The March 20th New Super Moon, Solar Eclipse and Equinox

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Batz and 10 Road, March 2015

Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox 2015Bam! After the three-year, seven-hit, Pluto Uranus Square has completed, we get a brand new Super Moon ripe with a Solar Eclipse (they always occur on a New Moon) and the four precious minutes of the Equinox. It’s the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern hemisphere.

Change, change, change, and now you have the green light to move forward in a big way with your dreams and visions. You even get to consider moving forward in significant relationships of all types be they personal, business or family.

After the last three years (since June 24th 2012) showing us what changes have needed to occur, and the Uranus lightening bolts bringing the unknown to light, we can lick our wounds, pick up the remaining pieces and get on with life. In a big way.

There will still be adjustments to be made through June until the Solstice. After that, we are coasting (or reeling) in the momentum we have gathered from this slingshot effect.

Go back and evaluate what has happened since late June 2012. What have you learned about yourself? (keep it POSITIVE!) What have you learned about others? (since they are a reflection of your own inner world). How have your relationships shifted? What relationships have strengthened and in what ways? Who vanished from your life? Radical isn’t it?

Let’s get on with the new paradigm! Manifest, manifest, manifest! HELP one another! Be HAPPY! Be LOVE!

Time and Dates of the Eclipses and Equinox

After the last (exact) Pluto Uranus Square on Monday March 16, 2015 at 9:54 PM in Texas, which is also 13 Eagle on the Maya calendar (powerful day all the way around) we will be in the balsamic lunar phase until the March 20th New Super Moon (with a Solar Eclipse), which begins at 29 degrees Pisces. This occurs at 4:36 AM in Texas, 5:36 AM on the East Coast of the US and 2:36 AM on the West Coast. Then the Sun moves into the zodiacal sign of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac in Western Tropical House Astrology.

Equinox exact (the four minutes of balance on a planetary level) occurs at 5:45 PM Texas time, 6:45 PM on the East Coast and 3:45 PM on the West Coast, commencing at the exact time the Sun moves into Aries. Good time to meditate and be still. So you see, this is pretty much an all day event that begins with a Solar Eclipse and ends with the Solar entry into a new element. For those of us in the northern hemisphere we are moving into the element of Air; those in the southern hemisphere are moving into the element of Water.

The total Solar Eclipse (visible in Northern Africa, Europe and the Western part of Asia) is at 29 degrees Pisces 29 minutes. It’s a Total Solar Eclipse in Svalbard Norway and the Faroe Islands, and a Partial Solar Eclipse in Europe, northern and eastern Asia and northern and western Africa. The eclipse starts at 07:41 UTC and ends at 11:50 UTC. This Solar Eclipse will trigger a cycle that will reverberate for about a year or so, with more changes coming. Pay attention to the themes that surface, as they will give you a clue about the year to come.

Be diligent, be cheerful and give thanks you have made it through this three-year portal of radical transformation. Now put it to work for your best interest and the highest good of all.

Change is good,

~S.L. 2015


Every Thirteen Days

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Kej (Deer), September 2014.

Today we began a new 13-day cycle of the sacred Tzolkin calendar, or the count of days. We have what is called a new trecena every 13 days. This count combines with the 20 day signs to total 260 days or one round of the Tzolkin.


This 13-day cycle, overshadowed and infused with the energy of Kej (deer) includes a couple of interesting features. First, on October 4th, 6 Road (E), Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks or well into the next trecena, which is Ahau/Ajpu. Then on October 8th, 10 Ajmaq (Vulture), for most of the world, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries (in western astrology). Visible here in Guatemala, weather permitting. This occurs at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes or 6:51 AM EST, 3:51 AM if you are on the West Coast. 4:51 AM for us here in Guatemala. I am writing a post on the Eclipse cycle of October 2014, it will be up later in the week.

Here’s a link for visibility worldwide…″>.

I am not advocating converting your life to a different calendar. If you are drawn to the calendar Maya, dig deeper. Personally, I live in the land of the living Maya and have been observing the effects of the trecena rulers for quite a few years. It’s super interesting; the more I learn and apply it to my daily life.

