Esoteric versus Exoteric Psychic Readings

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Vulture, January 2014

There is a gaping chasm between “Esoteric” and “Exoteric” psychic and Tarot readings and readers, even between modes of divination and Tarot decks. If you don’t already know the difference I will explain here.

Psychic readings may be esoteric or exoteric. This applies to Tarot card readings as well as all other kinds of psychic readings.

Esoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Exoteric means something intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.

So now that you have the definitions, this is how it works in the world of psychic readers. Most are “exoteric” readers who may have even developed skills as a mind reader or have become an expert in body language (tell me what good that will do you).

You might get “what you want to hear” or not, but these people are reading from their own base of the collective consciousness (for God’s sake!). They will likely ask you for your full name, birth date and possibly even your mother’s first name. I have even come across Tarot and psychic readers who make you fill out an application! They are not doing psychic readings, they are just giving their opinion. And not likely even good counseling.

I worked with an engineer from Bulgaria for a few years. His question/response when we were considering taking on a patient, a client or another team member, would be “how big is their swimming pool?” This translates into what do they look like (physically) and what type of environment do they live in? Who and what do they attract? Are they successful in their chosen field? What do their clients look like before and after?

You won’t always have time to do this type of investigation, but I will tell you that you can take one look at a person and tell how they are running energy. And if they are wearing a floral print dress with a three-foot-wide ass, I would say they are not doing very well. And you should run the other way or become subject to their opinions, racism or religious beliefs all piled up in a story that vaguely resembles your life.

They almost always advertise.

Think twice, and be mindful. If a healer is running energy properly and is an open channel, you are not likely to see a lot of physical ailments or too many things out of whack. I’m just sayin.

Esoteric Psychic Readers

On the flip side, there are a few really good “esoteric” readers around, they are no longer all in secret. Though many of them have been trained in those types of environments as well as in jungles and in indigenous cultures from around the world, they are mostly known as shamans and diviners and are held in very special esteem and localized to their respective “areas” or tribes.

Esoteric versus exoteric psychic readings, what's the difference?

They can read you like yesterday’s newspaper in a glance, know who you are, where you came from, what brought you here and likely your mother’s first name, which tribe you are from and your intention even when it is not clear to you (though they would never tell you).
An esoteric psychic or tarot reader may appear in your life from a call you have put out to the Universe, or be mentioned to you at some critical juncture. Take heed and seek this line of information. It will likely be more valuable to you on your path than you may even know, sometimes for years to come. I have had this experience.

A good reader will want no information from you at the beginning. *I always tell new clients when they want to give me info, “Please don’t. I don’t want to know anything about you before the reading.” Nothing. The less the better.

When the reading begins (in sacred space, see my post about Sacred Space) first the aura appears. Then the connection held in that sacred space will flow like a river. The reader, shaman or healer is then in tune with your higher self, actually in oneness, with the source of the consciousness that is your true self. Then real communication begins and the soul pours forth what the being sitting in it needs to hear, be it words, music, energy or myriad other frequencies that we are then able to open ourselves to and be transformed by. How great is that?

So the purpose of an esoteric psychic or tarot reading is to find out what your SOUL wants for your current incarnation at this juncture, who certain people are in this life and what purpose in your life they serve. Sometimes that is tied in with a past life or many of them, though I find that in “this” time/space/dimension on Earth it is more about what we are preparing ourselves for or becoming that is the important information, rather than where we have been (with the exception of the dynamics of your ancestry, which can be very potent at this time in the history of planet Earth, just look at the “Idle No More” movement.)

For more about this topic, see Esoteric and Exoteric Psychic Readings.

If you are ready to give up on, “does he like me?’” and “is this relationship…blah blah blah,” you might want to ask your Self what it might like to know and then put the call out to the Universe, and the right person will show up in your path for you to access the information that is rightfully yours.

Note: this can also be done through discipline, meditation and years of introspective study, but hey, these days who has all that time, right? The time has come that the sages and diviners who were hidden away and protected by their clans and tribes are now out in the world and are accessible for those who seek their highest manifestation in this incarnation.

