Earth Changes

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Aq’ab’al, July 2014.

My blog is late today due to the fact we had an earthquake around sunrise today and I have had no electricity, therefore no Internet.

Here in Guatemala, being on the east side of the Pacific rim tectonic plate at the edge of a subduction zone, we get a lot of earthquakes. Today we had a high 6 on the Richter scale. This put me in the mood to discuss earth changes.

Earth Changes: Earthquakes and the New Aeon

As we shift from 3D to 5D consciousness, not only are “we” (our bodies) going through massive change and realignment, but the Earth herself is going through that 3D to 5D shift. Also, our entire solar system, surrounding constellations and the Milky Way galaxy as a whole, are going through this shift. The trigger for all this?…

Space Weather

At this time we are moving into a completely new quadrant of space. This is what is referred to in metaphysical circles as “entering the age of Aquarius.” We are flying out of the old aeon (literally) into new and uncharted territory. This previously untrodden territory is full of new energies. We are able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste these new energies more as we further expand.

Strange weather patterns and light anomalies are increasing. Our electromagnetic field (shielding) has been steadily weakening due to the lack of sufficient solar flaring (at a so-called solar maximum). This lets in even more cosmic rays, which mutate DNA (and not just that of humans). All this points to instability and change, both atmospherically and of course, “as above so below,” inside each one of us.

How Are You Doing?

Some are surfing, some are treading water. Neither prevents or lessens the energies we are experiencing and will be experiencing for the rest of our lives and into future generations here on Earth. Tech is moving forward in gigantic leaps. Soon what has been suppressed will be revealed and rise to the surface as general public knowledge. They will say it is “new,” but that is not the case. That phase will pass rapidly and the real new will emerge, along with the “reevaluation” of what has been.

Location, Location, Location

People ask me why I live in Guatemala with the Maya. For me it’s simple, just as my ancestors always said: You go to a place where the culture has survived the previous transitional phases (please don’t bother me with “what happened to the Maya?”; I live with them, they didn’t go anywhere). If I was in the states I would (and do) have a plan for access to my tribal ancestral lands, roughly the Four Corners area and the three mesas at Hopi, But don’t head out there, the “reservations” are made telepathically, by bloodline and for sure where your heart lies. If you are supposed to be there, they know you are coming.

The main thing to be conscious of, no matter what area is…
1. Do you have access to clean water?
2. Do you have food? What if the lights don’t come back on, or all the grocery stores suddenly close permanently? Then what?
3. Do you have helpful people around?

These are just a few basics. If the power and services go out for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Don’t depend on government services. I realized after the last two power outages, I am not as prepared as I would like. So now there is yet another list of necessary items and space needing to be created for such. There’s always room for improvement!

Tension and Shift

Before earthquakes there is usually a build-up of tension. We had been feeling this one coming for a week or two. After a temblor, the tension is released. I feel we are not yet done with this round.

The Tarot card for this type of energy is The Tower. The I-Ching hexagram correlation is #51, The Shocking. Each points to a time “after,” the event itself being short in duration. What happens after is clean-up, rearranging and a re-boot.

Be safe, remain calm, prepare but don’t get paranoid.
Re-boot! Be Happy!
~SL 2014.


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