Ancestor Reverence

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ajpu, March 2014

Today is a day to honor your roots, your connection to the other world. For me a day to awaken with a “one” thought. Reverence. A connection to the DNA that flows and breathes in the everlasting cosmos and flows through me like a river: timeless, boundless, with every connection, every experience recorded.

If one can sit still with this flow, it can be beneficial, enlightening and truly empowering. There are many messages, feelings and memories (both mine and of those who came before me). The key is to listen, to pay attention, to not direct, not to ask, but to connect and flow in the river of your life.

I always suggest taking notes or writing on Ajpu days. Not necessarily with a goal or a project in mind, but to allow what comes to the surface to be accessible for further introspection at another time

I have notes from long ago that still speak to me when I run across them. Some profoundly, as now I am ready to ‘hear it’ when possibly I was not quite prepared before.

Mitakuye Oyasin!
(All my relations)

Invocation or Evocation?

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Kej, April 2014

Before you perform any type of magickal working, just as you know what other parameters must be set up and activated, you would know from the very beginning whether it is a work of…

Evocation: to bring something in front of you.

Or an

Invocation: to bring something into you.

Very important!

One is Yang.

One is Yin.

Yang projects an intention.

Yin opens to receive.

Is what you are doing an outside thing? What do you want?

Is what you are doing an inside thing? To increase what you are and your potential by stripping away illusions?

All true magick is solely the later; all else is gray area and ego desire.

You can also read my article on Esoteric versus Exoteric, which also applies.

Evocation is Exoteric in nature in the sense of a new car, riches, etc… the outside world or ornaments.

You may be summoning something, knowledge, a guide, or?

You might not yet know how you feel about a subject or a thing. You can use this for research, bring it forth, then you have the option to banish it at will if need be. I’m from Texas, where we say, “You might not know if you want to hitch to that trailer.”

For instance, you can either evoke or invoke ancestors. I would really want to know the real history before invoking. Sometimes a family member can have an addiction or a trait and invoke an ancestor with the same taste. Note: likely not a good attribute.

But say an ancestor that was a great painter or a great composer or musician could be a worthy invocation for assistance.

Most religious ceremonies, indigenous ceremonies, even plant rites and healing ceremonies are invocations. Working on the inside of yourself or others or in ‘field.’

If it has to do with deities, archetypes or nahuales, it is invocation. In ‘field’ is invocation.

Gray and Black magic are all exoteric works in which you are manipulating things. See why I say, that car, that business: it’s all a gray area. Pulling into yourself is exoteric evocation.

Think about this, make it intentional for yourself and good for everyone if there are others lives involved.

All that you do rolls back around, usually more than once.

Blessed be and be a blessing to others whose lives you touch.
SL 2014

Meditation is Key

Written by Sherrie Locke, 1 Serpent, March 2014.

You cannot continue to “yang” out and push and push to get your will done. As the silence between notes also creates the music, so does meditation create a balance in our busy lives.

Going to primordial Yin will bring your manifestations into being through a birthing process. All life comes through the divine feminine, the mother, the vessel where creation happens; all else is a manifestation of pure yang ego and will not hold up over time.

Don’t be afraid of the dark!

She is your true ally, not the black/white good/bad polarity of the 3-D, but the essence of the divine feminine principle, the vessel.

The balance of the divine yin and yang is the goal, blending into a synthesis of creation, a dance. The more you dance this rhythm the more you align and the faster and clearer your manifestations appear.

In and out, turning yourself inside out, rolling the torus.

Practice makes perfect!

May the force be with you!