aunt Lorenza)  prospecting, we have a bond that has lasted all these years and still know what’s happening with each other.

To this day, when we are in “the springs,” we get together to check and power up our FM (psychic powers) and place offerings in that canyon and in the garden of the gods for all it has given us in our lives. When I go back there, we still look at the clouds and the signs in the sky.


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