SL 2014

5D Esoteric Ascension

First let’s clarify the difference between esoteric and exoteric. Exoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by the general public. Esoteric means something meant for a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

5D Esoteric Ascension is a part of the New Aeon.

5D Esoteric Ascension

Well folks, one of the keys to esoteric ascension, just as the term implies, is ‘in’ternal expansion. It begins by cultivating quiet and stillness, quite a feat in today’s western construct  (see my post about MEDITATION). Quiet the mind, track what it’s doing at all times until you have an idea of its motives, and go beneath that thought process into the limitless divine primordial yin.

Let go of drama, yours and that of the world at large. It’s only there to perpetuate the fall of the 3D consciousness (or awareness).

If you think (key word “think”) that you are doing the world a service by talking ad nauseum about the injustices of the world, etc., etc., etc., then you are firmly rooted in the old 3D construct and are a centrifuge, pulling people into more of that. Please stop.

The old 3D construct is falling apart, it will fall apart and so will you, in a not too comfortable manner, if you keep this up. It is part of the process of rotting and dropping away. Do you want to be a part of the new? Or rather a facilitator of the death process of the old paradigm? Believe me, it will die on its own.

I don’t allow any discussions of this sort on my site. Would you choose to discuss this subject at a sacred site? Or with an Elder? I think not. What one may want to seek is how to become sovereign, sustainable and a part of bringing forth abundance and bounty to the people and the world.

If you go to the jungle, I don’t think you will find an audience for your perpetuated ongoing drone of blame. If you did not have this in you, then you would not love or hate it so much. Let it go!

Esoteric ascension is about clearing out old worn out beliefs and teachings. For example, just take a look at the leader or group you are following. How are they fairing in these times? How have they faired in the past? Are they in good health and happy?

The time of the guru is coming to a close. Apprenticeship is still an acceptable means of education, but take a good look at who you are studying with, how are they health-wise. Note: You will not find yourself spewing (NWO) bs to an Elder who is spending part of the last of his or her life to teach you something. You will listen.

You cannot hold up for long as an armchair pseudo shaman, as well-read as some of you “think” you are. You will unlearn all you have learned. Some of you are not well practiced (at least not where the tradition you are preaching came from), and I am certain if you cater to 3Ders you will remain there with them. Your choice, but don’t lay it on others.

When you come into contact with someone wiser than yourself, don’t you want to pay attention? Would you spend time telling Tesla about the indignities put upon yourself and others? Believe me, it’s a vice. Making people fearful or angry is further propagation of the mass construct that is crumbling. Yes, things are corrupt. Corruption breeds change. Fighting and being angry is a waste of time and your breath and it not helping anyone or anything.

Instead, do something. Do something that provides for the people. Start a wave of planting, water projects, sustainable projects of all sorts, save an animal, pay for a water well. This will topple and smash the old aeon, so be a part of that!

5D Esoteric Ascension


Be happy for a change and help bring others out of the darkness into the “green.” Show by example. Stop talking about what you do not like. Talk about what you love and by all means be mindful and present at all times.

When you finally do wake up, you will actually laugh at yourself and thank the creator that you are no longer a boneheaded windbag of the old paradigm. Then you can enjoy the finer points of life and this esoteric ascension we signed on for. Make space in your heart for love.

Make way for the new day.

Be what you wish to see in the world.

In Love light, peace and harmony.

SL 2014

With a Little Help from the Ancestors

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ajpu, March 2014

Sometimes projects or “things” come up and drive you to pursue them, based on a direction preset by your ancestors. They knew a time would come when one of their lineage would be prepared to receive and when the timing would be right, where all junctures would come together for an activation or a mass healing. Something on so vast a level it could not be explained as to the working or even the desired outcome.

The ancestors and elders provide guidance on your path through life.

A Tibetan shaman communicates with the ancestors for guidance.

In the case of working and maintaining a proper ancestor altar, you are actually not only strengthening the connection, but also strengthening the ancestor or group of ancestors so they can be more effective in your life and possibly even the lives of the extended family.

