Mercury Goes Direct!

Written by Sherrie Locke on 13 Eagle, June 2014

Mercury goes direct in Cancer v2

During the week of Tuesday July 1, Mercury goes direct at 8:50 AM EST, 5:50 AM on the west coast of the US. This occurs in the water sign of Cancer and the element of Air in the northern hemisphere, but the element of Earth in the southern hemisphere.

Many have been saying, whew, what a rough ride this one has been! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not an oncoming train, it truly is the light of day. You see it has not been solely the effect of Mercury retrograde that we have been run through. This journey has been a lifetime in coming, and we have been in the process of healing both the past of this life, past lives and our entire human history. This is simply another part of this process. We will have another Mercury retrograde in October. Clear up as much as possible now, and the next one will be easier.


With the suppression of the divine feminine for the last aeon, the pain of the rebirth has been great for some, maddening in general, emotional for sure, but we are all the more wise for the vista and hopefully balanced, willing and open to truly begin a new cycle. We still have a couple of weeks before Mercury exits the shadow of the retrograde, meaning it will have regained the degrees it moved during the retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde and You

It’s always helpful to review the retrograde cycle and ask what did it bring up for you? Did you have any revelations? What did you have to redo? Or rethink? Did you use any disciplines to help you understand or withstand this energy? Be gentle but honest with yourself.

What have you discovered that needs to be reworked over time? Some things (healing) will not happen over night. Finding or discovering the root of the issue allows us to set a course by reframing (read my post on recapitulation and reframing) and also by “choosing” a different response. This is healing.

So when you awaken tomorrow, give yourself a chance to review the last few weeks. What was the theme? What was the predominate emotion? What are you looking at changing now that you did not have a clear view of before this retrograde?


You have your marching orders. No one gave them to you — you have discovered them. Be gentle with yourself and others. Don’t fall back into previous programming or response and, most of all…be happy!

Go forth! Set your intentions and “Do Your Will.”

Lunar Cycles and the New Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke, on 9 Batz, June 2014

This is the first of a four-part series on lunar cycles and how to optimize these cycles.


As I write this article, we have a #NewMoon approaching on Friday, June 27, at 5 degrees Cancer 37 minutes. The new moon occurs at 4:08 AM EST in the United States.

There are some things we can do at this juncture to ensure our progress on this next very powerful lunar phase.

We have three new moons each element or season. There is actually an extra one every year, since we actually have thirteen lunar cycles in one year: 3 x 4 = 12 + 1 = 13.

The first new moon after the shift of an element, as in the one we are about to experience, is the “commencement” of said elemental energy. There is also the influence of the zodiacal sign in which each new moon occurs. For instance, a new moon in Aries may feel more energetic than a new moon in Pisces. That is a sweeping generalization, due to the fact that each may affect a certain person much differently depending on their natal chart. Just presenting an example.

The Root Element

Also occurring in each season is the “root” element, which is also represented by the Aces in the Tarot deck. In this case, the Air of Air, the Fire of Fire, the Water of Water and the Earth of Earth, are Energies that we call the “root of the powers of AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH,” which appear at certain intervals and are very significant.

They happen at the Sun/Moon conjunction in the sign that is also the element of that season. The Air of Air, for example, will occur in an AIR sign in the element of Air, so it will be on the new moon in Gemini, the first air sign of the zodiac. The Fire of Fire will occur after the Summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and on the new moon of the first Fire sign, Leo, and so on, north or south of the equator. You can take this and expand as far as you like, all the way to planetary and elemental days and hours.

The New Moon

Each new moon occurs when the sun and moon are conjunct (close in the same sign).

This upcoming new moon in Cancer (in Western tropical house astrology), we are sure to have emotions (Cancer) rise to the surface for review and clearing. The more you can clear prior to the new moon, the less amplification (drama) you will need for clarity and clearing, or to get the point, so to speak. The waning moon, (where we are at the time I write this post) end of the lunar cycle is super productive for letting go, so use this time before the new moon to let go and clear as much as possible in preparation for the next step forward.

To effect change that is upon us, we can go with the flow or swim against the current (which is exhausting), your choice. It is not for one to float aimlessly down the river, but to set a goal and trajectory and ride both the calm and the rapids with the skill of a kayaker aiming for the outcome rather than the individual challenges. Be prepared for challenges, but steer around the boulders and through the passage as quickly and easily as possible. Like shooting the rapids, know where you want or intend to end up at the end of this run.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, don’t get agitated (Fire element), and for you folks in the southern hemisphere, don’t let the weight (Earth) of the tasks hold you down. We have a three-month cycle that is about to begin in earnest, so do your best.

