How Do I Get What I Want?

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Storm, June 2014.

The first step in getting what you want is knowing what it is you want. Intention is key. Focus on the goal is an asset. There is a thing called “prime directive.”


For those of you who have been dealing with health issues, there is only one desire: to be well.

For others, particularly in Western society, there is confusion surrounding this subject. We are bombarded on a daily basis by advertising, by what others “think” and tell you what you need.

What Do You Really Want?

Stop for a minute and ask yourself, what do I truly want? Once the subject is narrowed down, you can then make a move to achieve your goal.

Sometimes the goal shows up and you have zero idea of how to manifest it. The key is in surrendering to the information and also to the options that open up when we truly have a heartfelt want or desire.

Never make a person or a thing your goal. A project is a worthy goal, especially if it helps others or is related to something sustainable. A home is a worthy goal, since it is your base to do everything else.

Education has not proved necessary for success: look at all the people that don’t have degrees who have made their lives an example for others to follow. So as the old saying goes, you are born with everything you need to fulfill your heart’s desires, especially in the Western world where options abound and we are not bound to a caste system.

Think of the things you enjoy, what you love to see in the world. Is a garden in your vision? A comfortable home? Travel? If travel is something you want more of, do you have your passport in order? Be prepared to get what you want. Don’t wait for the moment to arrive and have to rush around to get your travel documents together as you may miss the window of opportunity. Be ever ready to jump, to accept the invitation, the job offer in another country or travel to a sacred site.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to do your research, but don’t get discouraged if you see others doing something along the lines of what you are working on manifesting — do not compare yourself to them and don’t compete with them either.

Identifying and Letting Go of Fear

Most people think they have a fear of failure. But is that really the case? We are all pretty good at failure, that’s how we learn.

I found, years ago, in an all-day seminar culminating with a fire walk that I was filming with some friends. We (the film crew) had not intended to participate in the fire walk, but were attending the entire day with the attendees along with our filming requirements for archival purposes. Part of the exercise was to state, out loud, to a team partner, all our fears. We had to keep going for a good 30 minutes and not repeat things.

It gets funny after a while, cos you start having to really reach for things. I understand now that this was a process of clearing the mind, there would be one or two things that would come up in each session that was repetitive. We did this several times with different partners.

After several rounds of this we were asked to write the one thing we were most afraid of down on a piece of paper, tell no one, show no one. This paper was to be read aloud and tossed into the fire right before one stepped onto the coals for the first time. I had no attachment to this, no fear, due to the fact I had zero intention of walking on hot coals, only to film people doing it (or attempting to do it, so I thought).

Fire Walking

The fire was huge. After it burned down and was stretched out into the walkway, I was totally amazed at how long it was, I was thinking ten feet or so maybe, but when it was raked out it was over 40 feet long and was on fire. Fire hot enough to melt aluminum, flames knee high and spiking in spots. I was once again happy I had not opted to do this, but I had my piece of paper in my pocket and I was happy to get something from an extremely grueling day (14+ hours).

The expressions on everyone’s faces said it all. The fear was of being burnt to a cinder, all that stuff on paper was nothing. Or was it really?

I looked at everyone’s feet, maybe for a before and after shot. I looked at my bare feet, which had a thick coat of extremely purple nail polish to boot. No one else had on nail polish (which I thought is likely flammable), so once again I was happy I was not walking on fire that day. Still happy that I had discovered something about myself even though I thought what I wrote down was stupid, that it could not be that thing.

Then it was time. Time to line up to walk the fire walk, time to make your fear known. I was there behind the camera on the tripod, I really had nothing to do but make sure the camera didn’t fall over or get knocked over, we were rolling the entire time with three cameras.

The fearless ones started to move toward the fire to line up, while everyone else groaned and stayed back to see who would be injured first. I was just standing there, watching.

The first person stood before the fire, paper in hand, what happened next was astounding. It was a man, he stood before the hot blazing coals, took several deep breaths and said my name is so in so and the fear that I am putting in this fire today is the fear of….


I froze. It was the very same thing I had written on my little paper.

He threw it in the fire and walked to the other end.

There was a sigh of relief.

The next person was ready, a woman, she read her fear and guess what it was? Success.

By the time the third person was walking up to walk the fire, I just left the camera and lined up in the fourth position. It was like I was in a trance. I read my fear aloud, threw it in the fire, the fire flared up and I walked. At one point a coal got stuck between my toes and I just stopped, reached down and brushed it off, standing in the fire.

After that I went back and got in line again. Grand total I walked the fire four times, well three: during the last one I did a cartwheel in the middle, which required some forethought due to the fact that at that time in my life my hair was past my waist, so I had to put it up in a chopstick so I didn’t burn it off.

Moral to the story, other than the people who were dealing with a life-threatening catastrophic illness, which was two of the group of about twelve. Every single person boiled it down to a fear of success. Weird huh? But very telling.

Much later that night we finally got to talk other than the verbal exercises of the seminar and all shared our reasoning behind our “perceived” fear. We all felt that the responsibility of success was so great that the possibility of failure (as a leader) was the worst we could bear, the fear of being judged or to not be able to accomplish the role of the perfect leader. So much of a fear that it prevented us from starting what we most desired.

So now that the fear and its cause has been revealed, what do we intend to do to move forward with our dreams and visions?

We have all been through a rite of passage like unto the fire walk.

Now that you have faced your fear, what is it that you would like bring into manifestation?

Dream Big!

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