In 5D: The Utopian Construct

Now I get to discuss one of my favorite subjects, “Utopian Construct.”


In 5D, we don’t have battles with ourselves or others.

In 5D, what we think and speak are made manifest quickly.

In 5D, there is enough for everyone to live in abundance.

In 5D, healing is instantaneous (mostly it was taken care of in the transition from 3D to 5D).

In 5D, all are activated.

In 5D, understanding is Universal, so all the “it’s like this” goes out the window. There is cross cultural understanding and less need for traditional language skills. After all, nobody is training for a debate in another language.

The platform is the heart.

People come together without having to discuss roles, leaders etc. Common goals are made manifest

Telepathy is the norm with people, animals even the plant and mineral world. So be quiet and listen.

Stay focused on this new construct, and it will soon blossom in your world, and others will follow suit.

I learned most of this from teachings of Sri Aurobindo. We now adapt it to the blossoming new construct.

Lead by example.
~SL, 2014

Staying On Point with Your Prime Directive

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Net, July 2014

Right now, we are moving toward the most powerful Super Moon of 2014.

Here in the Northern hemisphere ,we are in the FIRE of FIRE. You Southern folks are in the FIRE of EARTH.


Anyway you look at it, for the first time in a long time, we have an opportunity to make a giant leap forward. A crystallization for you folks of the South (Southern hemisphere).

At this juncture, it is very important to focus on your “prime directive.” Are you on a prime directive to improve your health? If so, stay on that. Don’t discuss what “has been.” Only use confirming words and actions toward the achievement of your goal.

Is your prime directive the accomplishment of a goal? Then conserve your energy solely for that goal. Stay away from behavior or people who do not apply.

In some ways you may feel you are being tested, so be mindful of your surroundings and actions. When you find something that may drag up an old pattern or response, don’t indulge. Instead, stop, be mindful (yes, I say it again) and proceed with “right action.” If this means walking away from a non-pertinent discussion, then do so, but don’t dwell on it. Get back on point, back to your prime directive, as soon as possible.

You have only a couple of weeks to really test out your new consciousness directive. If you are not true to yourself and your goals, then you may find this ramped-up energy to be quite uncomfortable. If you have sufficiently cleared, made space, are grounded and being mindful of the goal, then you will have unexpected, pleasant breakthroughs rapidly.

One cannot manifest a dream carrying a feeling of desperation.

Happiness brings happiness.

Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.

Passion stirs passion.

Gratitude brings more to be grateful and give thanks for.

Remember, a person cannot be the goal, unless of course you have made a breakthrough and have realized YOU are the person you are striving for, in which case I suggest “full steam ahead.”

For most, there is still a bit of a struggle going on internally. Stay focused on what you truly want to happen for yourself.

This is a good time to seek a clear channel (a professional) or to get a good reading, simply to confirm you are on the correct trajectory or to make adjustments that will further allow focus and flow to the direction of your intentions. An “outside,” unbiased reader is likely the best choice at this time. It is also a good time to get an astrological charting, Vedic, Western or Maya, whatever, in order to have some idea of the upcoming transits and junctures so as to optimize progress over then next few weeks to months.

So to recap…

Stay on point! Do something every single day toward achieving your goal. Let your words match what you are intending or say nothing. No negative self talk.

Remember, you’ve had the power all along. Tap it, use it for your best interest. Be your superhero.

Say what you are (what you want) out loud…

I Am Happy!

I Am Healthy!

I have everything I want and need!

It was nice when I had that breakthrough and…

The house was paid off.

The plans came together even better than expected.

I woke up happy and feeling good.

I figured out what I really wanted.

Unknown blessings opened doors I never knew existed.

Everything just fell into place.

See what I mean? Adding the “feeling” to it makes it even more powerful.

Start now, and continue the momentum. If it’s making you smile, gets you excited and ignites a passion, then you are on the right track. If you get a headache trying to work it out, or it worries you, then adjust; this simply means your ego is in charge, which can be exhausting and is a waste of time and precious energy.

Do not look to others unless they are qualified advisors. This is not a time of team building, but a time to further clarify your goals. You need to have the plan before you know what people will be needed in order to accomplish said goal. Stay on point with that. The people who will help you will show up. The situation will grow clearer as you yourself become more clear.