The new moon does not appear in the sky until about three days into the lunar phase. In indigenous traditions, commencement also relates to visibility.

The last three days of the lunar phase, the shift to new moon and a day or so in, is considered to be the dark of the moon. A time of being still (hopefully after letting go of what no longer serves you). It’s like General MacArthur or Ghengis Khan the night before implementing “the plan,” which I might add has been reviewed, reconsidered and is ready to rock, on the first moonrise.

In closing, I urge you to recapitulate and let go of what no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. When you free yourself of fear and self-condemnation and let go of drama (yours or others), you are then free to move forward with correct action toward your goals and dreams. You have room in your life to “receive” what you truly desire. I am most certain you do not desire more drama and setbacks.

Re-adjust, let go.

Re-align, aim high.

Go forth on this new moon and bring your dreams into manifestation!
Remember… “Always Forward”…

~ SL 2014

Recapitulation and Reframing: Concepts and Techniques

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Ajpu and 7 Toj, June 2014.

The key definition of “recapitulate” is to briefly restate something. Today’s post on recapitulation refers to two other definitions: to give new form or expression, or to repeat the principal stages or phases of something.

Recapitulation and Reframing Techniques

There are many techniques for recapitulation. It can be done in a controlled setting rather than being triggered by a NDE (near death experience) or trauma.

Ever hear what happens in a NDE? Your life passes in front of you. You “re-live” certain powerful emotional experiences.

Recapitulation is a process of working through, actually “breathing” through certain emotional trauma until it has no more emotional charge. It is an integral part of Toltec shamanic practice.

Even when our assemblage point (read my post) IS centered, there are still certain types of people, places, things or situations that can trigger a strong emotional reaction. When we are doing the work and tracking our thoughts we are diligent in not allowing those thoughts to move into uncontrolled emotion (with the exception of joy).

When we do get caught in this mental trap, there is a way out. A way to clear the emotion and even the underlying causation, over time, rid it forever.

Recapitulation Technique

In this exercise visualization is key; bringing up the “feeling” assists in eradication.

Note: Some people say this exercise should be done from left to right or past to future. Others say it’s best from right to left, future to past. I say any way you do it is a plus. For one you are holding attention and focus with intention. Hopefully you are also “holding cleared space” (read my posts).

Standing or sitting in a straight back chair, hold your arms outstretched, like the scales of balance, shoulder-high, with your hands palms up as if you are holding something in your hands. Take several deep breaths to clear your frenetic energies.

Begin by turning your head all the way to the left, looking directly at the up-facing palm of your left hand as if you are holding a hologram. Let the image appear. The image may be anything you are working on to re-frame or clear energy and thus clear “the field.” Letting go of past emotional trauma stored in background programs. You might choose a subject, or a subject might just come up after you have been doing this practice for a while.

When you have the image “playing” in your hand, let the emotion of the perceived situation come in and over you. Sometimes it will feel as if it “descends” on you. However it comes, ‘feel’ it, let it rage, bring tears if you can. Experience it as you remember it.

Suck or “breathe in” the image from your hand until you can breathe in no more air, then hold that breath and turn your head full stop to the right and exhale blowing the image out through/over your other open palm until all the air is evacuated from your lungs. Turn your head back to the first position. Repeat as necessary. Each time you do this, the emotional charge will be less. Sometimes it clears in one breath other things require more passes. Keep going until you no longer see the image.

Visualize, feel, hold and turn, let go and blow it out. Kiss it goodbye.

As I stated, each time you do this, the image and emotional charge will dissipate, more and more, until the field is clear.

Recap: You are technically running this energy through your heart field to be cleansed, clarified, thus expanding and uncluttering the field.

You can use this technique if someone has agitated you. You can use it to clear past trauma, or to “reframe” past events.


Reframing is a way of seeing a past event in a new light, a new vision, and thus a new history. Reframing an event causes us to let go of past trauma and unpleasant events particularly from childhood. Reframing can remove insecurities and disruptive/destructive patterning.

When we are children, we do not possess the capacity of discernment. Some children are more empathic than others.

So you see, the environment we are raised in has a huge influence on us. If we cannot free ourselves from its grip through some discipline or shamanic practice, then we are doomed to repeat it over and over and have emotional response come up at the most inopportune times, hamstringing us yet again.

