The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

written by Sherrie Locke

Here we are at the greatly touted Solar Eclipse of 2017. It is the second new moon in Leo in this annual eclipse season. Yes they happen every year in two rounds. What makes this eclipse special is the fact it tracks across the entire United States from West to East in a 65 mile wide, 1500 mile+, coast to coast sweep in about 90 minutes.

This eclipse will be the most photographed in history, it will have more video produced than any other eclipse and the fact that it crosses the U.S. makes it an auspicious event for our country. Here’s the information for Dallas Texas, you can adjust the times to the East or West coast…

We have been energetically preparing for this eclipse for approximately six months, the effects of this eclipse will last for the next six months. Pay attention to what has been causing anxiety, these arrows point to what, or whom needs to be let go, what you need to transcend to grow. For some it may be a health issue, for others this time before the eclipse may have signaled what you need to change. The six month period after this eclipse will give you the opportunity to re-work things.

This eclipse is also in the middle of a Mercury retrograde which has similar properties of addressing hidden issues that may arise. So this cycle can be a huge breakthrough if you have been feeling stuck. Go easy on yourself and others, watch what comes up and lovingly feel the energy and let it pass right through you.

Be careful if you choose to view the eclipse. In many Native American cultures we would not view the eclipse (we didn’t have the technology to do so in the past) and would retreat into lodge, kiva or prayer. It s a time to be close with family. A time to close our eyes and meditate as the sacred dance occurs on our home soil.

Pray for Peace, ask for help and clear guidance to optimize the healing of this beautiful planet, yourself, your loved ones and pets. Enjoy the mystery and wonder without judgement or opinion and above all, let this eclipse open your heart, you have so much share with the world, maybe more than you have ever known.


S.L., August 20th, 2017, less than 24 hours before the Great American Eclipse.