The Shift from 3D to 5D

We are always hearing about the 3D to 5D construct.  Some ask, what happened to the 4D?  To put it quite simply, the 4D is the disharmonic stepping stone from the polarity consciousness of the 3D world….

He said/She said

3D is fragmenting. Once that fragmentation occurs in 3D, then a short trip through the hell of 4D on to the heart-centered shift into the 5D realm occurs.

It’s a slippery passage. One can be yanked back to 3D at any time, so be vigilant.  When you get pissy or in pain, know that you are firmly rooted in the 3D construct.   Break free!  The task will truly be your most daunting passage of life, but worth the cremation.

In the past we had to elevate spiritually through initiation, to then die and (hopefully as in Tibetan culture) return at a higher vibratory rate, rather than repetitive patterns through myriad lifetimes of lower energies and consciousness.

Now, due to “where” we are in space, we can actually activate or mutate our heavier carbon-based bodies into a higher vibratory, more crystalline structure, or, if you will, activate the light body more easily and rapidly than ever before and not have to die in the physical to do so.

It’s all about dropping density, letting go of lower draggy energies and habits.  See the body and all things as sacred (thus the name of my project, Sacred Way).

This, of course, cannot all be done at once. It is a process, that’s why it’s called the ascension process.  Doing things that give you more energy rather than combatting lethargic energies.  Through healing rather than a poultice or a splint.

Meditating Your Way Through 5D Ascension

Meditation is the key (read my post, “Meditation is Key”).  You must balance out your busy yang life in order to come to a point of recovery.

It is not that productive to go plumbing the depths looking for a problem that you yourself caused. And if you think someone else ’caused your issue, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D polarity and may want to just stop.  Stop blaming, stop talking about your problems, stop begging for someone else to “fix it,” stop sharing your agony…just STOP!

Don’t talk about your…

Or bad luck.

As Grandma used to say, “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing.” This totally applies to you, too!

On the flip side, if you have let go of limiting relationships, beliefs and juggling possessions, you may be one of the fortunate ones who are having a quantum breakthrough at this time — with increases in cognition, psychic abilities, even talents and abilities rising to the surface, either long submerged or repressed or even savant-like abilities just coming up seeming to rise from the depths of your soul.

Give yourself some “alone time” for introspection and processing.  Take a break after events to get your bearings in the new energies that are shifting rapidly.  Choose ye well.  Be happy.

Expect miracles, see yourself in perfect health.  Let go of old and outdated wants and desires.  Live in the fullness of the present.  If you are not happy with something, don’t complain. Change it or at least be open to change.


Be a blessing to your own soul and thus to the planet.  BE the shift.  Show through example, not talk.  Strive to be more loving and tolerant to yourself and others.  Walk away without engaging if necessary and above all….

Be happy!   Change is good!

Namaste’, Blessings in LVX,
Sherrie Locke, 2014


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