The Waning Lunar Phase

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ix (Jaguar) July 2014.

*This is the last in a four part series on lunation cycles.

During the waning lunar phase, things seem to slow down. It’s like a time of “digestion.” We have less physical energy. We are moving into the dark of the moon, so be gentle with yourself. The tides are not running as high, storms are not usually as damaging, and things are not growing quite as rapidly as during the increase of the moon.

How to Deal with the Energy of the Waning Moon.

This third quarter lunar phase begins on Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at 26 degrees 21 minutes Aries (in Western tropical astrology).

We are feeling the need to expand and are also feeling “held in check.” We are still in the process of letting go. The waning lunar phase is the time to let go. Not to polarize more, but less. Do not compare yourself to others or their circumstances, and for God’s sake stay out of other people’s business unless you intend to assist them with loving kindness.

How to Deal with the Waning Lunar Phase

Do not bemoan your situation, otherwise you will only extend the experience. Focus on your “prime directive,” be it health, prosperity or whatever is your true desire/intention. You will be shown what needs further “clearing.”

This is not a time to “push,” but a time to make “space” for what you are asking for. It is a good time to clean and get rid of things. Do not get discouraged! We have a new Moon coming in about a week, and it will be another “Super Moon,” the closest one this year. So clear what no longer serves you before we begin the next amplification process.

Breathe, hydrate, relax. Stay focused on the bigger picture. It’s ok to plot and plan your success, but not at the expense of others. Life is not a “payback,” no one owes you anything, so avoid that mindset. You are not living others’ lives, so you have no place telling them what they should do or what they should do for you.

This remains a time that the truth is being revealed, so “listen,” pay attention and don’t be a control freak (or an ass). This truth is coming to the surface for a deep healing of the past. You are likely clear on what this is at this point. How you handle it is your choice. My suggestion is to be nice.

Some are moving “into,” some are moving “out of.” Whichever it is for you, just let it pass. There is little you can do to change the past, but you have everything to do with “how” it affects the present. It’s coming up to be “re-framed” and “healed.” You can, however, facilitate and stop talking about it. Let these emotions move up and through without judging yourself or others.

Letting Go During the Waning Lunar Phase

Do things that help with the “letting go” process. This last quarter lunar phase is good for doing a “cleanse” in preparation for rebuilding and expanding the system. Refrain from anything that may amplify emotions: no drugs, alcohol or infectious and toxic people. The energies that we are processing are quite potent all on their own, so you don’t need to amplify them by being in (or creating) a toxic environment. Just let them come up and out.

Take frequent baths or showers. Ask the water to assist you in this cleansing process by “washing away” what you do not need. Choose your words carefully. Is what is coming out of your mouth what you want more of? Are your words reinforcing the positive result you want? Are they reinforcing a continuation of the old?

It’s better to be silent rather than to talk about an illness or an undesirable situation. If you have been dealing with a health issue, let your words be of health and well-being. If you have been in a financial pit, let your words express the prosperity and abundance of the present and future, and “give” — do not be miserly at this time, be it with yourself or others. Have a “give away” and let go of what you don’t need.

Now go out there and use this energy to optimize your progress. Let go!

Make space in the vessel to “receive.”

Blessings and a hug from my heart to yours,

~SL, 2014


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