Recapitulation and reframing allow us to clearly view a past situation in a new light, devoid of emotional response and with our current emotional and knowledge base.

When we view trauma through this process, we may have memories we had previously blocked out, like the person who came to the house and caused the disruption, rise to the surface. We likely as children assumed “we” were the cause of the situation, since a child’s experience or world is limited by his or her level of experience and is self-centered.

The practice can free you from the past by letting you “off the hook” for poor decisions or lack of boundaries of the “adult in charge.” Seeing things in a new light, thus a new and updated story and way less trauma. Heck, it might even turn out to be the story is a comedy.

These sessions cannot only be enlightening, but liberating for yourself and others. The techniques can also be used for recovery from extreme trauma, but let’s keep things a bit lighter for now.

Just try the technique, see what comes to the surface, cross it over your heart field and gently blow it away. It’s that simple.

Experience the expansion.

With love and blessings.
~SL 2014

The Solstices of Summer and Winter

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Akabal and 2 Net, June 2014.

The Solstice marks the longest or shortest day of the year depending on whether you are north or south of the equator.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from space.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from space.

Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night. Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from Earth.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from Earth.

Each solstice marks a turning point.

The Summer Solstices

At the summer solstice the sun has reached its zenith, and after this day the hours of sunlight decrease, therefore the days get shorter. With the winter solstice, the following days increase in light and the days get longer. So whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, the summer solstice is the strongest point.

Factoid: When you get closer to the equator, day and night are almost equal with sunrise at 6 AM and sundown at 6 PM. The farther north or south you go, the more the effect, thus the darkness at the poles in winter.

The Equinoxes and Solstices

Remember, the equinoxes are balance points. The solstices are apex points of light and of darkness.

In my home tradition, in most indigenous cultures, and certainly in the pagan community, we celebrate the four sacred holidays, the four seasons, thus the four elements. Whatever you call it, this is the cycle of equinox and solstice, the changing points.

This table is based on zodiacal New Year at zero degrees Aries tropical astrology.

  • Northern Hemisphere
  • Spring, sun enters Aries – Equinox – March – Element AIR
  • Summer, sun enters Cancer – Solstice – June – Element FIRE
  • Autumn, sun enters Libra – Equinox – September – Element Water
  • Winter, sun enters Capricorn -Solstice – December – Element EARTH
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • Autumn, sun enters Aries Equinox – March – Element WATER
  • Winter, sun enters Cancer Solstice – June – Element EARTH
  • Spring, sun enters Libra – Equinox – September – Element AIR
  • Summer, sun enters Capricorn – Solstice – December – Element FIRE

I will mention, once again, that in this day and age there are lots of pseudo-ceremonies performed on the solstice and equinox points, or around the correct date and time. We are fortunate that this coming solstice falls on the requisite 21st of June this year. Maybe this year most people will schedule their celebration on the correct day.

The Time of the Summer Solstice in 2014

The solstice has an exact time, and this year it occurs at 10:51 UTC. This translates to 6:51 AM on the East Coast of the United States, 3:51 AM on the West Coast of the United States. Here in Guatemala it will be at 4:51 AM, around sunrise for us.

I was at a summer solstice festival in New Mexico many years ago, and a lot of “rainbow” types attended. The festival was in a really cool old mining town I was living in at the time. I had been tracking astrology for many years, but for some reason at that time I did not have access to my ephemeris so I did not know the exact time of the solstice. I was pretty sure it was in the early afternoon that year. Back then nobody had a smart phone and certainly no Internet.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Solstice at Stonehenge

I looked around and decided the event organizer might be a good person to ask, since after all, he was the person in charge, I just wanted to know the exact time of the solstice. His answer was both laughable and anger provoking. He yelled at me… What is wrong with you? The solstice is today, that’s what we’re here for! Then he walked off puffing something about, “ It’s ALWAYS a woman asking stupid questions.” I am certain most people would have been offended back then, and these days he might even get slugged by a female.

Well folks, the solstice is not all day, it has an exact time. It happens in an instant. Bam! We change elements.

At least on the equinox we get four minutes of balance. That totals eight minutes annually. On a solstice we simply go straight into the new element.

As I stated, we have four changes of element and eight minutes of balance, and twice a year we pivot and change from increase of light to decrease of light. See the rhythm? Awesome, huh?

The feasts and celebrations would traditionally commence “after” the exact time of the solstice or equinox.