As the elders say, the ancestors cannot connect with us ( I have found exceptions to this rule through strong familial bonds), so you must first seek connection with them. You must open the door, you must maintain the connection,  or it will fade over time. Yes, it can be regained through ancestor veneration rituals, but isn’t it easier to maintain the connections all along? I say yes.

Ancestor veneration priests and shamans are very specialized in most traditions. In Yoruba traditions from West Africa they are an entire sect that is ruled by Oya and the ancestors themselves. They are usually trained from birth.  Traditional indigenous Tibetan sects have very elaborate death rites to assist the soul of the departed in a “conscious” evolutionary process.  These rituals are performed to help the soul make a good choice of incarnation that actually has effect on the larger consciousness construct rather than entering another life of working out right/wrong, black/white and more polarity consciousness.

I have noted before, as with other sacred things, that some have been bastardized by religion and religious organizations for its/their own purposes. So other than in traditional indigenous cultures that elevate and venerate their beloved ancestors, the said religion has plans for you even after you are dead.

So do your own thing and make it good.

Remember, sometimes these promptings come from a well much deeper than your current life. “The changes we effect here go backward and forward on the time track.”
~SL 2014

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!

Sacred Sites

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Kame, April 2014

My relatives starting taking me to sacred sites as soon as I could walk on my own.  We were taught to always have reverence, always leave an offering.  When I was a child, that offering was most likely from the little bag of cornmeal I was carrying, or maybe a flower.  Now I carry a few things with me to sacred sites: tobacco, cornmeal, copal and a fire source, among others.  Always be prepared!  We were taught to introduce ourselves upon arrival, to say goodbye and thank you upon exiting.

Takalik Abaj is an ancient sacred site dating back to 1200 BC in Guatemala. Mam Maya from the area still do ceremony at the altars at Takalik Abaj.

Sherrie Locke at a sacred site in the archaeological park of Takalik Abaj, one of the most ancient Maya ruins in Guatemala. Takalik Abaj is an active ceremonial site for local Mam Maya.

Each site is different, unique.

When preparing to go to a sacred site these days, I/we research as much as possible in advance about the site and the area (I’m lucky, I have super hero travel companions), then pool our resources and info before the trip looking for overlapping interests and clues.  By the time we arrive we have some idea of our areas of interest.

My travel buddies sometimes think me a bit eccentric and cringe, but I like to begin each day with a traditional aboriginal “foot tapping” to get the rhythm of the group on the same beat for the day.  It helps us to work as a unit, even if one of the group wanders off.

I feel that what you wear to a sacred site is important, as you never know who you might come across.  Just like a trip to a grandparent’s house: you might not want to show up with your butt hanging out.  So at least take a shawl and a hat and be mindful.

I would like to take a moment here to explain something to some of you who continue with the erroneous premise that you are going to “activate” a sacred site.  Please crawl out of your ego.  These sacred sites activate YOU.  Not the reverse.

So if you go out there tromping around wanting to shift things without being direct lineage and without permission and assistance from the ancestors (these cases are rare and usually related to the desecration of a site,) then you just might find yourself up the creek, or with a case of Montezuma’s revenge, or even with a hitchhiker to teach you a good lesson.  Remember, do what thou wilt, but be mindful!

These sites have everything to teach you, you have nothing to give them but an offering — and don’t leave any trash behind energetic or otherwise.  This includes crystals, so if you want to charge them up there fine, but don’t use them to change things (there are very few exceptions to this, and if you are not of the direct lineage and don’t have permission from the elders, then I assure you that you have no business doing any of this).  If you don’t know what I am referring to then, it is not in your base of knowledge to make changes in this regard, so please refrain.

A note about equipment and gear that you take to sacred sites and power spots.  If the sign says, no recording, no photos, no video, then please honor it.  At my family’s home pueblo Santa Clara, we do not allow any recording or photos and are very nice about it unless we catch you (and we will), in which case you will be departing without your equipment. And no, we don’t want to keep your gear, it will be destroyed.

Also, power spots and active sacred sites will drain your batteries quickly, so if it’s important to you, take backup or allow for the drain.  This happened to me recently on a trip to a sacred cave.

So to recap general guidelines:

Have knowledge and reverence for the site and the ancestors.

You are not activating anything, the site is activating you.