Above all, be on point with your prime directive, be it health, career/business or your on going expansion.

Be Happy.

Stay On Point.

Be Pro-active.

Treat yourself well.


I wish for you all the happiness I wish for myself.
~ SL 2014

Balsamic Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Kawoq, July 2014

Prior to this coming new moon on Saturday July 26 at 3 degrees Leo 52 minutes, which occurs at 6:42 PM EST (4:42 PM in Guatemala), the theme continues: Letting go.


Of course, by now you know this means letting go of what does not serve your highest good. Also be conscious of the fact you are letting go of bad habits all around. Don’t struggle, don’t fight it, don’t be critical of yourself or others. Let go of “control,” take a deep breath and exhale. Let go.

You know what needs to go. Give yourself these next few days to rest and recuperate from the previous myriad cycles upon cycles that have pushed us through the “transformation station.”

Prior to my next post and during this Balsamic Lunar phase, first let go and make space for what is coming in. After this new moon, take out a piece of paper and write what it is that you do want.

Here are a couple of suggestions that will help with the “before and after” of the new moon process….

Letting Go and Releasing Rituals

You can always use the “write it down and then burn, flush or trash it” to symbolically let go. You also have the option of recapitulation and re-framing (read my post on this topic), as this is a perfect time for that type of work.

Write things down as they come up. If they are things you are purging, or are or were things you wanted to say to someone but cannot or might choose not to say, then write them down and destroy them symbolically. Write a letter, then burn it to the ethers, bury it, flush it down the toilet (if that’s acceptable in your country) or trash it.

I find burying certain things is appropriate, while other things may be better just thrown in the trash. But remember, you are “tossing’ it away.” Make it be gone, don’t dig things back out of the trash.

You may choose to use the Abraham-Hicks method: “Wouldn’t it be nice when…
The house is paid off.
My health is optimum.
My eyesight is restored.
The new source of income arrives.
The surprise blessing happened.

See what I mean?

There are many ways to let go. For some it may be as easy as putting on a silly movie and clicking off or you might enjoy making and eating a meal. Do it totally and don’t think of anything else for that time.

Choose not to dwell, choose not to discuss your problems. Choose what you are thinking and if it does not bring a smile to your face, look for another subject until you find one that makes you smile and stick with that thought. Go to a museum, look at the flowers. Pets are a good source of joy, focus on them. Think about how they see you during the day, week, months. It helps you to see what “you” are doing

By this time next week you should be thoroughly focused on “Right Action” (read my previous post), having made room and let go of any dead weight, self destructive habits or blockages to achieving your Prime Directive.

Get some rest, let go, then gear up.

You know you can do it!

May you have peace in your heart, may your blessings abound.

~SL, 2014

The Power of Right Action

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Ajmaq, July 2014

This article is a bit more relevant for us folks in the northern hemisphere since right now, we are in the overall element of FIRE, which represents “right action.”


We are also coming up on the first manifesting Fire Element Sun sign (in Western tropical astrology), Leo. This new moon at 3 degrees LEO 52 minutes on Saturday July 26 at 10:55AM EST (8:55 AM for us here in Guatemala) will bring us to the most powerful Super Moon of 2014 — the full Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius 02 minutes (in western tropical astrology), which occurs at 2:09 PM EST (12:09 PM for us here in Guatemala).

These last few days of the Balsamic phase of this current lunar cycle are most certainly for further letting go of what no longer serves our path.

Be brave! You know what needs to go!

Preparing for Right Action

In preparation for the most powerful pull to right action, be proactive, grounded and clear on what you want, be it optimum health, relocating or a multi-million dollar humanitarian project. Find your passion and stay that course. Let go of what does not apply or support that goal and focus solely on that goal, not on what stands in the way of achieving it (which is yourself).


Watch your words. Also watch very carefully your self-directed statements and emotions. Make sure they are in alignment with what you are intending and stay within a strict regimen of monitoring your thoughts.

We are working out the bugs, the snakes that were revealed in the woodpile, and we are clear on what we want. So let us be ‘one-pointed’ in Right Action for the bigger picture stuff.

