Cord Cutting: Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Tzi, October 2014

We hold onto things energetically. People hold onto us energetically. Clearing the field is beneficial for all parties concerned and also gets us out of a rut in our thinking and our emotional states. Cord or Line cutting is a practice I was taught many moons ago when I was in my teens. Later, when I was associated with two foundations for psychic research we did lots of experiments on the principles and the outcomes of this type of work.


How to Clear Energy

There are many ways to cut and clear energies. My suggestion is that you start with a smudge (read my post), then a shower or salt bath followed by the practice of “line cutting.” This can be done in many ways, such as a recapitulation technique (read my post). Recapitulation is used when there is a remaining emotional charge to the subject; it is best performed before the remaining lines are cut to the subject or subjects.

After you have cleared your aura and the emotional charge around the subject, clearly visualize yourself, then the subject or person. “See” the line and connections. Some may look like rope or string, others might look like rotted spagetti or roots. It is not necessary to clear the other person, and I suggest you just stick to yourself on this one. Look all over yourself, especially behind the shoulder blades, in the chest area, front and back and ladies between your legs if you have had any guests there, men too, check your connections and see who has left a hook a line or something.

When you have an idea of “where” they are attached, then pull out a sword or a giant pair of scissors and snip, snip, chop, chop, just like cutting weeds. The other end will go back where it came from. After performing this, breathe deeply the light and fill those holes with clear white light until they are radiating light, until “you” are radiating light. Now seal your aura, and you are done… next!

Don’t worry about cutting a valuable connection. If you cut the existing energy, it will re-connect and be a clearer and stronger connection. When I do cord cutting now, I use one fell swoop and cut all previous connections. I find that my loved ones always reconnect with me and that we are clearer than the previous vibration. Usually I can get a good nights rest, an *extra bonus.

Line cutting allows us to let go of attachment and make room for the Universe to do its job. Our responsibility is to clear and hold space for what we are manifesting, which is rarely a person or money. We may have issues or past experiences with people that need to be cleared or let go of for our best interest and to move forward.

I am posting this article at this time since we are in the very last of the Balsamic Moon and getting ready for a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse (a powerful one). Whatever of the past we can let go of between now and then will serve us much more greatly than we can at this time imagine. Do the work, do your work, it serves your highest good.

Otherwise, a general good day for line cutting is a Tijax day on the calendar Maya. It is also a practice that is well served on the last quarter lunar phase in preparation for the new cycle. Set yourself free.

Love and light. See you on the other side of the Eclipse!
~SL, 2014

Plumbing the Depths of your Psyche


Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ajmaq and 12 Kawoq, August 2014.

This year has been challenging for most. The energies again and again have thrown us back on ourselves, our most deep seated issues. It has regurgitated our past. The passage has been rather like spelunking, going into the dark, deep passages, sometimes without a torch to light the way. A journey with no map, into the dark that is our shadow self.

Now that we have thrown our guts up, what was the contents in our stomach? What did we digest? What came back up either whole or in fragments and chunks? Sorry to use this metaphor but it seems to fit well. It’s like recovering from a long illness: if you get up and run too early you might fall into a relapse, and no one wants that.

We are still (and continuously) letting go of that which no longer serves us. For some it was a job or career that has run its course, for others a wake-up call regarding health and well being. A time of cleaning out the closets and the basement.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not an oncoming train), so be gentle with yourself and others for the time of advancement is at hand. Don’t carry former worries and woes into the current cycle, realize they are coming up to be let go.

There will be a lot of thinking (and talking) about what we are and where we are going. Be mindful of your self talk. Look at yourself, not critically for a change. Look at your physicality. What can be improved? This can be a good time to pay attention to your mental diet as well as your physical one.

This time can be emotional. Be sure you watch what you are saying and thus setting into motion. We are almost through the tunnel (or the birth canal) don’t change directions now, keep going, stay the course. Keep it positive, be productive, stay proactive. Be not reactive. Do your best.

As you place yourself, your health and well being and your personal interests at the top of your own list what needs to come next will become clear. Listen to your body.

Above all… Hang in there!

Sending Love and Blessings,

~SL, 2014

The Waning Lunar Phase

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ix (Jaguar) July 2014.

*This is the last in a four part series on lunation cycles.

During the waning lunar phase, things seem to slow down. It’s like a time of “digestion.” We have less physical energy. We are moving into the dark of the moon, so be gentle with yourself. The tides are not running as high, storms are not usually as damaging, and things are not growing quite as rapidly as during the increase of the moon.

How to Deal with the Energy of the Waning Moon.

This third quarter lunar phase begins on Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at 26 degrees 21 minutes Aries (in Western tropical astrology).