Be open to receive.

Hold space, protect yourself.

Don’t be a grave robber!

Avoid talking, try listening for a change.  Many times I find myself whispering to others if I choose to speak at all.

And Above All

Give thanks you have walked on this sacred ground, for now it is in you.

AHO!  Mitakuye’ Oyasin!

Sacred Substances and Medicinal Plants

Written by Sherrie Locke on 12 Wind, May 2014

Sacred substances and medicinal plants are not for everyone. If you are drawn to them, be sure and check yourself as to your state of character, intention and purpose for such experiences before embarking on the journey.

Sacred Substances and Medicinal Plants

First find a traditional shaman with reputable training and a broad knowledge base. Stay away from hippie encampments and deadheads in general, who will not serve any fruitful purpose.

Always use mind-altering plant substances in a controlled (in field) environment.

Know your intent and purpose. Are you…

Breaking free of an addiction or toxic relationship?

Healing an illness?

Correcting an emotional or mental issue?

Seeking enlightenment or illumination?

Are you stable?

These substances are not for recreation, fun or partying. Never.

As many of you who have experienced this type of transformation will attest to… it’s likely not going to be fun, or comfortable. Enlightening yes, gentle no (you may throw up repeatedly as you let go of density, you may even crap your pants, depending on which sacred substance is involved).

Countless substances have been used by traditional shamans all around the world for thousands of years. Deities are connected to these medicinal plants, sometimes more than one. When you are called to have this experience, the proper shaman and medicine will appear. It is your choice if you go through this portal.



I have had many experiences with traditional plant medicines, not all of them are mind-altering like DMT, ayahuasca (recommended for healing), peyote, mescaline or LSD. Ecstasy, for instance, was created in a lab for couples therapy and was originally meant to be used in a clinical environment. The challenge that lies within “X” is that it blows out all your natural cerotonin in one blast, so you will take a bit longer to recover and a mild to moderate depression may occur in the aftermath of such clinically derived substances. Street versions are never ok to experiment with.

If you are called to this type of experience, I suggest you stick with the ancient guided ceremonies performed by people with extensive experience in these realms. I have seen quite a few cases of people who did not have a good experience as a result of “playing” with things, hooking up with a disreputable person or a dubious group of pseudo shamans or a “leader” who really knows nothing, not even how to hold space OR facilitate a ceremony. Not only is this not helpful but, it can also be dangerous. So be mindful and do your research.

Some good guidelines if you are interested in looking into the world of plant medicines:

Have an intention.

Ask for the plant(s) to be gentle with you.

Fast, smudge and get rid of as much of your shit as possible before you enter the circle.

Make sure the people in your group know how to hold space and that they will do it. Your circle is only as strong as its weakest link (person).

Do not allow unstable personalities in your group.

Beforehand, discuss the intended goal and intended results.

Have items on hand to enhance the experience (usually the shaman will have these items and lead the group on a journey with them). These may include drums, rattles, medicine songs, sage, tobacco and other herbs or flowers and waters of all kinds.

These sessions do not begin and end in one five-fifteen hour session, the effects are still tweaking you for about 30-40 days afterwards.

In the case of treating long term alcohol or drug abuse, the treatments can stretch into a lengthy process, many times requiring a stay in the jungle for the duration of the process, a few weeks minimum.

Visions and Hallucinations from Sacred Subustances like Ayahuasca and DMT

Native American Church (the official peyote church) states you will do, at minimum, seven ceremonies before you meet Mescalito, the deity of the plant.

Other plant deities are more prolific, sometimes showing themselves to people who simply have the medicine in their space. So be conscious!

Also, please be aware that these substances are illegal in most developed countries. So you might want to include a journey to the source country, where such substances are legal and even acceptable practice.

I do not advocate the use of drugs nor suggest the usage of plant medicines to people who are in judgement or who lack an understanding of the world of plant medicines. But if this is an area of interest to you or a loved one for healing and transcendence, I highly recommend you do further research on the subject.

Remember, be open, be safe and stick with traditional methods.

Expand your consciousness, heal, get in touch with what is real.