Don’t be self-critical.

Think and visualize big. Super size it!

Do not worry about what has happened. No focusing on the past, you’re not going there.

Focus on being in the state you desire.

Healthy, Happy, Whole and Healed.

Take Right Action in that direction, be it a supplement with intention to better your health or moving further into your future plans.

No Doubt.

No Fear.

No attachment to the “Hows.”

Just stay focused on “already” having achieved your goal. The path will/can unfold rapidly during this next cycle. Make space to receive your blessings.


I Send You Blessings of Love and Light.


~SL, 2014

The Waning Lunar Phase

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ix (Jaguar) July 2014.

*This is the last in a four part series on lunation cycles.

During the waning lunar phase, things seem to slow down. It’s like a time of “digestion.” We have less physical energy. We are moving into the dark of the moon, so be gentle with yourself. The tides are not running as high, storms are not usually as damaging, and things are not growing quite as rapidly as during the increase of the moon.

How to Deal with the Energy of the Waning Moon.

This third quarter lunar phase begins on Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at 26 degrees 21 minutes Aries (in Western tropical astrology).

We are feeling the need to expand and are also feeling “held in check.” We are still in the process of letting go. The waning lunar phase is the time to let go. Not to polarize more, but less. Do not compare yourself to others or their circumstances, and for God’s sake stay out of other people’s business unless you intend to assist them with loving kindness.

How to Deal with the Waning Lunar Phase

Do not bemoan your situation, otherwise you will only extend the experience. Focus on your “prime directive,” be it health, prosperity or whatever is your true desire/intention. You will be shown what needs further “clearing.”

This is not a time to “push,” but a time to make “space” for what you are asking for. It is a good time to clean and get rid of things. Do not get discouraged! We have a new Moon coming in about a week, and it will be another “Super Moon,” the closest one this year. So clear what no longer serves you before we begin the next amplification process.

Breathe, hydrate, relax. Stay focused on the bigger picture. It’s ok to plot and plan your success, but not at the expense of others. Life is not a “payback,” no one owes you anything, so avoid that mindset. You are not living others’ lives, so you have no place telling them what they should do or what they should do for you.

This remains a time that the truth is being revealed, so “listen,” pay attention and don’t be a control freak (or an ass). This truth is coming to the surface for a deep healing of the past. You are likely clear on what this is at this point. How you handle it is your choice. My suggestion is to be nice.

Some are moving “into,” some are moving “out of.” Whichever it is for you, just let it pass. There is little you can do to change the past, but you have everything to do with “how” it affects the present. It’s coming up to be “re-framed” and “healed.” You can, however, facilitate and stop talking about it. Let these emotions move up and through without judging yourself or others.

Letting Go During the Waning Lunar Phase

Do things that help with the “letting go” process. This last quarter lunar phase is good for doing a “cleanse” in preparation for rebuilding and expanding the system. Refrain from anything that may amplify emotions: no drugs, alcohol or infectious and toxic people. The energies that we are processing are quite potent all on their own, so you don’t need to amplify them by being in (or creating) a toxic environment. Just let them come up and out.

Take frequent baths or showers. Ask the water to assist you in this cleansing process by “washing away” what you do not need. Choose your words carefully. Is what is coming out of your mouth what you want more of? Are your words reinforcing the positive result you want? Are they reinforcing a continuation of the old?

It’s better to be silent rather than to talk about an illness or an undesirable situation. If you have been dealing with a health issue, let your words be of health and well-being. If you have been in a financial pit, let your words express the prosperity and abundance of the present and future, and “give” — do not be miserly at this time, be it with yourself or others. Have a “give away” and let go of what you don’t need.

Now go out there and use this energy to optimize your progress. Let go!

Make space in the vessel to “receive.”

Blessings and a hug from my heart to yours,

~SL, 2014

The Full Moon and the Super Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Aq’ab’al, 10 Chicchan and 11 Kame.

*This is number three of a four part series on lunation cycles.

The full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs.

The full moon is one of the most import ant of the lunar phases. A Super Moon occurs when the full moon is very close to Earth.