We are feeling the need to expand and are also feeling “held in check.” We are still in the process of letting go. The waning lunar phase is the time to let go. Not to polarize more, but less. Do not compare yourself to others or their circumstances, and for God’s sake stay out of other people’s business unless you intend to assist them with loving kindness.

How to Deal with the Waning Lunar Phase

Do not bemoan your situation, otherwise you will only extend the experience. Focus on your “prime directive,” be it health, prosperity or whatever is your true desire/intention. You will be shown what needs further “clearing.”

This is not a time to “push,” but a time to make “space” for what you are asking for. It is a good time to clean and get rid of things. Do not get discouraged! We have a new Moon coming in about a week, and it will be another “Super Moon,” the closest one this year. So clear what no longer serves you before we begin the next amplification process.

Breathe, hydrate, relax. Stay focused on the bigger picture. It’s ok to plot and plan your success, but not at the expense of others. Life is not a “payback,” no one owes you anything, so avoid that mindset. You are not living others’ lives, so you have no place telling them what they should do or what they should do for you.

This remains a time that the truth is being revealed, so “listen,” pay attention and don’t be a control freak (or an ass). This truth is coming to the surface for a deep healing of the past. You are likely clear on what this is at this point. How you handle it is your choice. My suggestion is to be nice.

Some are moving “into,” some are moving “out of.” Whichever it is for you, just let it pass. There is little you can do to change the past, but you have everything to do with “how” it affects the present. It’s coming up to be “re-framed” and “healed.” You can, however, facilitate and stop talking about it. Let these emotions move up and through without judging yourself or others.

Letting Go During the Waning Lunar Phase

Do things that help with the “letting go” process. This last quarter lunar phase is good for doing a “cleanse” in preparation for rebuilding and expanding the system. Refrain from anything that may amplify emotions: no drugs, alcohol or infectious and toxic people. The energies that we are processing are quite potent all on their own, so you don’t need to amplify them by being in (or creating) a toxic environment. Just let them come up and out.

Take frequent baths or showers. Ask the water to assist you in this cleansing process by “washing away” what you do not need. Choose your words carefully. Is what is coming out of your mouth what you want more of? Are your words reinforcing the positive result you want? Are they reinforcing a continuation of the old?

It’s better to be silent rather than to talk about an illness or an undesirable situation. If you have been dealing with a health issue, let your words be of health and well-being. If you have been in a financial pit, let your words express the prosperity and abundance of the present and future, and “give” — do not be miserly at this time, be it with yourself or others. Have a “give away” and let go of what you don’t need.

Now go out there and use this energy to optimize your progress. Let go!

Make space in the vessel to “receive.”

Blessings and a hug from my heart to yours,

~SL, 2014

5D Shift

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Seed, April 2014.

Shift Happens

In recent times we have all been experiencing great shifts in perception, changes in relationships of all kinds, earth and weather patterns shifting, a feeling of the unknown. The change is unprecedented.

We chose to incarnate at this point to witness, to be a part of, to transcend all from the past and come into the fullness that we are. Full human potential. A quantum shift in consciousness in all kingdoms, human, plant, animal, mineral and elemental is taking place at this time.

Our perception is sharpening, our radar refined, our purpose being clarified.

All this may seem a blur, an upheaval. For some a huge breakthrough, for others a complete breakdown. Give thanks if you are centered somewhere in the middle.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself during this ongoing process that will last the rest of your life…

Hydrate with good pure water.

Breathe and be conscious of your breath.

Give yourself time for relaxation, meditation or ceremony.

Try not to have a fixed plan while holding on to overall vision. I call this the prime directive.

As you drop layers of illusion, your vision will become clearer. The right people will appear and synchronicities will abound.

If you are feeling sick, stuck or in blame of others for your current situation, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D pain body. It is telling you to make changes. For some a subtle shift may move mountains of past trauma, even generationally; for others, the shift may be a radical upheaval or a tearing down process. This is the dissolution of illusion, “what lies beneath” is the real you and your true life. Believe me, you will be happy beyond measure when that treasure is uncovered.

For so many of you, you likely possess all the skills you need to fulfill that potential. In many cases it is a process of unlearning what you have been taught and accepted as a belief system. Be open, be adventurous, don’t attach.

During these years of shift many are having health issues rush to the surface to be healed once and for all. For others the process is much more emotional.

There are…




Nausea or a feeling of being “sea sick,”

Hot or cold sweats,

Ringing ears,

Frenetic energy,


A heightened sensitivity to most everything.

So choose ye well your circles and interactions, for if they don’t jive with your current energetic frequency, these interactions will be uncomfortable. You may not be able to tolerate certain energies as you did before.

Please try to stay away from criticism of all kinds, especially self-criticism. Rather than acknowledging pain and suffering, do something to take the attention elsewhere…

Play music.

Watch something silly.

Do artwork or a craft.

