September Equinox 2014. Happy Mabon!

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Kawoq, September 2014

Here we are at the September Equinox of 2014. In a few hours we will be moving into the third sacred holiday of 2014, Mabon.


Mabon was a Welsh deity whose holiday is a celebrated event in most Wicca and Pagan structures and is well known as one of the four sacred holidays: Air, Fire, Water, Earth (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

Mabon is the harvest, the third sacred holiday. Equinox celebrations are much older than any recorded tradition, much older than anything they had a name for. Sites built to mark and celebrate this event are still being found around the world.

The Equinox divides the day and night equally with a “balance point” of four minutes on the entry into Libra (and also upon the entry into Aries). In the Northern Hemisphere we are moving from the element of Fire into the element of Water. Those in the Southern hemisphere are moving from the element of Earth into the element of Air for the next three months. So take advantage of this energy. What we experience this week will reverberate through this entire season.

If you are awake for the event which occurs at 10:29 PM on the East coast of the United States or 7:29 PM on the West coast and the middle of the night for a large portion of the world, relax for a few minutes before the event, clear your mind and ALLOW the energy of perfect balance and harmony to come over and into you and up from inside of you. We on this planet receive the blessing of four minutes of harmonic balance twice a year, Spring and Autumnal Equinox. 4 + 4 = 1 Infinity symbol or the number 8. See the beauty in this?

In indigenous cultures, the equinoxes and solstices are always known and celebrated. I am a stickler on the subject and prefer to do ceremony/ritual at the EXACT time of the event or not at all. I have noticed over the last few years, many people, including “respected” shamans and elders, tweak the time to make these ceremonies more convenient. Well for me, that is just not acceptable. You can’t have an equinox ceremony the day before or the day (or even two days) after. Might as well just call it a “get together” and leave it at that, for that is what it is.

Feasts are usual fare on sacred holidays. The feast is usually consumed after the event/ceremony. The feast is to celebrate the new energies. Clearing and fasting are more appropriate for before the event.

You can do your own research on Mabon ceremonies and offertory items. I will say, if you stick to a harvest motif you are in the right range.

Read more about Mabon.

Enjoy your four minutes of balance! Enjoy your feast for the Equinox on Tuesday!

Blessed Be on this Equinox and beyond! See you in the next element!

~SL 2014


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