My Psychic Transformation: A Switch Flipped

One summer on our usual visit to grandma’s house, my cousins and I had been playing in the “forbidden” Fountain Creek (pronounced “crick” in parts of the States) behind her house. We were not allowed to do that due to the risk of flash flooding in the summer rainy season, but we did it anyway, confident that we would be the winners in any potential disaster because the three of us, John, Jeff and I “knew everything” and if it was dangerous, we would know by checking our FM. If it was safe that day, we just “knew.” We always checked the vibe, but usually the only looming scary thing was being caught by grandma, who knew all along exactly where the three of us were. We collected gems, stones and investigated everything, “native” style.

Somewhere that summer, I was bitten by a tick and contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Needless to say I was down for the count and a medical (allopathic) doctor was called.

I was about seven or eight years old. I went down, and my aunts, mom and grandmother put a bed in the middle of the living room and sat with me in a circle for days. I had a fever of 104 degrees plus, so they put ice packs on me and sat and crocheted or watched a program on TV, while I was delirious with fever. I saw every relative that ever was in the tribe…they came and spoke to me while I could barely hear my aunts saying something like, “I wonder who she is talking to now? You think it’s…?”

They all glowed, the people I saw while in this state. I could see the connection between them all and their interactions, both verbal and non-verbal. There were beings all around me with my mom, aunts and grandmother, everyone in perfect harmony. I was not afraid, but I was higher than a kite. The doctor had given me some powerful drugs.

After several days I came back to life, almost literally, and was able to answer certain questions I was asked about my travels, interactions with long gone relatives and what I saw from the “other side.” Everyone in the family kept saying, “Welcome back.”
There was a distinct after effect of this episode: I could not turn it off! I kept waiting for it to fade away or return to being random but no, no way, it was full on, auras on everything, even things. People on whom I turned my attention would glow.

I thought wow, this must be what they are talking about when people take drugs (lots of them) or something. I thought the drugs the doctor gave me had altered me in some way. Now I know my neurotransmitters had shifted because of the fever and the biological shift, never to return to their previous state.

After that, new fun began in earnest.


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