Every Thirteen Days

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Kej (Deer), September 2014.

Today we began a new 13-day cycle of the sacred Tzolkin calendar, or the count of days. We have what is called a new trecena every 13 days. This count combines with the 20 day signs to total 260 days or one round of the Tzolkin.


This 13-day cycle, overshadowed and infused with the energy of Kej (deer) includes a couple of interesting features. First, on October 4th, 6 Road (E), Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks or well into the next trecena, which is Ahau/Ajpu. Then on October 8th, 10 Ajmaq (Vulture), for most of the world, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries (in western astrology). Visible here in Guatemala, weather permitting. This occurs at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes or 6:51 AM EST, 3:51 AM if you are on the West Coast. 4:51 AM for us here in Guatemala. I am writing a post on the Eclipse cycle of October 2014, it will be up later in the week.

Here’s a link for visibility worldwide…

I am not advocating converting your life to a different calendar. If you are drawn to the calendar Maya, dig deeper. Personally, I live in the land of the living Maya and have been observing the effects of the trecena rulers for quite a few years. It’s super interesting; the more I learn and apply it to my daily life.

So this trecena is a powerful one, one in which progress can be made. I am certain you have already noticed what has appeared on your plate. With this combination of the trecena ruler of Kej, the Mercury Shadow/Station/Retrograde and the first of two very powerful eclipse, we are in uncharted territory. Deep personal/life changing energies are afoot.

Please allow yourself enough rest, hydrate well and remember to pay attention to your breathing. Give thanks you have made it this far and prepare by being as unattached to the *hows* as possible. Then you will not restrict the unlimited flow of the Universe. If unexpected events occur that were not visible from your previous vantage point, before you dismiss what is happening, or label it as… , look for the golden lining, which is likely exactly what you want/need at this juncture.

For me it’s back to meditation.

I suggest you do the same.

“Be brave my fellow warriors, our time is nigh at hand.” SL, 2014.

~SL, 2014

September Equinox 2014. Happy Mabon!

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Kawoq, September 2014

Here we are at the September Equinox of 2014. In a few hours we will be moving into the third sacred holiday of 2014, Mabon.


Mabon was a Welsh deity whose holiday is a celebrated event in most Wicca and Pagan structures and is well known as one of the four sacred holidays: Air, Fire, Water, Earth (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

Mabon is the harvest, the third sacred holiday. Equinox celebrations are much older than any recorded tradition, much older than anything they had a name for. Sites built to mark and celebrate this event are still being found around the world.

The Equinox divides the day and night equally with a “balance point” of four minutes on the entry into Libra (and also upon the entry into Aries). In the Northern Hemisphere we are moving from the element of Fire into the element of Water. Those in the Southern hemisphere are moving from the element of Earth into the element of Air for the next three months. So take advantage of this energy. What we experience this week will reverberate through this entire season.

If you are awake for the event which occurs at 10:29 PM on the East coast of the United States or 7:29 PM on the West coast and the middle of the night for a large portion of the world, relax for a few minutes before the event, clear your mind and ALLOW the energy of perfect balance and harmony to come over and into you and up from inside of you. We on this planet receive the blessing of four minutes of harmonic balance twice a year, Spring and Autumnal Equinox. 4 + 4 = 1 Infinity symbol or the number 8. See the beauty in this?

In indigenous cultures, the equinoxes and solstices are always known and celebrated. I am a stickler on the subject and prefer to do ceremony/ritual at the EXACT time of the event or not at all. I have noticed over the last few years, many people, including “respected” shamans and elders, tweak the time to make these ceremonies more convenient. Well for me, that is just not acceptable. You can’t have an equinox ceremony the day before or the day (or even two days) after. Might as well just call it a “get together” and leave it at that, for that is what it is.

Feasts are usual fare on sacred holidays. The feast is usually consumed after the event/ceremony. The feast is to celebrate the new energies. Clearing and fasting are more appropriate for before the event.

You can do your own research on Mabon ceremonies and offertory items. I will say, if you stick to a harvest motif you are in the right range.

Read more about Mabon.

Enjoy your four minutes of balance! Enjoy your feast for the Equinox on Tuesday!

Blessed Be on this Equinox and beyond! See you in the next element!

~SL 2014

The Coming Equinox and Change of Elements

Written by Sherrie Locke on 2 Tzi’kin, September 2014.

As I sit here contemplating the upcoming change of element and entry into the Sun sign Libra in Western astrology, I can’t help but look at all the changes and, in many cases, discomfort the culmination of this cycle has brought forth. Many longstanding relationships have ended. The ones that have survived are being radially revamped. Family dynamics abound, be it in the same house, on another continent or in our heads.

awesome image

This is processing folks, in all its glory. And as I have been continually stating, let go of what no longer serves you. Sometimes the things we need to let go of the most are the hardest to stop, like worrying.

