The Power of Right Action

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Ajmaq, July 2014

This article is a bit more relevant for us folks in the northern hemisphere since right now, we are in the overall element of FIRE, which represents “right action.”


We are also coming up on the first manifesting Fire Element Sun sign (in Western tropical astrology), Leo. This new moon at 3 degrees LEO 52 minutes on Saturday July 26 at 10:55AM EST (8:55 AM for us here in Guatemala) will bring us to the most powerful Super Moon of 2014 — the full Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius 02 minutes (in western tropical astrology), which occurs at 2:09 PM EST (12:09 PM for us here in Guatemala).

These last few days of the Balsamic phase of this current lunar cycle are most certainly for further letting go of what no longer serves our path.

Be brave! You know what needs to go!

Preparing for Right Action

In preparation for the most powerful pull to right action, be proactive, grounded and clear on what you want, be it optimum health, relocating or a multi-million dollar humanitarian project. Find your passion and stay that course. Let go of what does not apply or support that goal and focus solely on that goal, not on what stands in the way of achieving it (which is yourself).


Watch your words. Also watch very carefully your self-directed statements and emotions. Make sure they are in alignment with what you are intending and stay within a strict regimen of monitoring your thoughts.

We are working out the bugs, the snakes that were revealed in the woodpile, and we are clear on what we want. So let us be ‘one-pointed’ in Right Action for the bigger picture stuff.

Don’t be self-critical.

Think and visualize big. Super size it!

Do not worry about what has happened. No focusing on the past, you’re not going there.

Focus on being in the state you desire.

Healthy, Happy, Whole and Healed.

Take Right Action in that direction, be it a supplement with intention to better your health or moving further into your future plans.

No Doubt.

No Fear.

No attachment to the “Hows.”

Just stay focused on “already” having achieved your goal. The path will/can unfold rapidly during this next cycle. Make space to receive your blessings.


I Send You Blessings of Love and Light.


~SL, 2014


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