In 5D: The Utopian Construct

Now I get to discuss one of my favorite subjects, “Utopian Construct.”


In 5D, we don’t have battles with ourselves or others.

In 5D, what we think and speak are made manifest quickly.

In 5D, there is enough for everyone to live in abundance.

In 5D, healing is instantaneous (mostly it was taken care of in the transition from 3D to 5D).

In 5D, all are activated.

In 5D, understanding is Universal, so all the “it’s like this” goes out the window. There is cross cultural understanding and less need for traditional language skills. After all, nobody is training for a debate in another language.

The platform is the heart.

People come together without having to discuss roles, leaders etc. Common goals are made manifest

Telepathy is the norm with people, animals even the plant and mineral world. So be quiet and listen.

Stay focused on this new construct, and it will soon blossom in your world, and others will follow suit.

I learned most of this from teachings of Sri Aurobindo. We now adapt it to the blossoming new construct.

Lead by example.
~SL, 2014


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