In Between Shift Points

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Toj, September 2014.

Don’t let weird or unpredictable things get to you!

This is a time of getting real, not in the eyes of others, but in your own life.


Just getting yourself going can be challenging. By week’s end, things will tend to lighten up and you will see how to move forward. The only thing holding you back is your perception, your thinking: perceived things. This is a time to further recognize and clear these self-impediments. The theme continues…. let go.

Get rid of things. Give them away or find a way to sell them. If you haven’t worn something in a year or two and it is not something “special’ or vintage, give it away or donate it.

You feel like you need to push, but push what? Yourself? No. The Universe? No. If you must push something, push the limits of your thinking, remove the ceiling, let go of control and see where your wildest dreams take you. You might discover something that really is a heart-desired goal worthy of your time, attention and effort. It does not work the other way around. Faith will be tested. It’s the faith in yourself that I am referring to.

The Next Shift Point: The Fall Equinox
Soon we are coming to yet another shift point. The elemental seasonal shift point called the Equinox. From the element of Fire to the element of Water for us Northern folks, a shift from the element of Earth to the element of Air for you Southern folks below the equator. I will write on this in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Back to the energies at hand (or in your head). Be diligent in watching your thought patterns. Monitor “how” they make you feel. If it feels good, keep it up. If you feel stress or nausea, do “anything” else to pull yourself from the pit of fear or apprehension. If you enjoy cooking, do that; a craft, do that. Go for a walk, just sit down for a change or stand up if you have been sitting too long, just do something different, drink lots of water, breathe.

Be conscious of your breathing, connect with the water you are drinking or bathing in. Go out and look up. What does the sky look like today?

What has been rolling around again and again in your head? Therein lies a clue. Get off the bone. Give yourself a break and dream big for a change. You might end up finding out something about yourself and your wildest dreams.

Dream big and hang in there!

~SL, 2014

“When you truly want something, the entire Universe conspires to help you achieve it.” – Author Unknown

Sacred Sites, Power Spots, Portals and Star Gates

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ajpu, August 2014

All sacred sites are special, some are very specific. All activate something inside you. Power spots can be personal or planetary.

Power Spots, Portals and Stargates

We all have our certain places where we have been or have created that make us feel connected, grounded, present and inspired. Those are personal places of power.

When you go there physically or in your mind, you are refreshed and powered up. You can return again and again, literally or on a “journey.” I highly suggest if you are not using this type of visualization or practice, that you find, create and use it now, preferably on a daily basis.

Places “remember” us. It does not only go one way. You remember a tree? It most certainly remembers you, so say hi. You may go to that place, not to take anything, but to plug in and be refreshed, re-inspired, relaxed and to re-connect.

I live in a power spot, a sacred place. Living or visiting a place such as this will bring things to the surface. Things to be cleared will become apparent, and the opportunity to do so will present itself. Once these blockages are cleared, it allows room for more inspiration and refreshed thought.

I notice a lot of people these days recounting past experiences, it seems to be coming out in stories of the past. These are productive only if you are still in process with these energies. Some cultures, such as my ancestry, the Tewa, utilize storytelling as a way of teaching through metaphor, so it removes the personal story and makes it a functional teaching tool.

If you are telling stories of the past, you most certainly need to look at what you missed the first time around. If you catch yourself “stuck” in a specific time frame loop of stories, stop the action and look at what this is telling you about you. It may not be bad, you could simply be tapping a happier time. Well, what made that a happier time, or more anything? The answer is You.

How have you shifted and changed, or not? What have you been repeating, or not repeating, that your own consciousness wants to take you to another time and place to process? What can you do currently to be fully present in this moment to the point that no thought of the past or future enters here?

Sit with your pet, a flower, your garden or something inspirational. Please, above all, practice meditation! If you do not practice some type of meditation, how can you possibly make any progress of true expansion?

A sacred site or power spot (personal or planetary) can assist you greatly with this procedure or process especially if you enter into it with clear intention.

Star Gates

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a current or stream of information/energy/knowledge to come into our sphere for a certain period of time. A star gate has a mathematical and geometric alignment, thus creates a synchronicity. A star gate can facilitate a new way of thinking and processing by bringing in “new” energies. Sometimes the effects are immediate, and sometimes we ‘get it’ but it takes a while to integrate.