So for those of us in the Northern hemisphere we go from element of Air (right intention) to element of Fire (right action) from the apex of light to increasing darkness. For those in the southern hemisphere, you go from element of Water (right faith) to element of Earth (right receiving), from the apex of darkness to increasing light.

See how this works? Rather like a global Rubik’s Cube, four on top, four on the bottom, always with the opposite elements in play. Air/Water, Fire/Earth. Cool huh?

How to Prepare for the Summer Solstice

Prior to this solstice, I ask those of you in the northern hemisphere to let go of what is holding you back. Burn, give away, and let go. Pause on solstice this Saturday, preferably at the exact time of the event.

If that is not possible, prepare a feast and take the day for celebration. Give thanks for yet another new beginning. This time we get to take right action. I am certain, after months of setbacks and clearing, that if this blog has reached you, then you know exactly what I am referring to and are ready for the new refreshed energy.

For you southern hemisphere folks, your faith (element of Water) has been tested and you are moving into Earth element where all your hard work and intention will pay off and crystallize (hopefully), and if you didn’t quite get it right this time you will have a chance to begin again on the spring equinox.

Many astrologers calculate a chart at the solstice and equinox points, the beginning of each element, like a birth chart. This kind of chart is good for three months and is the theme for the next three-month journey.

The old way of being can shift in an instant. The old way, of narcissistic behavior, we are leaving behind. No more exclusion, no more I, me, mine mentality. We are moving more fully into unity consciousness

In the meantime, between the time I publish this post and the Solstice point on Saturday June 21, 2014, 10:51 UTC, let go and give thanks for what you have learned, realized, let go of, forgiven and transcended. Good job! Let’s go into the next element happy, optimistic and in gratitude.

Love you all!
Mitakuye Oyasin!
~SL 2014

How Do I Get What I Want?

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Storm, June 2014.

The first step in getting what you want is knowing what it is you want. Intention is key. Focus on the goal is an asset. There is a thing called “prime directive.”


For those of you who have been dealing with health issues, there is only one desire: to be well.

For others, particularly in Western society, there is confusion surrounding this subject. We are bombarded on a daily basis by advertising, by what others “think” and tell you what you need.

What Do You Really Want?

Stop for a minute and ask yourself, what do I truly want? Once the subject is narrowed down, you can then make a move to achieve your goal.

Sometimes the goal shows up and you have zero idea of how to manifest it. The key is in surrendering to the information and also to the options that open up when we truly have a heartfelt want or desire.

Never make a person or a thing your goal. A project is a worthy goal, especially if it helps others or is related to something sustainable. A home is a worthy goal, since it is your base to do everything else.

Education has not proved necessary for success: look at all the people that don’t have degrees who have made their lives an example for others to follow. So as the old saying goes, you are born with everything you need to fulfill your heart’s desires, especially in the Western world where options abound and we are not bound to a caste system.

Think of the things you enjoy, what you love to see in the world. Is a garden in your vision? A comfortable home? Travel? If travel is something you want more of, do you have your passport in order? Be prepared to get what you want. Don’t wait for the moment to arrive and have to rush around to get your travel documents together as you may miss the window of opportunity. Be ever ready to jump, to accept the invitation, the job offer in another country or travel to a sacred site.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to do your research, but don’t get discouraged if you see others doing something along the lines of what you are working on manifesting — do not compare yourself to them and don’t compete with them either.

Identifying and Letting Go of Fear

Most people think they have a fear of failure. But is that really the case? We are all pretty good at failure, that’s how we learn.

I found, years ago, in an all-day seminar culminating with a fire walk that I was filming with some friends. We (the film crew) had not intended to participate in the fire walk, but were attending the entire day with the attendees along with our filming requirements for archival purposes. Part of the exercise was to state, out loud, to a team partner, all our fears. We had to keep going for a good 30 minutes and not repeat things.

It gets funny after a while, cos you start having to really reach for things. I understand now that this was a process of clearing the mind, there would be one or two things that would come up in each session that was repetitive. We did this several times with different partners.

After several rounds of this we were asked to write the one thing we were most afraid of down on a piece of paper, tell no one, show no one. This paper was to be read aloud and tossed into the fire right before one stepped onto the coals for the first time. I had no attachment to this, no fear, due to the fact I had zero intention of walking on hot coals, only to film people doing it (or attempting to do it, so I thought).

Fire Walking

The fire was huge. After it burned down and was stretched out into the walkway, I was totally amazed at how long it was, I was thinking ten feet or so maybe, but when it was raked out it was over 40 feet long and was on fire. Fire hot enough to melt aluminum, flames knee high and spiking in spots. I was once again happy I had not opted to do this, but I had my piece of paper in my pocket and I was happy to get something from an extremely grueling day (14+ hours).

