The First New Moon of 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Ahau, January 2015

There’s an energy shift on Tuesday January 20, with the first of six super moons of 2015. This new moon is perigree. Perigree is the point when the moon is nearest the earth. This Aquarius new moon (in Western astrology) on Tuesday qualifies this for super moon status since it’s both a new moon and perigree.

Dark New Moon

Welcome to the first new moon of 2015. The new moon at zero degrees Aquarius is very powerful in the departments of CHANGE, REALIZATION and REFINING VISION for FORWARD PROGRESS.

This new moon occurs at 8:14AM on the East coast of the US and 5:14AM on the West coast. 7:14AM for us here in Texas and back home in Guatemala.

You can read about the super moons here:

How has your life shifted since the eclipse cycle back in October 2014? How have you treated yourself during this process? Have you been honest with yourself and others? Have you made conscious change and expansion taking responsibility for your words and actions? If so, you are totally on the right track, even if at times you have wondered where in this process you are and what happened to a few people along the way.

I doubt those who have chosen to ride the torture rack cycle of blame and anger would have come to this link or be reading this blog. I AM most certain that each and every one of you who ARE reading this blog have seen/witnessed this behavior and have also seen these lines and connections start to dissolve, if not abruptly break away ending these toxic relationships forever.

Maybe the thread runs deeper than we may ever see or know. A deep cleansing and purging of old stagnant energies and patterns has occurred. This process has given you all the space and energy that has been tied to the situation or person back. You have made space. You have made space for your new life. With this space comes hope, a new dawning, a new moon. Do not look back, you are not going there. It is the beginning of your newest and most authentic version of yourself.

The fact that Aquarius is ‘cool’ keeps the head out of the change somewhat. Also to mention that Aquarius brings that change in an instant. Rational decisions CAN be made but you might have to wait just a bit to implement, like after the Mercury retro cycle, which kicks in the day after this new moon and runs through most of this lunar cycle, which is ideal since it provides for some final clean up and fine tuning.

Momentum can be achieved in this lunar phase. Be true to yourself, listen to your inner guidance. Let things go from the recent events, don’t look back. Be happy!

May you have a blessed and progressive new moon,
“I wish for you all the love and happiness I wish for myself.”
~S.L., 2015

The First Full Moon of 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Ik and 6 Akabal, January 2015.


This is my first blog post of 2015. Happy New Year Everyone! My intention with this blog is to write content that is current and relevant to the changes we are all experiencing. Also adding content that is functional with information and exercises to help with this process. It is also my intention in 2015 to start my travel related blog on travel to interesting places and sacred sites and the energies of these different locations, particularly around the region in which I reside which is Guatemala and also Southern Mexico.

Welcome to the new Gregorian calendar year. We entered this year of 2015 on an Imox day on the calendar Maya, 4 Imox, which is interesting based on the fact the the Crocodile (Imox) is seen as the collective consciousness, the water, the deep hidden creatures of all water and thus the primordial Yin. Deep energy indeed. In the Northern hemisphere we are in the element of Earth. In the Southern hemisphere you are in the element of Fire. Soon will come the lunar new year or Chinese New Year, this coming round is the Year of the Sheep or Goat. 2015 is the year of the Wooden Sheep. The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year.

Back to the upcoming Full Moon at 14 degrees Cancer 31 minutes (in Western astrology). A Capricorn/Cancer axis, this one should be interesting. It occurs at 11:53 PM East coast time, 8:53 PM on the West coast of the US and 10:53 PM here in Texas and also in Guatemala.

This is no ordinary Full Moon event. This full moon and it’s nodes form a grand cross. Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, South Node in Aries, North Node in Libra. On top of this very powerful Full Moon is Mars opposite Jupiter. It’s a challenge for me to decide which is more potent. I will tell you it will set off polarity. It is the birth of the new, which requires a separation from the original. It is a birthing process. There is a “pushing process” going on, like contractions. Bringing the new forward. Birthing of a new identity, a new future. Mars in Aquarius = BIRTH.

The Mars energy is detachment, so there is a push pull energy going on and the Jupiter energy can make it feel like “too much,” too, too, too much…
Jupiter in Leo says CREATE SOMETHING! It’s the child being kicked out of the womb, be it a job, a relationship or a new identity. It is separation from the norm.

There is the “idealistic” and the “need to live in the future” feeling, and escapism is rampant, the time for that is not now. Now is the time of decision, change, planning and preparation for the future. Does this relationship fit with what I am doing, does this career choice suit my future plans…? fill in the blank… for the FUTURE, which is coming NOW, THIS YEAR! So plan well, evaluate well, get a ‘feel’ for what the dynamics are and if they are a fit with your future.

What are you currently doing for your future?

Blessings for a progressive and prosperous 2015! Happy Full Moon!
~S.L., 2015