Every so often we get hit by a gamma ray burst or X-rays from a distant constellation like Cygnus. These are also star gates, allowing new energies into our sphere. The higher our vibratory rate, the greater the break through and the less physical discomfort we experience. Resistance is futile and also uncomfortable, so it’s best to just go with the flow, or “surf,” as we call it. Don’t get dragged under by these new energies, stay on top of the wave.


Portals exist and can also be opened, thus created. Ask anyone who has done ceremony with elders or knows any ritual magick, and they are likely to give you a lecture on learning to hold space before you go poking about with energies you are not familiar with.

Knowing your intent and setting, holding and closing space is essential knowledge. These works open portals. If you don’t close them properly, it’s a problem. Open and close all rituals and ceremonies, clean and clear the space before and after. If you have closed properly, there will be no necessity for a mop-up job afterwards, just sayin’. The portal will shut down after your intended works.

There are lots of stories of houses and places that become “weird” after a ceremony or ritual has been performed. I am telling you it’s due to the fact the people performing the openings don’t really know their stuff. They leave leaks or open portals all together. These are a challenge to shut down, since one likely does not know the ritual that opened them to begin with. Therefore, be mindful of your level of understanding!

There are also areas that are known for portals to other dimensions. We have an area here at Lake Atitlan, Lalibela Ethiopia is a portal area, and there’s also Mount Shasta, a couple of places in Argentina and of course Peru. Peru has many star gates and portals. You can do the research, or better yet, go there and talk to the locals. Lake Titicaca has been termed a portal area.

Just remember…

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a channel and subsequent current of transformative energy for a certain period of time.

A portal may be a fixed location or can be opened ritually.

Please remember to be mindful, intentional and know your stuff. Protect yourself as necessary.

It’s super important to be mindful of both what you are doing and why you are doing it. You hear me say this all the time, but are you truly conscious of what I am saying?

~ SL, 2014

The Celestial Gates: Portals of Ascension and Descent

Written by Sherrie Locke on 7 Imox, August 2014

I wrote about the Lion’s Gate portal a few days ago. Now I will discuss the basis of celestial stargates and portals, which comes from Greek and Vedic yuga astrology. I find it likely that this knowledge came from Egypt, but may have originated in Atlantis.

The Silver Gate and the Golden Gate

Greek astrologers spoke of two gates in the heavens: the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate, which were called the Gate of Man and the Gate of God in Vedic astrology. Many ancient cultures believed that between incarnations on this planet, souls dwelled in the Milky Way.
The Greek writer Macrobius, among others, said that during a solstice (the alignment of the Sun with the ecliptic), the corresponding gate opens. Souls could incarnate on Earth by descending through the Silver Gate, or could ascend to the heavens through the Golden Gate

Celestial Stargates the silver gate and golden gate

These gates are located at opposite sides of the galactic equator, where the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic. The Golden Gate is at 5° Gemini, near galactic center in Sagittarius. The Silver Gate is at galactic anti-center: 5° Sagittarius, above the hand of Orion. In ancient times, the Maya focused on galactic center, which they called Heart of Sky. On the other side of the planet, the Egyptians kept a close eye on Orion.

The Silver and Golden Gates are at opposite ends of a straight line that Vedic Yuga astrology calls the chakra of the galaxy, with the root chakra at galactic center and the crown chakra at anti-galactic center. These celestial gates form the basis of other alignments referred to as stargates or portals, which are not quite the same thing.

I will go into detail on celestial stargates such as the Lion’s Gate, Sphinx Gate and the upcoming 11-11 stargate, as well as portals, in a future post.

Happy travels to other dimensions! Happy Transcendence!

S.L. 2014

In 5D: The Utopian Construct

Now I get to discuss one of my favorite subjects, “Utopian Construct.”


In 5D, we don’t have battles with ourselves or others.

In 5D, what we think and speak are made manifest quickly.

In 5D, there is enough for everyone to live in abundance.

In 5D, healing is instantaneous (mostly it was taken care of in the transition from 3D to 5D).

In 5D, all are activated.

In 5D, understanding is Universal, so all the “it’s like this” goes out the window. There is cross cultural understanding and less need for traditional language skills. After all, nobody is training for a debate in another language.

The platform is the heart.

People come together without having to discuss roles, leaders etc. Common goals are made manifest

Telepathy is the norm with people, animals even the plant and mineral world. So be quiet and listen.

Stay focused on this new construct, and it will soon blossom in your world, and others will follow suit.

I learned most of this from teachings of Sri Aurobindo. We now adapt it to the blossoming new construct.

