The Second New Super Moon in Aquarius

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Kej, 2015

moon over ocean cancer new moon

I am most certain we are all looking forward to this coming new moon in Aquarius. It will only be in Aquarius for a couple of minutes, literally, before both the Sun and the Moon move into Pisces.

The buildup of energies has been a bit gut wrenching for many even on a declining lunar phase with Mercury crawling out of it’s retrograde shadow which will not complete until March 5th.

Look at all the changes that have occurred since the last new moon on January 20 when the Sun and Moon entered Aquarius. Look at these changes that have occurred since the beginning of this year and where you are compared to any part of last year.

We are not completely there yet, hang in there! Hold focus and stay on prime directive!

A lot of people have been having health, emotional or mental issues rise to the surface. This rising to the surface is not a beginning but an ending so to speak, a time to let go and get on with a new cycle and new year which began a little slowly as we were digging ourselves out of the debris of the past.

Now that we are moving into the lunar phase that will complete this three month ride in this current elemental phase, it’s time to look deeply into the nature of our feelings and desires and to use this time to make further adjustments prior to a full scale blast off into the new chapter in our lives. Who has been there for you? who’s got your back? Hopefully YOU for sure.

This new moon occurs at 29 degrees Aquarius 59 minutes, the last of the last degrees. This occurs at 6:47 PM on the east coast of the US, 3:47 PM on the west coast of the US and at 5:47 PM here in Texas and also in Guatemala. Two minutes later the Sun and the Moon move into Pisces.

New moons are perfect opportunities to plant your seeds in fertile ground, pre- weeded in soil tilled and prepared for a new crop.

The fact that this exact new moon occurs at the last degree and moments of Aquarius addresses completions. Leave the past and your judgements of it behind. This will give you a feeling of liberation. This new moon can compel you to move in a new direction. The general consensus is… YES! Let’s Do It!

Love, light and blessings for your journey into the unknown,
~S.L. 2015