Good food and supplementation will assist you…

Avoid Alcohol.

Eat lots of fresh veggies.

Cut down on heavy foods, meats and sugars.

Some vitamins are helpful like the water solubles, Vitamin C, B-Complex and B-12 with Folic Acid. Personally I find Silica gel to be helpful; after all it is basically the building block for all plants and crystals and what we are evolving into.

For extra nutrition Chlorella or Spirulina are helpful.

Herbal teas of all kinds can be helpful.

Use natural oils for cooking.

Use essential oils and “Bach Flower” remedies.

Drink lots of water!

Notice how your tastes are changing, which colors you are drawn to, how your perceptions are changing and how things are different with these new perceptions. Work on refining your personal skills, change your routine placing yourself as number one on the priority list…

Do something healthy for yourself everyday.

Treat yourself once in a while.

Celebrate milestones and breakthroughs.

Get rid of old and outdated clothing from the previous version of you. You can certainly keep beloved articles, but wear them.

Grow something, even a houseplant.

Say “good job” to yourself when you complete a task, and take a break before you plow into another.

Never make money or a person your goal.

Refine, observe, be kind to yourself.

Don’t talk too much about what you are doing with people who are not involved.

Stop asking friends for advice. Seek professional guidance if necessary.

Above all, Be Happy! Breathe!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and the world will reflect it back to you, in peace, love and harmony.

Much love and transformation I wish for you all,

Aho! It is done in a good way.

Candle Burning 101

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 K’at/7 Kan, March 2014

The point of using candles is to focus your attention by looking into the flame.

If you can’t multitask and juggle more than one subject at a time, don’t overlap or use too many candles at once. Keep it simple at first.

Let us begin with a simple white candle….

Set up an area where you are to burn your candles. Make sure it’s in a safe spot. Also always put your candles on a candle runner or as I do, in a fireproof bowl or dish with sand or fine gravel (I prefer sand). Don’t use dirt since it may burn or smoke with organic compounds.

Choose your candles based on what you are doing and the duration or extent of the operation.

You can use anything from a tea light or a votive candle to any size taper candle. For us “professionals,” the three-, five- or seven-day glass-encased candles are our ritual candle of choice, there are even longer duration ones. You need to be a seasoned candle worker to have that many fires in your home or space, going 24/7 for the duration of the operation(s). Not for beginners!

The idea is to light the candle and let it burn for the duration allowing it to go out on it’s own. If it’s a “hot” one, you may use a candle snuffer, but never, ever, blow out a ritual candle and for sure you don’t want someone else to put it out. So watch what you are doing and be mindful.

There are many ways of monitoring candle rituals for the more advanced candle workers. Black and sooty usually means it’s clearing a lot of negativity.

Drips can be interpreted by the adept. If a candle burns especially weird, you may want to “piggyback it” with another ritual of the same sort until you get a clean result.

So choose your candles wisely. If you have a short period of time, or a short attention span, use a smaller candle. If you are doing a larger more elaborate operation, you may want larger tapers or glass-encased candles so you don’t have to light candle after candle without letting the light go out.

I do not use scented candles, choosing to add what I want to use myself. In order to be efficient and effective when using scents, you need to be familiar with planetary rulership and a few other things to optimize, otherwise you might just be working counterproductively.

In the case of an ancestor altar, you can use the favorite scent or color or anything else that connects you to that dead relative, all planetary rulership bets are off, it’s just an offering.

A safe bet for any operation is to use a white candle. White represents purity, is widely available and is also used in most religious ceremonies globally. In native indigenous ceremonies, the candles and colors become quite elaborate from the colors of the four directions to the subdirections, deities, nahuales and ancestors. As I said, keep it simple at first until you are more familiar with the usages. Better to stick with white all the way around rather than use something that is way off from the goal or intention.

I will present an article on traditional use of candles in ceremonies of the Maya, both Ki’che’ and the tradition I first learned, Yucatec, at a later time. I will mention at this juncture that candles used in traditional Maya fire ceremony are usually tossed into the fire in bundles rather than lit and burned individually.

General Guidance on Colors

This will help you get started. First off, let’s go with green. A green candle would most likely be for HEALING, not money. I must say something about this now. We are not just working candle magick in the good ole US where money is green. As a matter of fact, most national currencies globally are NOT green. So drop that correlation. Green is the color of the healing ray, the heart chakra, with both planetary and angelic rulership, so let’s stick with green for Healing.

Money is Power

Red is the color of raw energy and power, and thus money. Quote from a teacher: “Red is raw power, and energy = money. Also note that it’s very difficult to sleep in a house with a red candle ritual going on in the space, so you might choose short duration red candles for your first operations.

A gold or yellow candle may enhance intellect or even higher mind or thought process. It also activates the solar plexus, the center of the will. And it also helps with digestion.