Lead by example.
~SL, 2014

The Effects of Solar Flares and Space Weather

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Tijax, June 2014

As I write this article, I am struggling with the effects of the very subject I am writing about, since in the past 48 hours we have had three X-class solar flares. Not facing Earth (thank God) but with effects all the same.

I will elaborate on the subject of “Space Weather” and how it is affecting us in a future post as to keep this one shorter, for the effects of the solar weather have our brains running a bit “sideways.” To briefly reference….

The quadrant of space we are currently entering and traversing is the “trigger” that is affecting the paradigm shift.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

For now, since this is happening right now and relevant, let’s stick to the subject of solar flares and their effect on our ascension process.

Solar Flares and Us

We (the Earth) NEED solar flares. The current solar maximum has been a bit disappointing in that department. We need solar flaring to boost our weakening magnetosphere, which shields us from cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts (which we have also been hit with recently), and other types of space weather.

So you see, we must have this energy. We require it for a shift, an upgrade so to speak, to be able to not only tolerate the current influx of energies, but also to thrive, evolve and expand in it.

We are truly in new and uncharted territory energetically.

First we must move out of the density. An old mentor once told me… “Relax, you have to let it pass right through you.” This translates into…

When you tense up or are resistant to a toxin, a thing, a person, an energy, you are then “engaged.” If you relax and let it pass right through you, it will not trigger your own density and the weighty reaction that might otherwise occur. Let it all pass through. Let it transform you.

Solar flares are waking up our DNA, shap-eshifting us. Yes, they cause us stress and upheaval . The frequencies affect our mind and body. Solar flares clear the memory stored in our cells and break up old energy patterns, so you will likely see and feel them come up and out.

Solar flares also affect the grid: electronics, communication (and Mercury is retrograde on top of this). They often trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, So as you can see, these are not easy or comfortable times.

When a solar flare happens it affects the earths magnetic field thus affecting our own magnetic fields waking up our DNA. Solar flares change physical reality. We are in mid shift. The best thing to do is to let it happen, as it will anyway, preferably without too much struggle.

Positive affirmations are a must, as old patterns are being dragged up and out. Be gentle with yourself and others. This energy is super high-powered, bringing with it the power to manifest instantly, so be diligent, be positive. Don’t focus on what you are letting go of, just let the emotion out and get back to ‘happy’ as soon as possible. Thinking of something that is ‘not’ wanted will attract that unwanted thing much faster in this time, so monitor your thoughts but don’t let them get you. Look at it as a movie review before the final edit.

On top of this energy is a very powerful full moon. Which is occurring after the end of a very powerful and transformational eclipse cycle. So we have already “changed.” Now we get to figure out how.

Some of you have been dealing with health issues, so it’s easier for you to see which way progress has occurred. Stop for a bit and contemplate all of this, and thank yourself for having come (or made it) this far.




Be not impatient. Know things are happening beyond your current view and that these are positive changes. Know that you and everything around you is evolving, morphing. Focus on what you love or what pleases you. Focus not on your displeasure or discomfort. Think about your perfect world, your perfect health in this very moment, the perfect circumstances manifesting.

Be diligent and repel (or eradicate) fear or doubt. Stamp your foot if need be, and proclaim your divine right to health and well-being. Smile at the craziness and know it leads somewhere fruitful and that your current attitude is key.

Happy Full Moon and Shape-shifting Everyone!

Happy Friday the 13th!

SL, 2014

The Shift from 3D to 5D

We are always hearing about the 3D to 5D construct.  Some ask, what happened to the 4D?  To put it quite simply, the 4D is the disharmonic stepping stone from the polarity consciousness of the 3D world….

He said/She said

3D is fragmenting. Once that fragmentation occurs in 3D, then a short trip through the hell of 4D on to the heart-centered shift into the 5D realm occurs.

It’s a slippery passage. One can be yanked back to 3D at any time, so be vigilant.  When you get pissy or in pain, know that you are firmly rooted in the 3D construct.   Break free!  The task will truly be your most daunting passage of life, but worth the cremation.

In the past we had to elevate spiritually through initiation, to then die and (hopefully as in Tibetan culture) return at a higher vibratory rate, rather than repetitive patterns through myriad lifetimes of lower energies and consciousness.

Now, due to “where” we are in space, we can actually activate or mutate our heavier carbon-based bodies into a higher vibratory, more crystalline structure, or, if you will, activate the light body more easily and rapidly than ever before and not have to die in the physical to do so.