So this trecena is a powerful one, one in which progress can be made. I am certain you have already noticed what has appeared on your plate. With this combination of the trecena ruler of Kej, the Mercury Shadow/Station/Retrograde and the first of two very powerful eclipse, we are in uncharted territory. Deep personal/life changing energies are afoot.

Please allow yourself enough rest, hydrate well and remember to pay attention to your breathing. Give thanks you have made it this far and prepare by being as unattached to the *hows* as possible. Then you will not restrict the unlimited flow of the Universe. If unexpected events occur that were not visible from your previous vantage point, before you dismiss what is happening, or label it as… , look for the golden lining, which is likely exactly what you want/need at this juncture.

For me it’s back to meditation.

I suggest you do the same.

“Be brave my fellow warriors, our time is nigh at hand.” SL, 2014.

~SL, 2014

The #Supermoon Finale of 2014: the September Harvest Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Chicchan, September 2014

I am most certain that everyone reading this has been experiencing the stretching, mutating and shape-shifting brought about by the culmination of the energies of the past eighteen months or so.


The full moon of September is considered the “Harvest” Moon. This full moon is the last of the three Supermoons of 2014, and it has a special quality about it, a dis-lodging effect so to speak. Also featured this month, we have the equinox and change of the ruling seasonal element, the ongoing transit of Pluto in Capricorn (Western astrology), which equals extreme (radical) change, and Pluto is stationing to go direct in a couple of weeks. This can be a very exciting time or a time of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder); refrain if possible from the latter.

This full moon occurs at 16 degrees Pisces (in Western astrology) 19 minutes on Monday, September 8 at 9:38PM EST, 7:38PM for us in Guatemala. It occurs on 6 Kame (Death) on the sacred calendar Maya, which accentuates the theme of Transformation. We are six days into a new round of the 260-day Sacred Tzolkin calendar, which recently recycled on 1 Crocodile The sun being in Virgo (in western astrology) only adds to the mix.

Remember, the full moon breaks impasses, and this one in particular is clearing out logjams. So if a flood of emotion comes over you, the subject is relevant. It is also what needs to be cleared and processed, so it may or may not seem relevant to you or equal to the amount of emotion coming up. If it has anything to do with something or someone “outside” yourself and the answer has not been apparent, look at how it applies to you, for therein a clue may lie.

Check things off your list that are getting done, things that have been cleared away. Give yourself a pat on the back for having made it this far with your transformation. The next few days will show you what else needs to be done.

As I have stated many times, be gentle with yourself and others; if you can’t be nice, then refrain from being around people. If you don’t enjoy your own company, what makes you think others will? Get comfortable with yourself first. Sit firmly in your own skin and be realistic about your current situation (without criticism). State out loud what you want for yourself, and be open to the information that comes on how to achieve that state, then act on it.

Hang in there and keep it positive! Do something special for yourself!

Blessings on this Full Moon and the for the month of September…

Transformation is at hand!

~SL, 2014

The Path of the Plumed Serpent: A Personal Ceremony Based on the Maya Calendar

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Road, August 2014

The Path of the Plumed Serpent is a set of nine ceremonies performed once every 260 days. The series lasts almost a full month. The central ceremony is the day sign of one’s birth.


Today, 5 Road, was my second of nine ceremonies this year, thus the short post for today. I will delve deeper into all this and the Calendar Maya in general in later posts.

Maltiox Ajaw! Happy New Moon!

~SL, 2014

Sirius Rising: The 2014 8/8 Lion’s Gate

Written by Sherrie Locke on 7 Qanil, August 2014

We are approaching the yearly portal known as “The Lion’s Gate.”


The Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th every year.

The 8/8 Lion’s Gate marks the time when the star Sirius begins to rise in the sky. Sirius has been hiding for approximately 70 days.

The Lion’s Gate stargate portal is linked with the rising of the binary star Sirius, which opens a portal to the power of the heart (through our Sun). It points to and activates the path of the heart. The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is symbolic of the human DNA helix.

Think of the 8/8 stargate as a new Vesica piscis, a new womb of creation opening up as the binary star system Sirius opens her transformational and magical (magickal) energies to us.

