The Predator Within: A Look into a Toltec Legend

By Sherrie Locke, written on 3 Qanil, February 2014

A respected Native American elder told me this story in the form of a poem, and these were his words:

“Once upon a time there was innocence, harmony and oneness between brothers.

Then came a being from somewhere beyond this place.

A being that did not love the happiness of man.

It gave that being nothing.

So he went to a place,

A primordial place,

The first place of response,

and found something.

He found survival instinct,

He found fear.

So he devised a way

that each and every human

at some point

would respond to this energy.

At that juncture, he found an entry point

through the medulla, the lizard brain, the place of fight or flight response,

and attached

to feed on what he is.”

So people, this is a story, a metaphor. As this respected elder explained it to me, the first fear hits in childhood, then the being attaches itself and feeds off your fears for the rest of your life unless you find a way, or a shaman, to reset the assemblage point (I will discuss this in a future post on The Human Assemblage Point) with tools and consciousness to (hopefully, if diligent) not let it entangle you again. Only then you will be free to live your true life, not the life of fear and heartbreak that the ego feeds upon.

It goes like this: when the first fear strikes, usually between the age of three to five, He (I use “he” because I am describing a yang force) attaches himself to a person and runs that original “fear program” over and over in myriad ways throughout the person’s life.  Always in a theme or “plot twist” of the original cause.

He tortures, he holds one back, he is a predator lying in wait to sabotage your dreams and aspirations, to screw up your life, and he holds all the information you have ever taken in.  Not an outside force but from within.

He is the predator within.

He’s a crazy coyote program with self-replicating bio-programming abilities that makes you think he is you.

Nowadays they call it the Ego. Find it, split from it, watch what it does and become master over it.

That is all. Good Luck!


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