The Sacred Calendar Maya

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Kame, April 2014

The Sacred Calendar Maya, usually called the Tzolkin, consists of 20 nahuales (spirits or cosmic forces) and 13 numbers. They can be combined to create 260 day signs, one for each day in the Sacred Calendar round.

The authentic Sacred Calendar does not have a “day out of time,” as does the corrupted 13-moon (dis)harmonic calendar created by Jose Arguelles and carried on by the Time is Art foundation.  We don’t use it in Guatemala or Mexico.  You are not a red, yellow or blue flaming ass or dragon or anything like that.

Other Maya Calendars

The Maya also have a solar year count of 365-day, the Haab.  The Long Count is something else altogether, a 5,125-year calendar that recycled in December 2012.  The orbit of Venus and its transits were studied by the Maya and play a role it their cosmology, not they saw Venus not a meaning love and beauty, but a powerful planet of war and conquest.

Your Maya Day Sign

You are your day sign, which reveals the nahual whose energy ruled the day of your birth according to the Sacred Calendar. The higher the number that accompanies a day sign, the stronger the energy.

The numbers also have esoteric meanings, though all Maya do not agree on all of them. Some Ki’che’ Maya say that three’s and seven’s are unstable, and all agree that the higher numbers can be intense.

Each nahual has a certain energy associated with it and progresses through thirteen permutations.  There is a thirteen-day week called the trecena, and the first day is the trecena bearer, such as 1 Snake.  The “flavor” of the first day of a trecena carries, along with the progressive day signs, a particular energy influenced by an overlaying energy.  Year Bearers also influence the overall picture.

Your Main Nahual

So it’s best to start at the starting place… your birth nahual. This energy dominates your entire life. After you have “followed the path” of the calendar and begin to see its influence in your life, you can choose to perform a series of ceremonies called the Path of the Plumed Serpent.  This ceremonial cycle rolls around every 260 days.  This year I finished in January after a month of ritual in December (not every day). Next time my Path ceremony takes place in August and September.

The more you do the ceremonies and get to know the nahuales, the more your life falls into rhythm with the Sacred Calendar, and magick happens as you blow through restrictions, ask for forgiveness and give thanks for your blessings.

Check out these sites for more info…

Find Your Maya Day Sign

Monthly Maya Calendar (Interactive!)

Jaguar Wisdom

Check them out and start opening your world to the mysteries of the Sacred Calendar of the Maya!

Maltiox Ajaw!


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