The star Sirius rises every midsummer, this rising is associated with new thought, new light and new beginnings. Solar power moves into physical form, uniting the hemispheres of the brain in a vesica piscis, thus, cosmic fusion. A new seeding occurs that increases mental capacity, IQ and the ability to remember (past and future).

The mysticism and symbolism of Sirius is a thread that runs through many indigenous cultures. It is “The Heart of The Lion,” thus the Sphinx. The Dogon culture has known Sirius to be a binary star system long before astronomy even existed as a science; their entire cosmology is built on it.

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful passage that, when utilized mindfully and wisely, can be a super passage, a before and after event. Some Lion’s gates and other portals are more powerful than others. Remember the 8-8-2008 portal? The 9-9-2009, 10-10-2010, 11-11-2011 and 12-12-2012 portals?

What makes this Lion’s Gate portal special is the astrological and lunar intensity. The Full Super Moon in Aquarius this August occurs two days after the Lion’s Gate portal and is the most powerful Super Moon of 2014. Yes, I know that I have repeated this many times, now this time is at hand.

Think of it like this…

We are in the FIRE of FIRE, which is “right action.” We have been letting go of what no longer serves us, be it health issues or people. We have made space and are quite ready for forward progress.

Let us use this Lion’s Gate as the “portal of no return.” No return to bad habits, self-doubt, illness or poverty (financially or emotionally).

The Lion’s Gate is a before and after event; the full moon breaks impasses. Let this be a portal to a new you, a new way of expressing your highest self.

These portals are like keys to the subconscious. You can use them or not. I find working intentionally gains WAY more ground. People who do not acknowledge these portals are still affected by them. Do some research. What happened around the 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 portals, we will have no more of those during this lifetime. We will continue to have other portal openings like the Sirius rising event, every year to come.

You will not be the same person going into the Lion’s Gate as you are coming out of the Lion’s Gate, so pay attention. Some changes are subtle, others radical. I prefer mine somewhere in the middle, but hey, sometimes you actually don’t get to choose the “hows” OR how prepared you are (or are not) for change and transcendence.

Most of all, be gentle with yourself. If you are a Leo (in Western astrology) or have a birth date around this time, the effect will be stronger, and I am most certain you will be familiar with this annual event.

If you were born on August 8, you actually are a portal. I bet some of you 8-8’s can share some interesting stories.

This year the 8/8 Lion’s Gate occurs on 1 Tzi’kin (Eagle) in the calendar Maya, so in that regard August 8 begins a new 13-day cycle, or trecena as it is called here in the land of the living Maya, so this Lion’s Gate is even more of a before and after event, and you will feel the energy shift — the end of yet another chapter and the beginning of a new one.

This Lion’s Gate will seem somewhat extended or stretched, since we will come directly out of this portal into the Full Super Moon event. I always like to mark these occasions with a ceremony, a meditation and then a feast.

Just remember, The Lion’s Gate is “The Heart of the Lion,” it resides in your chest. Tap it, use it, open your heart.

~SL 2014

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The Sacred Calendar Maya

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Kame, April 2014

The Sacred Calendar Maya, usually called the Tzolkin, consists of 20 nahuales (spirits or cosmic forces) and 13 numbers. They can be combined to create 260 day signs, one for each day in the Sacred Calendar round.

The authentic Sacred Calendar does not have a “day out of time,” as does the corrupted 13-moon (dis)harmonic calendar created by Jose Arguelles and carried on by the Time is Art foundation.  We don’t use it in Guatemala or Mexico.  You are not a red, yellow or blue flaming ass or dragon or anything like that.

Other Maya Calendars

The Maya also have a solar year count of 365-day, the Haab.  The Long Count is something else altogether, a 5,125-year calendar that recycled in December 2012.  The orbit of Venus and its transits were studied by the Maya and play a role it their cosmology, not they saw Venus not a meaning love and beauty, but a powerful planet of war and conquest.

Your Maya Day Sign

You are your day sign, which reveals the nahual whose energy ruled the day of your birth according to the Sacred Calendar. The higher the number that accompanies a day sign, the stronger the energy.

