Grounding and Earthing Techniques

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Kej, June 2014

Go outside if possible, otherwise visualize yourself in nature.

I have found that collecting and having earth from different locations is beneficial. Such as a box of red earth from Sedona, or from your familial or ancestral home or one of your favorite beaches. You can connect with the place and also use it over and over.

Before mediation, always get grounded with one of several grounding techniques.Most of the time we are insulated from the most beneficial earth energies. Typical shoes are insulators. Hiking boots, athletic shoes, Dr Martin’s, etc. All are great and can protect you from electric shock, but they also insulate you from beneficial earth energies. Don’t get me wrong, going barefoot all the time is also not an option in today’s world. You may have a connection to earth, but what kind of parasites and pathogens are you picking up? Be mindful.

Any way you do it is better than not doing it at all. I like to take off my shoes at sacred sites to connect more deeply to the land.

Grounding and earthing exercies.

You can ground anywhere at any time, and being conscious of this will help you tremendously in all realms. The more well grounded you are, the further you can “go out” and expand, otherwise the tower will topple over.

Growth requires depth, so sink your roots deep into the earth. I plant my feet on the ground and visualize them as deep roots, but I also take my spine and create what looks like a tail or grounding cord and wrap it around the core of the earth, very stable and connected.

Busy-ness distracts us from reality.

Slow down, come back to yourself. When you do this, when you come back home, the madness dissipates and you create calm, which is what the world needs more of.

Time to liberate yourself from within.

Become the tall tree with its canopy in the heavens and its roots deep within the earth.

Be still, be the mountain.

~ SL 2014

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