It’s all about dropping density, letting go of lower draggy energies and habits.  See the body and all things as sacred (thus the name of my project, Sacred Way).

This, of course, cannot all be done at once. It is a process, that’s why it’s called the ascension process.  Doing things that give you more energy rather than combatting lethargic energies.  Through healing rather than a poultice or a splint.

Meditating Your Way Through 5D Ascension

Meditation is the key (read my post, “Meditation is Key”).  You must balance out your busy yang life in order to come to a point of recovery.

It is not that productive to go plumbing the depths looking for a problem that you yourself caused. And if you think someone else ’caused your issue, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D polarity and may want to just stop.  Stop blaming, stop talking about your problems, stop begging for someone else to “fix it,” stop sharing your agony…just STOP!

Don’t talk about your…

Or bad luck.

As Grandma used to say, “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing.” This totally applies to you, too!

On the flip side, if you have let go of limiting relationships, beliefs and juggling possessions, you may be one of the fortunate ones who are having a quantum breakthrough at this time — with increases in cognition, psychic abilities, even talents and abilities rising to the surface, either long submerged or repressed or even savant-like abilities just coming up seeming to rise from the depths of your soul.

Give yourself some “alone time” for introspection and processing.  Take a break after events to get your bearings in the new energies that are shifting rapidly.  Choose ye well.  Be happy.

Expect miracles, see yourself in perfect health.  Let go of old and outdated wants and desires.  Live in the fullness of the present.  If you are not happy with something, don’t complain. Change it or at least be open to change.


Be a blessing to your own soul and thus to the planet.  BE the shift.  Show through example, not talk.  Strive to be more loving and tolerant to yourself and others.  Walk away without engaging if necessary and above all….

Be happy!   Change is good!

Namaste’, Blessings in LVX,
Sherrie Locke, 2014

The 5D Ascension Process

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Imox, May 2014

The 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency.

In order to explain this complex topic, I would like to first clarify the use of the word “ascension.” In the past, ascension referred to the process of one leaving his or her body (in a good way) upon death. There are also ascended masters who have raised their vibratory rate above the physical plane, even beyond 5D.

We now use the word ascension in regard to the raising of frequency. This is happening on all levels and across time and space.


In the old days, when I spent all my time hanging out with scientists and researchers, it was thought of, even in the Ham radio community, as the raising of the frequency of the “global net.” Back then we did not have the Internet (with the exception of the military).

When radio operation began, the general broadcast frequency was much lower than it is today (do your own research on the subject). Now the general broadcast range and frequencies are much higher. This means we are “broadcasting” at a higher frequency. Get the correlation? Check out this link: Frequencies.

Light and Electromagnetic Radiation

Visible light is an electromagnetic wave that consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields traveling through space. The frequency of the wave determines its color: 4×1014 Hz is red light, 8×1014 Hz is violet light, and between these (in the range 4-8×1014 Hz) are all the other colors of the rainbow.

An electromagnetic wave can have a frequency less than 4×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called infrared (IR) radiation. At even lower frequency, the wave is called a microwave, and at still lower frequencies it is called a radio wave.

Likewise, an electromagnetic wave can have a frequency higher than 8×1014 Hz, but it will be invisible to the human eye; such waves are called ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Even higher-frequency waves exist and are called X-rays, and higher still are gamma rays.

All of these waves, from the lowest-frequency radio waves to the highest-frequency gamma rays, are fundamentally the same, and they are all called electromagnetic radiation. They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed (the speed of light), giving them wavelengths inversely proportional to their frequencies. In dispersive media, such as glass, the speed depends somewhat on frequency, so the wavelength is not quite inversely proportional to frequency.

Psychic Powers and Frequencies

The more psychic a person is, the easier it is to discern and interpret the higher frequency phenomenon, as it is more easily discernable and interpretable to these people.

The 5D Ascension Process

So the 5D ascension process is all about the raising of frequency. The entire Earth and everything in it and on it is going through this process: our Sun, our solar system and our home the Milky Way galaxy, all at the same time.

We are moving into a new quadrant or area of space on a space ship called Earth, traveling with a mother ship called the Milky Way, moving thousands of miles per minute, always into new and uncharted territory.

There is also a “stripping away,” a cleansing of the old that happens with this process. More on this in a later post.

The “new aeons” are new areas of energy and space we are moving through. This takes thousands of years, but when we cross the “fence” into a new era ,all bets are off and it’s a game changer, shift happens rapidly. That’s where we are now. Resistance is futile and will only bring pain and loss.