An orange candle may help with concentration and creative stimulation in relation to a project or art form. It is directly related to the second chakra. Keep it in the higher realms.

Most people may want to stay away from blue candles, particularly dark blue ones as they are for deep emotional processing and could enhance depression if one has buried emotional issues that are not yet ready to be addressed and released. The lighter blue and turquoise can stimulate the throat chakra to enhance clear expression, so these can be helpful for public speakers and those learning to express themselves more fully and clearly.

Purple helps meditation.

Black is useful for releasing negative energies, for certain protection or grounding rituals or for a directional color.

You may have a favorite color. Please use what you like! Try beeswax candles if you can find them.  Don’t worry if you only have something basic.

Light is light; the candle flame is the catalyst for your prayers and intentions.

I hope this article assists you in getting a proper start in Candle Magick 101 and candle devotional offerings. Remember have fun, pay attention and keep it light! Always remember…

Everything you do comes back to you several times over.

Blessed Be!
Sherrie Locke, A∴A∴

On Being Mindful

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Akabal, March 2014

I was planning to post a different article today, but this one seems timely. Being mindful is part of being and staying “awake” as they say. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction, or like attracts like, and so on…there are myriad metaphors from all sides of the equation. Today we’ll discuss being mindful of your surroundings and the impact you have on the surroundings around you.

In order to hold a 5D construct, we need to be mindful of the energy of the space we are holding, both your own and the space we inhabit on a daily basis. I have provided information in previous blogs regarding space clearing and will post one soon on holding space and also one on closing space, but for now let us focus on this particular subject, Being Mindful.

When you go to the time and trouble of setting and holding sacred space, it enhances the positive energy in the entire area. Same goes with the theory that if you have a sacred space, a vibratory wavelength set up you might want to be mindful of inviting or hosting contrary energies. I will explain:

If you are holding space for a certain intention, or projects or a business, or a home, don’t you want to invite only those energies that are compatible into that space?  Well, of course! And if you were protecting your space, would you want to go pick up anyone off the street and bring him or her home to partake of the family meal? Well, some of you will, of course, say yes.

However, at this time we are talking about bringing into a space what you wish to create. In this case, the way like attracts like. When you are anchoring energies for the positive evolution of something, anything, don’t you want to shield it from anything that might disrupt it’s positive and fruitful growth?

Case in point, I live near what is referred to as the Sedona of Central America, Lots of very specialized healers and therapists and the sort. Also scads of tourists in the high season, most here to do ceremony, a healing quest, or further their education in some modality, of which many are available. All that is great.

Across the lake and not a far boat ride is another town with a bit more of a reputation as a party town. So why is there still the mixing and lack of mindfulness not only from the tourist types but also with the locals, do tell.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice private party or a music venue on any given day is a wonderful outlet for everyone, but please, if you plan to start a rave, a drumming circle, or blast techno (which I have nothing against in reasonable hours) please be mindful of first, your neighbors, then the community (the indigenous first!) and even of how you are affecting the area. If you will be mindful of this, it will save you future challenges with people of your community, please work together!

The Predator Within: A Look into a Toltec Legend

By Sherrie Locke, written on 3 Qanil, February 2014

A respected Native American elder told me this story in the form of a poem, and these were his words:

“Once upon a time there was innocence, harmony and oneness between brothers.

Then came a being from somewhere beyond this place.

A being that did not love the happiness of man.

It gave that being nothing.

So he went to a place,

A primordial place,

The first place of response,

and found something.

He found survival instinct,

He found fear.

So he devised a way

that each and every human

at some point

would respond to this energy.

At that juncture, he found an entry point

through the medulla, the lizard brain, the place of fight or flight response,

and attached

to feed on what he is.”

So people, this is a story, a metaphor. As this respected elder explained it to me, the first fear hits in childhood, then the being attaches itself and feeds off your fears for the rest of your life unless you find a way, or a shaman, to reset the assemblage point (I will discuss this in a future post on The Human Assemblage Point) with tools and consciousness to (hopefully, if diligent) not let it entangle you again. Only then you will be free to live your true life, not the life of fear and heartbreak that the ego feeds upon.

It goes like this: when the first fear strikes, usually between the age of three to five, He (I use “he” because I am describing a yang force) attaches himself to a person and runs that original “fear program” over and over in myriad ways throughout the person’s life.  Always in a theme or “plot twist” of the original cause.

He tortures, he holds one back, he is a predator lying in wait to sabotage your dreams and aspirations, to screw up your life, and he holds all the information you have ever taken in.  Not an outside force but from within.

He is the predator within.

He’s a crazy coyote program with self-replicating bio-programming abilities that makes you think he is you.

Nowadays they call it the Ego. Find it, split from it, watch what it does and become master over it.

That is all. Good Luck!