Yours truly in honor and reverence,

SL 2014


The Shift from 3D to 5D

We are always hearing about the 3D to 5D construct.  Some ask, what happened to the 4D?  To put it quite simply, the 4D is the disharmonic stepping stone from the polarity consciousness of the 3D world….

He said/She said

3D is fragmenting. Once that fragmentation occurs in 3D, then a short trip through the hell of 4D on to the heart-centered shift into the 5D realm occurs.

It’s a slippery passage. One can be yanked back to 3D at any time, so be vigilant.  When you get pissy or in pain, know that you are firmly rooted in the 3D construct.   Break free!  The task will truly be your most daunting passage of life, but worth the cremation.

In the past we had to elevate spiritually through initiation, to then die and (hopefully as in Tibetan culture) return at a higher vibratory rate, rather than repetitive patterns through myriad lifetimes of lower energies and consciousness.

Now, due to “where” we are in space, we can actually activate or mutate our heavier carbon-based bodies into a higher vibratory, more crystalline structure, or, if you will, activate the light body more easily and rapidly than ever before and not have to die in the physical to do so.

It’s all about dropping density, letting go of lower draggy energies and habits.  See the body and all things as sacred (thus the name of my project, Sacred Way).

This, of course, cannot all be done at once. It is a process, that’s why it’s called the ascension process.  Doing things that give you more energy rather than combatting lethargic energies.  Through healing rather than a poultice or a splint.

Meditating Your Way Through 5D Ascension

Meditation is the key (read my post, “Meditation is Key”).  You must balance out your busy yang life in order to come to a point of recovery.

It is not that productive to go plumbing the depths looking for a problem that you yourself caused. And if you think someone else ’caused your issue, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D polarity and may want to just stop.  Stop blaming, stop talking about your problems, stop begging for someone else to “fix it,” stop sharing your agony…just STOP!

Don’t talk about your…

Or bad luck.

As Grandma used to say, “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing.” This totally applies to you, too!

On the flip side, if you have let go of limiting relationships, beliefs and juggling possessions, you may be one of the fortunate ones who are having a quantum breakthrough at this time — with increases in cognition, psychic abilities, even talents and abilities rising to the surface, either long submerged or repressed or even savant-like abilities just coming up seeming to rise from the depths of your soul.

Give yourself some “alone time” for introspection and processing.  Take a break after events to get your bearings in the new energies that are shifting rapidly.  Choose ye well.  Be happy.

Expect miracles, see yourself in perfect health.  Let go of old and outdated wants and desires.  Live in the fullness of the present.  If you are not happy with something, don’t complain. Change it or at least be open to change.


Be a blessing to your own soul and thus to the planet.  BE the shift.  Show through example, not talk.  Strive to be more loving and tolerant to yourself and others.  Walk away without engaging if necessary and above all….

Be happy!   Change is good!

Namaste’, Blessings in LVX,
Sherrie Locke, 2014

The 5D Ascension Process

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Imox, May 2014

The 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency.

In order to explain this complex topic, I would like to first clarify the use of the word “ascension.” In the past, ascension referred to the process of one leaving his or her body (in a good way) upon death. There are also ascended masters who have raised their vibratory rate above the physical plane, even beyond 5D.

We now use the word ascension in regard to the raising of frequency. This is happening on all levels and across time and space.


In the old days, when I spent all my time hanging out with scientists and researchers, it was thought of, even in the Ham radio community, as the raising of the frequency of the “global net.” Back then we did not have the Internet (with the exception of the military).

When radio operation began, the general broadcast frequency was much lower than it is today (do your own research on the subject). Now the general broadcast range and frequencies are much higher. This means we are “broadcasting” at a higher frequency. Get the correlation? Check out this link: Frequencies.

Light and Electromagnetic Radiation

Visible light is an electromagnetic wave that consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling through space. The frequency of the wave determines its color: 4×1014 Hz is red light, 8×1014 Hz is violet light, and between these (in the range 4-8×1014 Hz) are all the other colors of the rainbow.

An electromagnetic wave can have a frequency less than 4×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called infrared (IR) radiation. At even lower frequency, the wave is called a microwave, and at still lower frequencies it is called a radio wave.