Certain laws of physics still and may always apply. And understanding of how these work helps one to understand the world we live in. To also see these things as the living beings they are will help you tremendously, as it does with electricity and basic electrical understanding. For example, how current flows, what is a circuit and how it works, then on to capacitors, governors, restrictors and how all that works. These are laws on this planet, and things will follow these rules in general here.

“Things” work the same way. Your body is electrical, and water is the conductor. That’s why I am always harping on proper hydration.

It is also helpful to spend time outdoors, away from electronics. Contemplate “where” you are, feel the energies of the spirits of the Earth, the Fire, the Air and the Water. Experience the different personalities of each in their aspects. You are a part of this!
Be a part of this miraculous event by being mindful and conscious.

Hold gratitude in your heart that you are here at this time of great shift.

I’ll continue this post soon with Part Two: The Shift from 3D to 5D

5D Shift

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Seed, April 2014.

Shift Happens

In recent times we have all been experiencing great shifts in perception, changes in relationships of all kinds, earth and weather patterns shifting, a feeling of the unknown. The change is unprecedented.

We chose to incarnate at this point to witness, to be a part of, to transcend all from the past and come into the fullness that we are. Full human potential. A quantum shift in consciousness in all kingdoms, human, plant, animal, mineral and elemental is taking place at this time.

Our perception is sharpening, our radar refined, our purpose being clarified.

All this may seem a blur, an upheaval. For some a huge breakthrough, for others a complete breakdown. Give thanks if you are centered somewhere in the middle.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself during this ongoing process that will last the rest of your life…

Hydrate with good pure water.

Breathe and be conscious of your breath.

Give yourself time for relaxation, meditation or ceremony.

Try not to have a fixed plan while holding on to overall vision. I call this the prime directive.

As you drop layers of illusion, your vision will become clearer. The right people will appear and synchronicities will abound.

If you are feeling sick, stuck or in blame of others for your current situation, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D pain body. It is telling you to make changes. For some a subtle shift may move mountains of past trauma, even generationally; for others, the shift may be a radical upheaval or a tearing down process. This is the dissolution of illusion, “what lies beneath” is the real you and your true life. Believe me, you will be happy beyond measure when that treasure is uncovered.

For so many of you, you likely possess all the skills you need to fulfill that potential. In many cases it is a process of unlearning what you have been taught and accepted as a belief system. Be open, be adventurous, don’t attach.

During these years of shift many are having health issues rush to the surface to be healed once and for all. For others the process is much more emotional.

There are…




Nausea or a feeling of being “sea sick,”

Hot or cold sweats,

Ringing ears,

Frenetic energy,


A heightened sensitivity to most everything.

So choose ye well your circles and interactions, for if they don’t jive with your current energetic frequency, these interactions will be uncomfortable. You may not be able to tolerate certain energies as you did before.

Please try to stay away from criticism of all kinds, especially self-criticism. Rather than acknowledging pain and suffering, do something to take the attention elsewhere…

Play music.

Watch something silly.

Do artwork or a craft.

Good food and supplementation will assist you…

Avoid Alcohol.

Eat lots of fresh veggies.

Cut down on heavy foods, meats and sugars.

Some vitamins are helpful like the water solubles, Vitamin C, B-Complex and B-12 with Folic Acid. Personally I find Silica gel to be helpful; after all it is basically the building block for all plants and crystals and what we are evolving into.

For extra nutrition Chlorella or Spirulina are helpful.

Herbal teas of all kinds can be helpful.

Use natural oils for cooking.

Use essential oils and “Bach Flower” remedies.

Drink lots of water!

Notice how your tastes are changing, which colors you are drawn to, how your perceptions are changing and how things are different with these new perceptions. Work on refining your personal skills, change your routine placing yourself as number one on the priority list…

Do something healthy for yourself everyday.

Treat yourself once in a while.

Celebrate milestones and breakthroughs.

Get rid of old and outdated clothing from the previous version of you. You can certainly keep beloved articles, but wear them.

Grow something, even a houseplant.

Say “good job” to yourself when you complete a task, and take a break before you plow into another.

Never make money or a person your goal.

Refine, observe, be kind to yourself.

Don’t talk too much about what you are doing with people who are not involved.

Stop asking friends for advice. Seek professional guidance if necessary.

Above all, Be Happy! Breathe!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and the world will reflect it back to you, in peace, love and harmony.

Much love and transformation I wish for you all,

Aho! It is done in a good way.