The expressions on everyone’s faces said it all. The fear was of being burnt to a cinder, all that stuff on paper was nothing. Or was it really?

I looked at everyone’s feet, maybe for a before and after shot. I looked at my bare feet, which had a thick coat of extremely purple nail polish to boot. No one else had on nail polish (which I thought is likely flammable), so once again I was happy I was not walking on fire that day. Still happy that I had discovered something about myself even though I thought what I wrote down was stupid, that it could not be that thing.

Then it was time. Time to line up to walk the fire walk, time to make your fear known. I was there behind the camera on the tripod, I really had nothing to do but make sure the camera didn’t fall over or get knocked over, we were rolling the entire time with three cameras.

The fearless ones started to move toward the fire to line up, while everyone else groaned and stayed back to see who would be injured first. I was just standing there, watching.

The first person stood before the fire, paper in hand, what happened next was astounding. It was a man, he stood before the hot blazing coals, took several deep breaths and said my name is so in so and the fear that I am putting in this fire today is the fear of….


I froze. It was the very same thing I had written on my little paper.

He threw it in the fire and walked to the other end.

There was a sigh of relief.

The next person was ready, a woman, she read her fear and guess what it was? Success.

By the time the third person was walking up to walk the fire, I just left the camera and lined up in the fourth position. It was like I was in a trance. I read my fear aloud, threw it in the fire, the fire flared up and I walked. At one point a coal got stuck between my toes and I just stopped, reached down and brushed it off, standing in the fire.

After that I went back and got in line again. Grand total I walked the fire four times, well three: during the last one I did a cartwheel in the middle, which required some forethought due to the fact that at that time in my life my hair was past my waist, so I had to put it up in a chopstick so I didn’t burn it off.

Moral to the story, other than the people who were dealing with a life-threatening catastrophic illness, which was two of the group of about twelve. Every single person boiled it down to a fear of success. Weird huh? But very telling.

Much later that night we finally got to talk other than the verbal exercises of the seminar and all shared our reasoning behind our “perceived” fear. We all felt that the responsibility of success was so great that the possibility of failure (as a leader) was the worst we could bear, the fear of being judged or to not be able to accomplish the role of the perfect leader. So much of a fear that it prevented us from starting what we most desired.

So now that the fear and its cause has been revealed, what do we intend to do to move forward with our dreams and visions?

We have all been through a rite of passage like unto the fire walk.

Now that you have faced your fear, what is it that you would like bring into manifestation?

Dream Big!

The Effects of Solar Flares and Space Weather

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Tijax, June 2014

As I write this article, I am struggling with the effects of the very subject I am writing about, since in the past 48 hours we have had three X-class solar flares. Not facing Earth (thank God) but with effects all the same.

I will elaborate on the subject of “Space Weather” and how it is affecting us in a future post as to keep this one shorter, for the effects of the solar weather have our brains running a bit “sideways.” To briefly reference….

The quadrant of space we are currently entering and traversing is the “trigger” that is affecting the paradigm shift.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

For now, since this is happening right now and relevant, let’s stick to the subject of solar flares and their effect on our ascension process.

Solar Flares and Us

We (the Earth) NEED solar flares. The current solar maximum has been a bit disappointing in that department. We need solar flaring to boost our weakening magnetosphere, which shields us from cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts (which we have also been hit with recently), and other types of space weather.

So you see, we must have this energy. We require it for a shift, an upgrade so to speak, to be able to not only tolerate the current influx of energies, but also to thrive, evolve and expand in it.

We are truly in new and uncharted territory energetically.

First we must move out of the density. An old mentor once told me… “Relax, you have to let it pass right through you.” This translates into…

When you tense up or are resistant to a toxin, a thing, a person, an energy, you are then “engaged.” If you relax and let it pass right through you, it will not trigger your own density and the weighty reaction that might otherwise occur. Let it all pass through. Let it transform you.

Solar flares are waking up our DNA, shap-eshifting us. Yes, they cause us stress and upheaval . The frequencies affect our mind and body. Solar flares clear the memory stored in our cells and break up old energy patterns, so you will likely see and feel them come up and out.

Solar flares also affect the grid: electronics, communication (and Mercury is retrograde on top of this). They often trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, So as you can see, these are not easy or comfortable times.

