The Full Super Moon of October 2015


As we approach the full moon of October 2015 (exact at 8:05am on the East coast of the US and 5:05am on the Pacific coast) Tuesday October 27, may we reflect on the year so far. What changes have you experienced this year? What is still welling up from underneath that you have been avoiding paying attention to? What breakthroughs have occurred and how have you honed in on your ‘prime directive’?

These changes were a precursor to the energies at hand, do not fear them, embrace them, as they are the stripped naked version of you. Don’t criticize yourself (or others), look for the beauty and simplicity of each moment while holding vision of your true self, living in happiness, harmony, good health and abundance. These points will serve you well in the weeks and months to come.

Let go of ‘the way things have always been’. Make room for the unexpected and expect the best. Hold true to your higher self by letting go of conflict and control and ‘allow’ things to be different. Hold space for the best outcomes and versions of yourself and loved ones. Feel your heart chakra. Give thanks you have made it this far.

If things in the world are upsetting you, look for a solution and do not polarize with the issues at hand. See a positive outcome for all even if you think it’s a fairy tale. Above all, if something is upsetting you, turn it off or walk away and get back to what makes you feel good in the moment.

For some this Full Moon will signal the return of productivity and creativity, whew, we need that one after expending the energy of creativity to get out of a logjam or a ‘groundhog day’ loop.

Remember, full moons break impasse so go within and let go of that thing that has been bugging you and get on with the new paradigm.

Lots of Love and Blessings to you all!
-SL, October 2015