The energies of this time are amplified by the Pluto station. This will all start to shift in the next week or so as the great change maker Pluto starts to move forward again, however so slowly…it is still forward progress.

The Week of the Fall Equinox

So here’s the rundown for the upcoming week…

From the exact time of the equinox change of elements, we will have approximately 26 hours to adjust to the new energy (during which time Pluto does its forward thing) before the New Moon occurs at 1 degree Libra 8 minutes. This equates to 10:29 PM EST, 7:29 PM PST, or 8:29 PM for us here in Guatemala. Remember, the equinox is a four-minute event, so try to sit still in meditation for the entry of the new element. I usually have a feast after the equinox, so for me the feast will be on Tuesday. On the heels of the elemental shift that occurs on a late fourth quarter lunar phase, we will experience Pluto going direct. Pluto goes direct on Monday at 8:36 PM EST, right before the Equinox event, but we won’t feel it immediately since Pluto moves so S L O W L Y. But we will certainly feel it over the following few days.

Next Tuesday night (September 23): Wednesday morning for some people. At 2:14 AM EST the Moon moves into Libra (in Western astrology) and grants us a NEW MOON. The time of the New Moon on the West Coast is 11:14 PM, just after midnight for us here in Guatemala. Fasten your seat belts for this one. So when we awaken on Wednesday, we will be in store for some markedly different energies wherever you are on the globe.

The End of the Elemental Cycle

When we reach the end of an elemental cycle and it occurs on a fourth quarter lunar phase, we have what might be considered a double “letting go cycle.” What came up to be processed and let go from this last lunar phase? Also, what was the theme of this last elemental cycle (three months) in your life?

It doesn’t do any good to put up walls or draw another line in the sand. This energy is to dispel that line and EXPAND. This can be a good time of bringing a chapter to a close, to put a lingering health issue to rest, to stop for a bit and take a deep breath. It is a good time to make space for something new, be it getting rid of old unused things, getting out of a challenging relationship, or separating from a difficult business partner.

When we really do let go, not just a show of effort but really let go and make space, that space can be filled very quickly with what we DO want. We must stop focusing on the bitter lemon and what we do not want. This can be tricky, since there’s been a lot of that showing up to get us to recognize “what” needs to shift. I feel that most of us are clear on that point by now.

Keep working on your health and wellbeing. Above all — this is important: whether you are seeing current results or not, don’t give up on you! If you are really doing this, you will have little time to micromanage the events of your life and certainly will have no time to attempt the micromanagement of others’ lives. If you want to do something for someone, try being nice or offering assistance of some kind. Sometimes it might be as simple as taking out the trash. Do what you need to do and step back and look at the bigger picture. Is your trajectory aimed at where you want to go? This question is super-important at this juncture.

What do you want for yourself and how does that affect others, the world? If it’s good for you, for everyone concerned and everything on the planet, then you are on the right track. You gotta start somewhere, so begin with you.

This next New Moon is very powerful, even though it does not culminate with a Super Moon as the last three lunar phases have. So you see, in a way, we have had a triple ramp up in this last elemental cycle, and the forward progress we are afforded at this coming new moon is exceptional. Make the best of it!

Stay tuned in, turned on and passionate about your goals. The time to get going is at hand.

For information about Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, see this link: Fall Equinox.

~SL, 2014

In Between Shift Points

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Toj, September 2014.

Don’t let weird or unpredictable things get to you!

This is a time of getting real, not in the eyes of others, but in your own life.


Just getting yourself going can be challenging. By week’s end, things will tend to lighten up and you will see how to move forward. The only thing holding you back is your perception, your thinking: perceived things. This is a time to further recognize and clear these self-impediments. The theme continues…. let go.

Get rid of things. Give them away or find a way to sell them. If you haven’t worn something in a year or two and it is not something “special’ or vintage, give it away or donate it.

You feel like you need to push, but push what? Yourself? No. The Universe? No. If you must push something, push the limits of your thinking, remove the ceiling, let go of control and see where your wildest dreams take you. You might discover something that really is a heart-desired goal worthy of your time, attention and effort. It does not work the other way around. Faith will be tested. It’s the faith in yourself that I am referring to.

