5D Esoteric Ascension

First let’s clarify the difference between esoteric and exoteric. Exoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by the general public. Esoteric means something meant for a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

5D Esoteric Ascension is a part of the New Aeon.

5D Esoteric Ascension

Well folks, one of the keys to esoteric ascension, just as the term implies, is ‘in’ternal expansion. It begins by cultivating quiet and stillness, quite a feat in today’s western construct  (see my post about MEDITATION). Quiet the mind, track what it’s doing at all times until you have an idea of its motives, and go beneath that thought process into the limitless divine primordial yin.

Let go of drama, yours and that of the world at large. It’s only there to perpetuate the fall of the 3D consciousness (or awareness).

If you think (key word “think”) that you are doing the world a service by talking ad nauseum about the injustices of the world, etc., etc., etc., then you are firmly rooted in the old 3D construct and are a centrifuge, pulling people into more of that. Please stop.

The old 3D construct is falling apart, it will fall apart and so will you, in a not too comfortable manner, if you keep this up. It is part of the process of rotting and dropping away. Do you want to be a part of the new? Or rather a facilitator of the death process of the old paradigm? Believe me, it will die on its own.

I don’t allow any discussions of this sort on my site. Would you choose to discuss this subject at a sacred site? Or with an Elder? I think not. What one may want to seek is how to become sovereign, sustainable and a part of bringing forth abundance and bounty to the people and the world.

If you go to the jungle, I don’t think you will find an audience for your perpetuated ongoing drone of blame. If you did not have this in you, then you would not love or hate it so much. Let it go!

Esoteric ascension is about clearing out old worn out beliefs and teachings. For example, just take a look at the leader or group you are following. How are they fairing in these times? How have they faired in the past? Are they in good health and happy?

The time of the guru is coming to a close. Apprenticeship is still an acceptable means of education, but take a good look at who you are studying with, how are they health-wise. Note: You will not find yourself spewing (NWO) bs to an Elder who is spending part of the last of his or her life to teach you something. You will listen.

You cannot hold up for long as an armchair pseudo shaman, as well-read as some of you “think” you are. You will unlearn all you have learned. Some of you are not well practiced (at least not where the tradition you are preaching came from), and I am certain if you cater to 3Ders you will remain there with them. Your choice, but don’t lay it on others.

When you come into contact with someone wiser than yourself, don’t you want to pay attention? Would you spend time telling Tesla about the indignities put upon yourself and others? Believe me, it’s a vice. Making people fearful or angry is further propagation of the mass construct that is crumbling. Yes, things are corrupt. Corruption breeds change. Fighting and being angry is a waste of time and your breath and it not helping anyone or anything.

Instead, do something. Do something that provides for the people. Start a wave of planting, water projects, sustainable projects of all sorts, save an animal, pay for a water well. This will topple and smash the old aeon, so be a part of that!

5D Esoteric Ascension


Be happy for a change and help bring others out of the darkness into the “green.” Show by example. Stop talking about what you do not like. Talk about what you love and by all means be mindful and present at all times.

When you finally do wake up, you will actually laugh at yourself and thank the creator that you are no longer a boneheaded windbag of the old paradigm. Then you can enjoy the finer points of life and this esoteric ascension we signed on for. Make space in your heart for love.

Make way for the new day.

Be what you wish to see in the world.

In Love light, peace and harmony.

SL 2014


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