This month the Sun is in Cancer (in Western astrology), and the Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. This occurs in an overall Fire element in the northern hemisphere, and an Earth element south of the equator.
So for us folks in the northern hemisphere, we have an Earth sign Full Moon in a Water sun sign, occurring in an overall Fire element. For you southern folks, you have an Earth Full Moon in a Water sign (Cancer) in an overall element of Earth.

Starting to see how this works?

Northern: We continue to clear emotional energies (Cancer/Water) for manifestation (Earth).

Southern: A double dose of Earth in a Water sign. Feeling heavy?

(I will be traveling on this Full Moon.)

The Full Moon on July 12 occurs at 7:26 AM EDT, which is 5:26 AM in Guatemala. The theme is following your “soul purpose.” Use the time between now and then to redefine what that is for you. The Full Moon is a time of high energies, high tides and in the old days, what they called lunacy. The Full Moon breaks impasses. This waxing lunar phase may have shown us what we need to further let go of (release) to achieve our soul purpose. That will show in full during this waning lunar phase. Any Full Moon shows a release of energy; everything is revealed as another cycle is completed. In our  lives the Full Moon has the same effect. All that has been building up over the past few weeks is brought out into the open for us to experience.

This and the next two (three total) Full Moons are Super Moons. The Full Moon on 12 July 2014 will be the first of the three full Super Moons this year. The next Super Moon will be the closest of the year, occurring on 10 August, 2014, and the last Super Moon for 2014 will be on 9 September 2014.
The Full Moon, of course, occurs on Saturday morning. This Full Moon takes place at 21 degrees Capricorn, bringing Saturn and his station front and center. This should give some important definition to the Cardinal Cross energies that have dominated the year.

This is a time of illumination, with special focus on vocation/career, family/roots. This Full Moon also occurs on 13 Qanil (Seed) on the Maya calendar, so it will be especially powerful. Plant those seeds, use the energy wisely, remain calm.

Full Moon Blessings to All! I will not be posting on Monday as I will be out on an adventure.

~SL 2014

Earth Changes

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Aq’ab’al, July 2014.

My blog is late today due to the fact we had an earthquake around sunrise today and I have had no electricity, therefore no Internet.

Here in Guatemala, being on the east side of the Pacific rim tectonic plate at the edge of a subduction zone, we get a lot of earthquakes. Today we had a high 6 on the Richter scale. This put me in the mood to discuss earth changes.

Earth Changes: Earthquakes and the New Aeon

As we shift from 3D to 5D consciousness, not only are “we” (our bodies) going through massive change and realignment, but the Earth herself is going through that 3D to 5D shift. Also, our entire solar system, surrounding constellations and the Milky Way galaxy as a whole, are going through this shift. The trigger for all this?…

Space Weather

At this time we are moving into a completely new quadrant of space. This is what is referred to in metaphysical circles as “entering the age of Aquarius.” We are flying out of the old aeon (literally) into new and uncharted territory. This previously untrodden territory is full of new energies. We are able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste these new energies more as we further expand.

Strange weather patterns and light anomalies are increasing. Our electromagnetic field (shielding) has been steadily weakening due to the lack of sufficient solar flaring (at a so-called solar maximum). This lets in even more cosmic rays, which mutate DNA (and not just that of humans). All this points to instability and change, both atmospherically and of course, “as above so below,” inside each one of us.

How Are You Doing?

Some are surfing, some are treading water. Neither prevents or lessens the energies we are experiencing and will be experiencing for the rest of our lives and into future generations here on Earth. Tech is moving forward in gigantic leaps. Soon what has been suppressed will be revealed and rise to the surface as general public knowledge. They will say it is “new,” but that is not the case. That phase will pass rapidly and the real new will emerge, along with the “reevaluation” of what has been.

Location, Location, Location

People ask me why I live in Guatemala with the Maya. For me it’s simple, just as my ancestors always said: You go to a place where the culture has survived the previous transitional phases (please don’t bother me with “what happened to the Maya?”; I live with them, they didn’t go anywhere). If I was in the states I would (and do) have a plan for access to my tribal ancestral lands, roughly the Four Corners area and the three mesas at Hopi, But don’t head out there, the “reservations” are made telepathically, by bloodline and for sure where your heart lies. If you are supposed to be there, they know you are coming.

