The 5D Ascension Process

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Imox, May 2014

The 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency.

In order to explain this complex topic, I would like to first clarify the use of the word “ascension.” In the past, ascension referred to the process of one leaving his or her body (in a good way) upon death. There are also ascended masters who have raised their vibratory rate above the physical plane, even beyond 5D.

We now use the word ascension in regard to the raising of frequency. This is happening on all levels and across time and space.


In the old days, when I spent all my time hanging out with scientists and researchers, it was thought of, even in the Ham radio community, as the raising of the frequency of the “global net.” Back then we did not have the Internet (with the exception of the military).

When radio operation began, the general broadcast frequency was much lower than it is today (do your own research on the subject). Now the general broadcast range and frequencies are much higher. This means we are “broadcasting” at a higher frequency. Get the correlation? Check out this link: Frequencies.

Light and Electromagnetic Radiation

Visible light is an electromagnetic wave that consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling through space. The frequency of the wave determines its color: 4×1014 Hz is red light, 8×1014 Hz is violet light, and between these (in the range 4-8×1014 Hz) are all the other colors of the rainbow.

An electromagnetic wave can have a frequency less than 4×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called infrared (IR) radiation. At even lower frequency, the wave is called a microwave, and at still lower frequencies it is called a radio wave.

Likewise, an electromagnetic wave can have a frequency higher than 8×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Even higher-frequency waves exist and are called X-rays, and higher still are gamma rays.

All of these waves, from the lowest-frequency radio waves to the highest-frequency gamma rays, are fundamentally the same, and they are all called electromagnetic radiation. They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed (the speed of light), giving them wavelengths inversely proportional to their frequencies. In dispersive media, such as glass, the speed depends somewhat on frequency, so the wavelength is not quite inversely proportional to frequency.

Psychic Powers and Frequencies

The more psychic a person is, the easier it is to discern and interpret the higher frequency phenomenon, as it is more easily discernable and interpretable to these people.

The 5D Ascension Process

So the 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency. The entire Earth and everything in it and on it is going through this process: our Sun, our solar system and our home the Milky Way galaxy, all at the same time.

We are moving into a new quadrant or area of space on a space ship called Earth, traveling with a mother ship called the Milky Way, moving thousands of miles per minute, always into new and uncharted territory.

There is also a “stripping away,” a cleansing of the old that happens with this process. More on this in a later post.

The “new aeons” are new areas of energy and space we are moving through. This takes thousands of years, but when we cross the “fence” into a new era ,all bets are off and it’s a game changer, shift happens rapidly. That’s where we are now. Resistance is futile and will only bring pain and loss.

Certain laws of physics still and may always apply. And understanding of how these work helps one to understand the world we live in. To also see these things as the living beings they are will help you tremendously, as it does with electricity and basic electrical understanding. For example, how current flows, what is a circuit and how it works, then on to capacitors, governors, restrictors and how all that works. These are laws on this planet, and things will follow these rules in general here.

“Things” work the same way. Your body is electrical, and water is the conductor. That’s why I am always harping on proper hydration.

It is also helpful to spend time outdoors, away from electronics. Contemplate “where” you are, feel the energies of the spirits of the Earth, the Fire, the Air and the Water. Experience the different personalities of each in their aspects. You are a part of this!
Be a part of this miraculous event by being mindful and conscious.

Hold gratitude in your heart that you are here at this time of great shift.

I’ll continue this post soon with Part Two: The Shift from 3D to 5D

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