A professional psychic since 1988, Sherrie Locke does psychic readings, tarot readings, aura readings and 5D life coaching, intuitive business consultations and various modalities including medical intuitive consultations and alternative medicine. She also does energy work and psychic work at sacred sites in Guatemala and Mexico, from Olmec to Mayan sacred sites.

Sherrie’s grandfather was a full-blooded Tewa Native American from Santa Clara pueblo in northern New Mexico. Her grandmother was a mixed blood, Native American Apache, Lumbee, Tewa and Spaniard bloodline. She was a curandera, or healer, who taught her about energy fields (auras), sacred sites, healing herbs and plant medicines when Sherrie was a child. Sherrie spent three months of every year in Colorado Springs with her grandmother and extended family from three weeks of age until she was 17.There is also Native American lineage on her father’s side of the family Kiowa.

Sherrie has lived in the Southwest USA, Geneva Switzerland, Mexico (Yucatan) and various power spots. She now resides at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in the western Pacific highlands, in the land of the living Maya, where she has a permaculture food forest, water project and education facility.

Sherrie does psychic readings, tarot and aura readings on Skype from Guatemala, the only psychic or tarot reader to do live online readings in this country.

Archives from Sherrie’s radio show, “The Sacred Way” on Enlumnia Radio Network, are on I-Tunes for free. Her YouTube channel is SacredWay1.

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