The main thing to be conscious of, no matter what area is…
1. Do you have access to clean water?
2. Do you have food? What if the lights don’t come back on, or all the grocery stores suddenly close permanently? Then what?
3. Do you have helpful people around?

These are just a few basics. If the power and services go out for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Don’t depend on government services. I realized after the last two power outages, I am not as prepared as I would like. So now there is yet another list of necessary items and space needing to be created for such. There’s always room for improvement!

Tension and Shift

Before earthquakes there is usually a build-up of tension. We had been feeling this one coming for a week or two. After a temblor, the tension is released. I feel we are not yet done with this round.

The Tarot card for this type of energy is The Tower. The I-Ching hexagram correlation is #51, The Shocking. Each points to a time “after,” the event itself being short in duration. What happens after is clean-up, rearranging and a re-boot.

Be safe, remain calm, prepare but don’t get paranoid.
Re-boot! Be Happy!
~SL 2014.

The Waxing Moon: First Quarter Lunar Phase

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Tijax, July 2014

This is the second in a four -part series on the lunar cycles and how to optimize their energies.

Waxing moon means the moon is “increasing” towards full moon. Just as the increase suggests, this is an optimum time for forward progress in any realm, be it health, business, the search for knowledge or simply self-improvement.

Lunar phases such as the quarter moon are based on the waxing and waning of the moon.

Waxing First Quarter Moon

Overall, we are in the astrological sign of Cancer (according to Western tropical house astrology). In the northern hemisphere, we are in the element of FIRE; in the southern hemisphere, the element of EARTH. That means us northern folks need to focus on “right ACTION” or “correct” action. For you southern folks south of the equator, the element has to do with “right RECEIVING” or “correct” receiving.

The Meaning of the Waxing Moon

Any way you look at it, passive or aggressive, it all has to do with moving forward, whether in activities or experiencing the fruits of that labor. Was it a labor of love? Did you let go of what does not serve you sufficiently before this lunar phase began? Are you prepared to move forward? The more you let go, the easier the next cycle will be. It’s a rhythm.

The current rhythm is increase.

Whether you are north or south of the equator, wherever you are on the earth, what we have as a constant is the progression of the lunar cycle. We all have a new moon at the same time, we all have the same waxing, full and waning moon.

The moon rules our emotions, biorhythms and tides for the planet herself as well as for each of us. Getting “in rhythm” attunes you and even “shows” you what is happening and what (maybe) you might do to align.

I used to teach classes on lunation cycles, which I learned about from my grandmother Tafoya. We wanted to know how to get our hair to grow faster, and when the best time to cut our hair to make it grow long.

The answer is no less than two days “after” the new moon through first quarter until about three days prior to the full moon, and yes, it works. If you want to keep a hairstyle longer or slow growth, you would cut it around the dark of the moon or on the fourth quarter lunar phase. And yes, this also works.

The Lunar Cycle

This knowledge leads to other conversations about the lunar cycle. I find the almanac to be helpful, since many things also jive with “planting cycles.

When you begin at the new moon, the momentum of your intention(s) gains strength during the waxing moon. Sure we have other influences, and yes, we are passionate (or emotional) about what we want. So optimize this waxing moon first by staying positive and focused on what I call “prime directive.” This lunar phase may produce a single step toward your goal or a giant leap forward into that goal. It all depends on how much you have cleared prior to your quantum leap.

Remember we are all in this ocean together, and the moon rules the tides of that ocean, now and forever. Learn the rhythms and go with that flow. At a later juncture I will post an article on using the moon and its placement in the sky on a daily basis. She will even tell you if what you are thinking and feeling is increasing or decreasing. She will tell you when to leap and when to let go. We’ll get to that.

In closing I will reiterate: We are in a period of increase. When increase occurs, it happens in all realms. So be sure that what you put your attention to you want more, cos you are gonna GET more of whatever you are focused on.

Are you “on it,” or do you need to make some adjustments? You have about a week to go until full moon.

Make this time productive, stay positive, and you will have positive results.

~SL 2014