Staying On Point with Your Prime Directive

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Net, July 2014

Right now, we are moving toward the most powerful Super Moon of 2014.

Here in the Northern hemisphere ,we are in the FIRE of FIRE. You Southern folks are in the FIRE of EARTH.


Anyway you look at it, for the first time in a long time, we have an opportunity to make a giant leap forward. A crystallization for you folks of the South (Southern hemisphere).

At this juncture, it is very important to focus on your “prime directive.” Are you on a prime directive to improve your health? If so, stay on that. Don’t discuss what “has been.” Only use confirming words and actions toward the achievement of your goal.

Is your prime directive the accomplishment of a goal? Then conserve your energy solely for that goal. Stay away from behavior or people who do not apply.

In some ways you may feel you are being tested, so be mindful of your surroundings and actions. When you find something that may drag up an old pattern or response, don’t indulge. Instead, stop, be mindful (yes, I say it again) and proceed with “right action.” If this means walking away from a non-pertinent discussion, then do so, but don’t dwell on it. Get back on point, back to your prime directive, as soon as possible.

You have only a couple of weeks to really test out your new consciousness directive. If you are not true to yourself and your goals, then you may find this ramped-up energy to be quite uncomfortable. If you have sufficiently cleared, made space, are grounded and being mindful of the goal, then you will have unexpected, pleasant breakthroughs rapidly.

One cannot manifest a dream carrying a feeling of desperation.

Happiness brings happiness.

Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.

Passion stirs passion.

Gratitude brings more to be grateful and give thanks for.

Remember, a person cannot be the goal, unless of course you have made a breakthrough and have realized YOU are the person you are striving for, in which case I suggest “full steam ahead.”

For most, there is still a bit of a struggle going on internally. Stay focused on what you truly want to happen for yourself.

This is a good time to seek a clear channel (a professional) or to get a good reading, simply to confirm you are on the correct trajectory or to make adjustments that will further allow focus and flow to the direction of your intentions. An “outside,” unbiased reader is likely the best choice at this time. It is also a good time to get an astrological charting, Vedic, Western or Maya, whatever, in order to have some idea of the upcoming transits and junctures so as to optimize progress over then next few weeks to months.

So to recap…

Stay on point! Do something every single day toward achieving your goal. Let your words match what you are intending or say nothing. No negative self talk.

Remember, you’ve had the power all along. Tap it, use it for your best interest. Be your superhero.

Say what you are (what you want) out loud…

I Am Happy!

I Am Healthy!

I have everything I want and need!

It was nice when I had that breakthrough and…

The house was paid off.

The plans came together even better than expected.

I woke up happy and feeling good.

I figured out what I really wanted.

Unknown blessings opened doors I never knew existed.

Everything just fell into place.

See what I mean? Adding the “feeling” to it makes it even more powerful.

Start now, and continue the momentum. If it’s making you smile, gets you excited and ignites a passion, then you are on the right track. If you get a headache trying to work it out, or it worries you, then adjust; this simply means your ego is in charge, which can be exhausting and is a waste of time and precious energy.

Do not look to others unless they are qualified advisors. This is not a time of team building, but a time to further clarify your goals. You need to have the plan before you know what people will be needed in order to accomplish said goal. Stay on point with that. The people who will help you will show up. The situation will grow clearer as you yourself become more clear.

Above all, be on point with your prime directive, be it health, career/business or your on going expansion.

Be Happy.

Stay On Point.

Be Pro-active.

Treat yourself well.


I wish for you all the happiness I wish for myself.
~ SL 2014


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