When a solar flare happens it affects the earths magnetic field thus affecting our own magnetic fields waking up our DNA. Solar flares change physical reality. We are in mid shift. The best thing to do is to let it happen, as it will anyway, preferably without too much struggle.

Positive affirmations are a must, as old patterns are being dragged up and out. Be gentle with yourself and others. This energy is super high-powered, bringing with it the power to manifest instantly, so be diligent, be positive. Don’t focus on what you are letting go of, just let the emotion out and get back to ‘happy’ as soon as possible. Thinking of something that is ‘not’ wanted will attract that unwanted thing much faster in this time, so monitor your thoughts but don’t let them get you. Look at it as a movie review before the final edit.

On top of this energy is a very powerful full moon. Which is occurring after the end of a very powerful and transformational eclipse cycle. So we have already “changed.” Now we get to figure out how.

Some of you have been dealing with health issues, so it’s easier for you to see which way progress has occurred. Stop for a bit and contemplate all of this, and thank yourself for having come (or made it) this far.




Be not impatient. Know things are happening beyond your current view and that these are positive changes. Know that you and everything around you is evolving, morphing. Focus on what you love or what pleases you. Focus not on your displeasure or discomfort. Think about your perfect world, your perfect health in this very moment, the perfect circumstances manifesting.

Be diligent and repel (or eradicate) fear or doubt. Stamp your foot if need be, and proclaim your divine right to health and well-being. Smile at the craziness and know it leads somewhere fruitful and that your current attitude is key.

Happy Full Moon and Shape-shifting Everyone!

Happy Friday the 13th!

SL, 2014

Mercury Retrograde and Other “Perceived” Setbacks

Written by Sherrie Locke on 4 Corn, June 2014

Three times a year, just like clockwork, we have Mercury, the planet of communication, appearing to move backwards in the sky. It’s not really moving backwards. It is traveling the edges of its elliptical orbit and, just like the hubcap on a car, creates the illusion of moving in the opposite direction of the vehicle.

Mercury retrograde is a time to take it easy, according to Western astrology and astrologers.

During these times we are given a period of re-view, re-assessment, re-thinking (hopefully not too much), a chance for re-dos.

The pitfall: if we are not conscious and mindful, we may feel that we are justified in telling others what to do or how to feel, or may even fall into the pit of finger pointing and blame. Watch yourself. Be mindful.

What is repeating in your life and behavior, what you are repeating toward yourself and others, is showing you where you may need to affect change. You are not put here to change others.

This is not a time for you to express your will on others, but a time to be introspective as to why you are doing (or not doing) these “things.” This is a time when you can change your behavior.

The Mercury retrograde we are in as I write this article is particularly powerful, as it will most certainly affect your future and the future of all your relations based on how you treat yourself and others at this juncture. So if you have people in your life you truly care about, you might want to consider your words and actions during this time, as you have the power to potentially destroy these relationships permanently by being an ass.

Nobody wants to be told what they need to do, especially by someone who is not living their life or walking in their shoes and only sees or has a small view of the bigger picture but possibly a “large” opinion. Mind your own business unless you are asked for assistance or see someone’s life in danger.

During Mercury retrgrade, be prepared for missed deadlines and miscommunications.

This is a time when everyone is in upheaval, so a kind word and a hug without forcing your will or judgement on someone else at a time in their life when they are already stressed may be the breakthrough or breakdown point in a relationship. Love or a hug may prove to be something they need the most. It could even save a life. Do remember, this all reflects back on you.

Other than Mercury retrograde, there are other times when our patience and perseverance will be tested, such as during an illness, during a communication breakdown or a misunderstanding. As I have stated many times, be kind, be mindful and be present. Do you wish to be treated as you are treating others?

Being mindful and present is a necessity, and meditation is key (read my posts on mediation). Just consider that every word that falls from your lips has the power to create or destroy. Being mindful saves you a lot of cleanup. and in these times if you “let it fly” without being mindful, you just might lose someone for a lifetime. What do you value? Being right or being aced out permanently?

On the flip side short and sweet, plans can cave in during these times but can also lead to something profound, a side route you did not see coming. So be open to surprises and portals opening, long standing things and for projects suddenly getting a boot forward (likely to move again after the retro) to move to completion.

Hold a vision, but don’t be too picky about how it manifests. Have fun, take things in stride, take care of your own issues before you dose another with them — and try to be loving and considerate. It will save your relationships and make any “perceived setbacks” so much easier to weather for everyone.

Be Love, Be Kind and most of all, Be Mindful.

SL 2014