The Next Shift Point: The Fall Equinox
Soon we are coming to yet another shift point. The elemental seasonal shift point called the Equinox. From the element of Fire to the element of Water for us Northern folks, a shift from the element of Earth to the element of Air for you Southern folks below the equator. I will write on this in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Back to the energies at hand (or in your head). Be diligent in watching your thought patterns. Monitor “how” they make you feel. If it feels good, keep it up. If you feel stress or nausea, do “anything” else to pull yourself from the pit of fear or apprehension. If you enjoy cooking, do that; a craft, do that. Go for a walk, just sit down for a change or stand up if you have been sitting too long, just do something different, drink lots of water, breathe.

Be conscious of your breathing, connect with the water you are drinking or bathing in. Go out and look up. What does the sky look like today?

What has been rolling around again and again in your head? Therein lies a clue. Get off the bone. Give yourself a break and dream big for a change. You might end up finding out something about yourself and your wildest dreams.

Dream big and hang in there!

~SL, 2014

“When you truly want something, the entire Universe conspires to help you achieve it.” – Author Unknown

The #Supermoon Finale of 2014: the September Harvest Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Chicchan, September 2014

I am most certain that everyone reading this has been experiencing the stretching, mutating and shape-shifting brought about by the culmination of the energies of the past eighteen months or so.


The full moon of September is considered the “Harvest” Moon. This full moon is the last of the three Supermoons of 2014, and it has a special quality about it, a dis-lodging effect so to speak. Also featured this month, we have the equinox and change of the ruling seasonal element, the ongoing transit of Pluto in Capricorn (Western astrology), which equals extreme (radical) change, and Pluto is stationing to go direct in a couple of weeks. This can be a very exciting time or a time of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder); refrain if possible from the latter.

This full moon occurs at 16 degrees Pisces (in Western astrology) 19 minutes on Monday, September 8 at 9:38PM EST, 7:38PM for us in Guatemala. It occurs on 6 Kame (Death) on the sacred calendar Maya, which accentuates the theme of Transformation. We are six days into a new round of the 260-day Sacred Tzolkin calendar, which recently recycled on 1 Crocodile The sun being in Virgo (in western astrology) only adds to the mix.

Remember, the full moon breaks impasses, and this one in particular is clearing out logjams. So if a flood of emotion comes over you, the subject is relevant. It is also what needs to be cleared and processed, so it may or may not seem relevant to you or equal to the amount of emotion coming up. If it has anything to do with something or someone “outside” yourself and the answer has not been apparent, look at how it applies to you, for therein a clue may lie.

Check things off your list that are getting done, things that have been cleared away. Give yourself a pat on the back for having made it this far with your transformation. The next few days will show you what else needs to be done.

As I have stated many times, be gentle with yourself and others; if you can’t be nice, then refrain from being around people. If you don’t enjoy your own company, what makes you think others will? Get comfortable with yourself first. Sit firmly in your own skin and be realistic about your current situation (without criticism). State out loud what you want for yourself, and be open to the information that comes on how to achieve that state, then act on it.

Hang in there and keep it positive! Do something special for yourself!

Blessings on this Full Moon and the for the month of September…

Transformation is at hand!

~SL, 2014

Plumbing the Depths of your Psyche


Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ajmaq and 12 Kawoq, August 2014.

This year has been challenging for most. The energies again and again have thrown us back on ourselves, our most deep seated issues. It has regurgitated our past. The passage has been rather like spelunking, going into the dark, deep passages, sometimes without a torch to light the way. A journey with no map, into the dark that is our shadow self.

Now that we have thrown our guts up, what was the contents in our stomach? What did we digest? What came back up either whole or in fragments and chunks? Sorry to use this metaphor but it seems to fit well. It’s like recovering from a long illness: if you get up and run too early you might fall into a relapse, and no one wants that.

We are still (and continuously) letting go of that which no longer serves us. For some it was a job or career that has run its course, for others a wake-up call regarding health and well being. A time of cleaning out the closets and the basement.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not an oncoming train), so be gentle with yourself and others for the time of advancement is at hand. Don’t carry former worries and woes into the current cycle, realize they are coming up to be let go.

There will be a lot of thinking (and talking) about what we are and where we are going. Be mindful of your self talk. Look at yourself, not critically for a change. Look at your physicality. What can be improved? This can be a good time to pay attention to your mental diet as well as your physical one.

This time can be emotional. Be sure you watch what you are saying and thus setting into motion. We are almost through the tunnel (or the birth canal) don’t change directions now, keep going, stay the course. Keep it positive, be productive, stay proactive. Be not reactive. Do your best.

As you place yourself, your health and well being and your personal interests at the top of your own list what needs to come next will become clear. Listen to your body.

Above all… Hang in there!

Sending Love and Blessings,

~SL, 2014