The numbers also have esoteric meanings, though all Maya do not agree on all of them. Some Ki’che’ Maya say that three’s and seven’s are unstable, and all agree that the higher numbers can be intense.

Each nahual has a certain energy associated with it and progresses through thirteen permutations.  There is a thirteen-day week called the trecena, and the first day is the trecena bearer, such as 1 Snake.  The “flavor” of the first day of a trecena carries, along with the progressive day signs, a particular energy influenced by an overlaying energy.  Year Bearers also influence the overall picture.

Your Main Nahual

So it’s best to start at the starting place… your birth nahual. This energy dominates your entire life. After you have “followed the path” of the calendar and begin to see its influence in your life, you can choose to perform a series of ceremonies called the Path of the Plumed Serpent.  This ceremonial cycle rolls around every 260 days.  This year I finished in January after a month of ritual in December (not every day). Next time my Path ceremony takes place in August and September.

The more you do the ceremonies and get to know the nahuales, the more your life falls into rhythm with the Sacred Calendar, and magick happens as you blow through restrictions, ask for forgiveness and give thanks for your blessings.

Check out these sites for more info…

Find Your Maya Day Sign

Monthly Maya Calendar (Interactive!)

Jaguar Wisdom

Check them out and start opening your world to the mysteries of the Sacred Calendar of the Maya!

Maltiox Ajaw!

Symbols or Weapons of the Four Directions

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Serpent, March 2014

The Four Directions and their Symbols and Weapons

Direction Time Color Tarot Suit Symbol or Weapon
East Sunrise Yellow Sword Feather or Dagger
South Noon Red Wands Wand or Fire
West Sunset Black or Blue Cups Chalice
North Midnight White Coins Coin, Pentacle or Shield

This is according to Western occult tradition. Some indigenous people, such as the Maya, may use other directional colors for their ceremonies. (The Maya use red for east and yellow for south.) Most are reversed north to south at the equator.

The four directional colors represent the four races:
Yellow of the East
Red of the South
Black of the West
White of the North

The four elements are:

Most traditions I work with are generally in this format due to my obsession with the “connecting thread.”

As in anything, traditions are also evolving, so colors and gender may vary in schools of thought and study both in older and more recent curriculum of esoteric study. I will say the Western initiatory path is pretty much standardized back to basic Kaballistic theory.

As you gather your weapons, they will likely be what you use from here on unless you decide to replace them with an upgrade.

Note: with feathers, we (the Elders) find that the feathers of a living bird are the most powerful kind, and many times are “gifted” by a spirit animal, It’s a totem thing, very strong.

Next a ritually sacrificed animal. Don’t freak, it’s done all the time in tribal cultures, in a sacred manner and all parts of the sacrifice are utilized, nothing is ever wasted.

Third, some feather whose history you do not know can be a symbol you can relate to.

In the USA, please be aware that possession of certain feathers carries a hefty fine and some are not allowed to be transported anywhere. So don’t do show and tell or hang it from you rearview mirror. We as first nations people actually have to have a permit to possess and carry certain sacred objects, go figure. One eagle feather incident could be a $50,000 fine and jail time if they wanted to push it, so be mindful.

Also, it is better to use a cup or knife whose history you know rather than picking up some antique that has been God knows where or used for what purpose. Be mindful!

As I have said before, some items, particularly ritual items, cannot be cleared, so I can read them, if I would choose to even touch them. If I am not in the same location with said item, I can easily check its vibe and likely its history, too. Yes, I do this work, but please don’t show up with questionable items and expect me to do whatever you ask. I may not, I might, it certainly will not be for free.

For representation of earth I may use some dirt or a rock, but usually a coin of some kind.

Be creative, stick within your base of knowledge. If you start changing currents of natural flow, you had best be conscious of WHY. Stick to the basics of what you understand for now; you can get elaborate with banners of the four directions, symbols and items as you learn and grow more accustomed to working a medicine wheel or ceremony for invoking or evoking an energy. I have already posted a blog on the subject of evocation or invocation, and suggest you know the difference before you commence on this subject.

In the mean time… have fun, learn, refine, expand!

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!
Blessed be!
It Is Done.