Mercury Retrograde and Other “Perceived” Setbacks

Written by Sherrie Locke on 4 Corn, June 2014

Three times a year, just like clockwork, we have Mercury, the planet of communication, appearing to move backwards in the sky. It’s not really moving backwards. It is traveling the edges of its elliptical orbit and, just like the hubcap on a car, creates the illusion of moving in the opposite direction of the vehicle.

Mercury retrograde is a time to take it easy, according to Western astrology and astrologers.

During these times we are given a period of re-view, re-assessment, re-thinking (hopefully not too much), a chance for re-dos.

The pitfall: if we are not conscious and mindful, we may feel that we are justified in telling others what to do or how to feel, or may even fall into the pit of finger pointing and blame. Watch yourself. Be mindful.

What is repeating in your life and behavior, what you are repeating toward yourself and others, is showing you where you may need to affect change. You are not put here to change others.

This is not a time for you to express your will on others, but a time to be introspective as to why you are doing (or not doing) these “things.” This is a time when you can change your behavior.

The Mercury retrograde we are in as I write this article is particularly powerful, as it will most certainly affect your future and the future of all your relations based on how you treat yourself and others at this juncture. So if you have people in your life you truly care about, you might want to consider your words and actions during this time, as you have the power to potentially destroy these relationships permanently by being an ass.

Nobody wants to be told what they need to do, especially by someone who is not living their life or walking in their shoes and only sees or has a small view of the bigger picture but possibly a “large” opinion. Mind your own business unless you are asked for assistance or see someone’s life in danger.

During Mercury retrgrade, be prepared for missed deadlines and miscommunications.

This is a time when everyone is in upheaval, so a kind word and a hug without forcing your will or judgement on someone else at a time in their life when they are already stressed may be the breakthrough or breakdown point in a relationship. Love or a hug may prove to be something they need the most. It could even save a life. Do remember, this all reflects back on you.

Other than Mercury retrograde, there are other times when our patience and perseverance will be tested, such as during an illness, during a communication breakdown or a misunderstanding. As I have stated many times, be kind, be mindful and be present. Do you wish to be treated as you are treating others?

Being mindful and present is a necessity, and meditation is key (read my posts on mediation). Just consider that every word that falls from your lips has the power to create or destroy. Being mindful saves you a lot of cleanup. and in these times if you “let it fly” without being mindful, you just might lose someone for a lifetime. What do you value? Being right or being aced out permanently?

On the flip side short and sweet, plans can cave in during these times but can also lead to something profound, a side route you did not see coming. So be open to surprises and portals opening, long standing things and for projects suddenly getting a boot forward (likely to move again after the retro) to move to completion.

Hold a vision, but don’t be too picky about how it manifests. Have fun, take things in stride, take care of your own issues before you dose another with them — and try to be loving and considerate. It will save your relationships and make any “perceived setbacks” so much easier to weather for everyone.

Be Love, Be Kind and most of all, Be Mindful.

SL 2014

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