Ancestor Reverence

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ajpu, March 2014

Today is a day to honor your roots, your connection to the other world. For me a day to awaken with a “one” thought. Reverence. A connection to the DNA that flows and breathes in the everlasting cosmos and flows through me like a river: timeless, boundless, with every connection, every experience recorded.

If one can sit still with this flow, it can be beneficial, enlightening and truly empowering. There are many messages, feelings and memories (both mine and of those who came before me). The key is to listen, to pay attention, to not direct, not to ask, but to connect and flow in the river of your life.

I always suggest taking notes or writing on Ajpu days. Not necessarily with a goal or a project in mind, but to allow what comes to the surface to be accessible for further introspection at another time

I have notes from long ago that still speak to me when I run across them. Some profoundly, as now I am ready to ‘hear it’ when possibly I was not quite prepared before.

Mitakuye Oyasin!
(All my relations)


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