Likewise, an electromagnetic wave can have a frequency higher than 8×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Even higher-frequency waves exist and are called X-rays, and higher still are gamma rays.

All of these waves, from the lowest-frequency radio waves to the highest-frequency gamma rays, are fundamentally the same, and they are all called electromagnetic radiation. They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed (the speed of light), giving them wavelengths inversely proportional to their frequencies. In dispersive media, such as glass, the speed depends somewhat on frequency, so the wavelength is not quite inversely proportional to frequency.

Psychic Powers and Frequencies

The more psychic a person is, the easier it is to discern and interpret the higher frequency phenomenon, as it is more easily discernable and interpretable to these people.

The 5D Ascension Process

So the 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency. The entire Earth and everything in it and on it is going through this process: our Sun, our solar system and our home the Milky Way galaxy, all at the same time.

We are moving into a new quadrant or area of space on a space ship called Earth, traveling with a mother ship called the Milky Way, moving thousands of miles per minute, always into new and uncharted territory.

There is also a “stripping away,” a cleansing of the old that happens with this process. More on this in a later post.

The “new aeons” are new areas of energy and space we are moving through. This takes thousands of years, but when we cross the “fence” into a new era ,all bets are off and it’s a game changer, shift happens rapidly. That’s where we are now. Resistance is futile and will only bring pain and loss.

Certain laws of physics still and may always apply. And understanding of how these work helps one to understand the world we live in. To also see these things as the living beings they are will help you tremendously, as it does with electricity and basic electrical understanding. For example, how current flows, what is a circuit and how it works, then on to capacitors, governors, restrictors and how all that works. These are laws on this planet, and things will follow these rules in general here.

“Things” work the same way. Your body is electrical, and water is the conductor. That’s why I am always harping on proper hydration.

It is also helpful to spend time outdoors, away from electronics. Contemplate “where” you are, feel the energies of the spirits of the Earth, the Fire, the Air and the Water. Experience the different personalities of each in their aspects. You are a part of this!
Be a part of this miraculous event by being mindful and conscious.

Hold gratitude in your heart that you are here at this time of great shift.

I’ll continue this post soon with Part Two: The Shift from 3D to 5D

The Sacred Calendar Maya

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Kame, April 2014

The Sacred Calendar Maya, usually called the Tzolkin, consists of 20 nahuales (spirits or cosmic forces) and 13 numbers. They can be combined to create 260 day signs, one for each day in the Sacred Calendar round.

The authentic Sacred Calendar does not have a “day out of time,” as does the corrupted 13-moon (dis)harmonic calendar created by Jose Arguelles and carried on by the Time is Art foundation.  We don’t use it in Guatemala or Mexico.  You are not a red, yellow or blue flaming ass or dragon or anything like that.

Other Maya Calendars

The Maya also have a solar year count of 365-day, the Haab.  The Long Count is something else altogether, a 5,125-year calendar that recycled in December 2012.  The orbit of Venus and its transits were studied by the Maya and play a role it their cosmology, not they saw Venus not a meaning love and beauty, but a powerful planet of war and conquest.

Your Maya Day Sign

You are your day sign, which reveals the nahual whose energy ruled the day of your birth according to the Sacred Calendar. The higher the number that accompanies a day sign, the stronger the energy.

The numbers also have esoteric meanings, though all Maya do not agree on all of them. Some Ki’che’ Maya say that three’s and seven’s are unstable, and all agree that the higher numbers can be intense.

Each nahual has a certain energy associated with it and progresses through thirteen permutations.  There is a thirteen-day week called the trecena, and the first day is the trecena bearer, such as 1 Snake.  The “flavor” of the first day of a trecena carries, along with the progressive day signs, a particular energy influenced by an overlaying energy.  Year Bearers also influence the overall picture.

Your Main Nahual

So it’s best to start at the starting place… your birth nahual. This energy dominates your entire life. After you have “followed the path” of the calendar and begin to see its influence in your life, you can choose to perform a series of ceremonies called the Path of the Plumed Serpent.  This ceremonial cycle rolls around every 260 days.  This year I finished in January after a month of ritual in December (not every day). Next time my Path ceremony takes place in August and September.

