Every Thirteen Days

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Kej (Deer), September 2014.

Today we began a new 13-day cycle of the sacred Tzolkin calendar, or the count of days. We have what is called a new trecena every 13 days. This count combines with the 20 day signs to total 260 days or one round of the Tzolkin.


This 13-day cycle, overshadowed and infused with the energy of Kej (deer) includes a couple of interesting features. First, on October 4th, 6 Road (E), Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks or well into the next trecena, which is Ahau/Ajpu. Then on October 8th, 10 Ajmaq (Vulture), for most of the world, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries (in western astrology). Visible here in Guatemala, weather permitting. This occurs at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes or 6:51 AM EST, 3:51 AM if you are on the West Coast. 4:51 AM for us here in Guatemala. I am writing a post on the Eclipse cycle of October 2014, it will be up later in the week.

Here’s a link for visibility worldwide…

I am not advocating converting your life to a different calendar. If you are drawn to the calendar Maya, dig deeper. Personally, I live in the land of the living Maya and have been observing the effects of the trecena rulers for quite a few years. It’s super interesting; the more I learn and apply it to my daily life.

So this trecena is a powerful one, one in which progress can be made. I am certain you have already noticed what has appeared on your plate. With this combination of the trecena ruler of Kej, the Mercury Shadow/Station/Retrograde and the first of two very powerful eclipse, we are in uncharted territory. Deep personal/life changing energies are afoot.

Please allow yourself enough rest, hydrate well and remember to pay attention to your breathing. Give thanks you have made it this far and prepare by being as unattached to the *hows* as possible. Then you will not restrict the unlimited flow of the Universe. If unexpected events occur that were not visible from your previous vantage point, before you dismiss what is happening, or label it as… , look for the golden lining, which is likely exactly what you want/need at this juncture.

For me it’s back to meditation.

I suggest you do the same.

“Be brave my fellow warriors, our time is nigh at hand.” SL, 2014.

~SL, 2014

One thought on “Every Thirteen Days

  1. I love you.

    Miss you.

    You may have just inspired me to a Sojourn home to the maya land.

    This one is going to be wild..1 Kej. I honor you.

    Fresh out of my serpent path… What a wild ride..

    Would love to connect with you. I love you,


    Sent from my iPhone

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