Balsamic Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Kawoq, July 2014

Prior to this coming new moon on Saturday July 26 at 3 degrees Leo 52 minutes, which occurs at 6:42 PM EST (4:42 PM in Guatemala), the theme continues: Letting go.


Of course, by now you know this means letting go of what does not serve your highest good. Also be conscious of the fact you are letting go of bad habits all around. Don’t struggle, don’t fight it, don’t be critical of yourself or others. Let go of “control,” take a deep breath and exhale. Let go.

You know what needs to go. Give yourself these next few days to rest and recuperate from the previous myriad cycles upon cycles that have pushed us through the “transformation station.”

Prior to my next post and during this Balsamic Lunar phase, first let go and make space for what is coming in. After this new moon, take out a piece of paper and write what it is that you do want.

Here are a couple of suggestions that will help with the “before and after” of the new moon process….

Letting Go and Releasing Rituals

You can always use the “write it down and then burn, flush or trash it” to symbolically let go. You also have the option of recapitulation and re-framing (read my post on this topic), as this is a perfect time for that type of work.

Write things down as they come up. If they are things you are purging, or are or were things you wanted to say to someone but cannot or might choose not to say, then write them down and destroy them symbolically. Write a letter, then burn it to the ethers, bury it, flush it down the toilet (if that’s acceptable in your country) or trash it.

I find burying certain things is appropriate, while other things may be better just thrown in the trash. But remember, you are “tossing’ it away.” Make it be gone, don’t dig things back out of the trash.

You may choose to use the Abraham-Hicks method: “Wouldn’t it be nice when…
The house is paid off.
My health is optimum.
My eyesight is restored.
The new source of income arrives.
The surprise blessing happened.

See what I mean?

There are many ways to let go. For some it may be as easy as putting on a silly movie and clicking off or you might enjoy making and eating a meal. Do it totally and don’t think of anything else for that time.

Choose not to dwell, choose not to discuss your problems. Choose what you are thinking and if it does not bring a smile to your face, look for another subject until you find one that makes you smile and stick with that thought. Go to a museum, look at the flowers. Pets are a good source of joy, focus on them. Think about how they see you during the day, week, months. It helps you to see what “you” are doing

By this time next week you should be thoroughly focused on “Right Action” (read my previous post), having made room and let go of any dead weight, self destructive habits or blockages to achieving your Prime Directive.

Get some rest, let go, then gear up.

You know you can do it!

May you have peace in your heart, may your blessings abound.

~SL, 2014


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