The more you do the ceremonies and get to know the nahuales, the more your life falls into rhythm with the Sacred Calendar, and magick happens as you blow through restrictions, ask for forgiveness and give thanks for your blessings.

Check out these sites for more info…

Find Your Maya Day Sign

Monthly Maya Calendar (Interactive!)

Jaguar Wisdom

Check them out and start opening your world to the mysteries of the Sacred Calendar of the Maya!

Maltiox Ajaw!

5D Shift

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Seed, April 2014.

Shift Happens

In recent times we have all been experiencing great shifts in perception, changes in relationships of all kinds, earth and weather patterns shifting, a feeling of the unknown. The change is unprecedented.

We chose to incarnate at this point to witness, to be a part of, to transcend all from the past and come into the fullness that we are. Full human potential. A quantum shift in consciousness in all kingdoms, human, plant, animal, mineral and elemental is taking place at this time.

Our perception is sharpening, our radar refined, our purpose being clarified.

All this may seem a blur, an upheaval. For some a huge breakthrough, for others a complete breakdown. Give thanks if you are centered somewhere in the middle.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself during this ongoing process that will last the rest of your life…

Hydrate with good pure water.

Breathe and be conscious of your breath.

Give yourself time for relaxation, meditation or ceremony.

Try not to have a fixed plan while holding on to overall vision. I call this the prime directive.

As you drop layers of illusion, your vision will become clearer. The right people will appear and synchronicities will abound.

If you are feeling sick, stuck or in blame of others for your current situation, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D pain body. It is telling you to make changes. For some a subtle shift may move mountains of past trauma, even generationally; for others, the shift may be a radical upheaval or a tearing down process. This is the dissolution of illusion, “what lies beneath” is the real you and your true life. Believe me, you will be happy beyond measure when that treasure is uncovered.

For so many of you, you likely possess all the skills you need to fulfill that potential. In many cases it is a process of unlearning what you have been taught and accepted as a belief system. Be open, be adventurous, don’t attach.

During these years of shift many are having health issues rush to the surface to be healed once and for all. For others the process is much more emotional.

There are…




Nausea or a feeling of being “sea sick,”

Hot or cold sweats,

Ringing ears,

Frenetic energy,


A heightened sensitivity to most everything.

So choose ye well your circles and interactions, for if they don’t jive with your current energetic frequency, these interactions will be uncomfortable. You may not be able to tolerate certain energies as you did before.

Please try to stay away from criticism of all kinds, especially self-criticism. Rather than acknowledging pain and suffering, do something to take the attention elsewhere…

Play music.

Watch something silly.

Do artwork or a craft.

Good food and supplementation will assist you…

Avoid Alcohol.

Eat lots of fresh veggies.

Cut down on heavy foods, meats and sugars.

Some vitamins are helpful like the water solubles, Vitamin C, B-Complex and B-12 with Folic Acid. Personally I find Silica gel to be helpful; after all it is basically the building block for all plants and crystals and what we are evolving into.

For extra nutrition Chlorella or Spirulina are helpful.

Herbal teas of all kinds can be helpful.

Use natural oils for cooking.

Use essential oils and “Bach Flower” remedies.

Drink lots of water!

Notice how your tastes are changing, which colors you are drawn to, how your perceptions are changing and how things are different with these new perceptions. Work on refining your personal skills, change your routine placing yourself as number one on the priority list…

Do something healthy for yourself everyday.

Treat yourself once in a while.

Celebrate milestones and breakthroughs.

Get rid of old and outdated clothing from the previous version of you. You can certainly keep beloved articles, but wear them.

Grow something, even a houseplant.

Say “good job” to yourself when you complete a task, and take a break before you plow into another.

Never make money or a person your goal.

Refine, observe, be kind to yourself.

Don’t talk too much about what you are doing with people who are not involved.

Stop asking friends for advice. Seek professional guidance if necessary.

Above all, Be Happy! Breathe!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and the world will reflect it back to you, in peace, love and harmony.

Much love and transformation I wish for you all,

Aho! It is done in a good way.