Honoring Your Lineage and Your Ancestors

By Sherrie Locke, Written on 10 Vulture, January 2014.

Vulture is a day to honor your ancestors, so I find it fitting that I wrote this blog on 10 Vulture without having looked in advance.

Your lineage is your heritage. You are not just living your life for yourself, you are living your life as an extension of where you came from (region) and the ongoing expression of your very DNA lineage. So embrace it in all its richness, diversity, and all its good and bad, for it is a part of who you are and also a clue to the direction you may choose to take your life. All it has offered, all you are proud of, all you are ashamed of, it is all a key to what makes you “tick.”

In this day and age most people, unless raised in an ethnic or indigenous family, don’t think much about our dead relatives. But they have so much to do with our lives, our struggle, our victories. These victories are not simply shared by the living. They are the evolution of the clan, the tribe. Get to know yours, for there is a wealth of understanding (Binah) available to you in your search of your true self.

Sometimes we may not know our lineage, what with adoptions, relocations and in some cases a lack of interest or even suppression of the truth and the like. Some say we have lost our roots, but I say, the “feeling” is in you, the seed lies in the area of your interest.

What the Hopi Elders Say

The Hopi elders have stated that there is a rainbow tribe, that many are born in a different “skin” in this life, and that not all First Nation people are red, not all white people white…the heart is the color of the direction of the driving force. Thus there are “apples” (red on the outside and white on the inside) and “coconuts” (brown on the outside and white on the inside). You get it…and other “acceptable terms” that are used for descriptions.

Grandfather David (a Hopi Elder with whom I spent some time with at New Buffalo when he was 106 years old) told me during lodge at Native American Church that you cannot judge a man by the color of his skin or even his doctrine, that you must look into his Heart, for there lies his connection to the “good red road.” He said, “Many will come, saying they know the way, but the only ‘way’ is through the heart. The red road begins here (pointing to his chest), and if your heart is pure, all knowledge will come to you, the right teacher will appear, and you will know you are on the way, ‘the sacred way’.”

I have had such blessings bestowed on me in this life so far, many of those blessings being the treasure of spending time with beloved elders. I continue to hold space for them.



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