Sacred Sites, Power Spots, Portals and Star Gates

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ajpu, August 2014

All sacred sites are special, some are very specific. All activate something inside you. Power spots can be personal or planetary.

Power Spots, Portals and Stargates

We all have our certain places where we have been or have created that make us feel connected, grounded, present and inspired. Those are personal places of power.

When you go there physically or in your mind, you are refreshed and powered up. You can return again and again, literally or on a “journey.” I highly suggest if you are not using this type of visualization or practice, that you find, create and use it now, preferably on a daily basis.

Places “remember” us. It does not only go one way. You remember a tree? It most certainly remembers you, so say hi. You may go to that place, not to take anything, but to plug in and be refreshed, re-inspired, relaxed and to re-connect.

I live in a power spot, a sacred place. Living or visiting a place such as this will bring things to the surface. Things to be cleared will become apparent, and the opportunity to do so will present itself. Once these blockages are cleared, it allows room for more inspiration and refreshed thought.

I notice a lot of people these days recounting past experiences, it seems to be coming out in stories of the past. These are productive only if you are still in process with these energies. Some cultures, such as my ancestry, the Tewa, utilize storytelling as a way of teaching through metaphor, so it removes the personal story and makes it a functional teaching tool.

If you are telling stories of the past, you most certainly need to look at what you missed the first time around. If you catch yourself “stuck” in a specific time frame loop of stories, stop the action and look at what this is telling you about you. It may not be bad, you could simply be tapping a happier time. Well, what made that a happier time, or more anything? The answer is You.

How have you shifted and changed, or not? What have you been repeating, or not repeating, that your own consciousness wants to take you to another time and place to process? What can you do currently to be fully present in this moment to the point that no thought of the past or future enters here?

Sit with your pet, a flower, your garden or something inspirational. Please, above all, practice meditation! If you do not practice some type of meditation, how can you possibly make any progress of true expansion?

A sacred site or power spot (personal or planetary) can assist you greatly with this procedure or process especially if you enter into it with clear intention.

Star Gates

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a current or stream of information/energy/knowledge to come into our sphere for a certain period of time. A star gate has a mathematical and geometric alignment, thus creates a synchronicity. A star gate can facilitate a new way of thinking and processing by bringing in “new” energies. Sometimes the effects are immediate, and sometimes we ‘get it’ but it takes a while to integrate.

Every so often we get hit by a gamma ray burst or X-rays from a distant constellation like Cygnus. These are also star gates, allowing new energies into our sphere. The higher our vibratory rate, the greater the break through and the less physical discomfort we experience. Resistance is futile and also uncomfortable, so it’s best to just go with the flow, or “surf,” as we call it. Don’t get dragged under by these new energies, stay on top of the wave.


Portals exist and can also be opened, thus created. Ask anyone who has done ceremony with elders or knows any ritual magick, and they are likely to give you a lecture on learning to hold space before you go poking about with energies you are not familiar with.

Knowing your intent and setting, holding and closing space is essential knowledge. These works open portals. If you don’t close them properly, it’s a problem. Open and close all rituals and ceremonies, clean and clear the space before and after. If you have closed properly, there will be no necessity for a mop-up job afterwards, just sayin’. The portal will shut down after your intended works.

There are lots of stories of houses and places that become “weird” after a ceremony or ritual has been performed. I am telling you it’s due to the fact the people performing the openings don’t really know their stuff. They leave leaks or open portals all together. These are a challenge to shut down, since one likely does not know the ritual that opened them to begin with. Therefore, be mindful of your level of understanding!

There are also areas that are known for portals to other dimensions. We have an area here at Lake Atitlan, Lalibela Ethiopia is a portal area, and there’s also Mount Shasta, a couple of places in Argentina and of course Peru. Peru has many star gates and portals. You can do the research, or better yet, go there and talk to the locals. Lake Titicaca has been termed a portal area.

Just remember…

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a channel and subsequent current of transformative energy for a certain period of time.

A portal may be a fixed location or can be opened ritually.

Please remember to be mindful, intentional and know your stuff. Protect yourself as necessary.

It’s super important to be mindful of both what you are doing and why you are doing it. You hear me say this all the time, but are you truly conscious of what I am saying?

~ SL, 2014

Sacred Sites

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Kame, April 2014

My relatives starting taking me to sacred sites as soon as I could walk on my own.  We were taught to always have reverence, always leave an offering.  When I was a child, that offering was most likely from the little bag of cornmeal I was carrying, or maybe a flower.  Now I carry a few things with me to sacred sites: tobacco, cornmeal, copal and a fire source, among others.  Always be prepared!  We were taught to introduce ourselves upon arrival, to say goodbye and thank you upon exiting.

Takalik Abaj is an ancient sacred site dating back to 1200 BC in Guatemala. Mam Maya from the area still do ceremony at the altars at Takalik Abaj.

Sherrie Locke at a sacred site in the archaeological park of Takalik Abaj, one of the most ancient Maya ruins in Guatemala. Takalik Abaj is an active ceremonial site for local Mam Maya.

Each site is different, unique.

When preparing to go to a sacred site these days, I/we research as much as possible in advance about the site and the area (I’m lucky, I have super hero travel companions), then pool our resources and info before the trip looking for overlapping interests and clues.  By the time we arrive we have some idea of our areas of interest.

My travel buddies sometimes think me a bit eccentric and cringe, but I like to begin each day with a traditional aboriginal “foot tapping” to get the rhythm of the group on the same beat for the day.  It helps us to work as a unit, even if one of the group wanders off.

I feel that what you wear to a sacred site is important, as you never know who you might come across.  Just like a trip to a grandparent’s house: you might not want to show up with your butt hanging out.  So at least take a shawl and a hat and be mindful.

I would like to take a moment here to explain something to some of you who continue with the erroneous premise that you are going to “activate” a sacred site.  Please crawl out of your ego.  These sacred sites activate YOU.  Not the reverse.

So if you go out there tromping around wanting to shift things without being direct lineage and without permission and assistance from the ancestors (these cases are rare and usually related to the desecration of a site,) then you just might find yourself up the creek, or with a case of Montezuma’s revenge, or even with a hitchhiker to teach you a good lesson.  Remember, do what thou wilt, but be mindful!

These sites have everything to teach you, you have nothing to give them but an offering — and don’t leave any trash behind energetic or otherwise.  This includes crystals, so if you want to charge them up there fine, but don’t use them to change things (there are very few exceptions to this, and if you are not of the direct lineage and don’t have permission from the elders, then I assure you that you have no business doing any of this).  If you don’t know what I am referring to then, it is not in your base of knowledge to make changes in this regard, so please refrain.

A note about equipment and gear that you take to sacred sites and power spots.  If the sign says, no recording, no photos, no video, then please honor it.  At my family’s home pueblo Santa Clara, we do not allow any recording or photos and are very nice about it unless we catch you (and we will), in which case you will be departing without your equipment. And no, we don’t want to keep your gear, it will be destroyed.

Also, power spots and active sacred sites will drain your batteries quickly, so if it’s important to you, take backup or allow for the drain.  This happened to me recently on a trip to a sacred cave.

So to recap general guidelines:

Have knowledge and reverence for the site and the ancestors.

You are not activating anything, the site is activating you.

Be open to receive.

Hold space, protect yourself.

Don’t be a grave robber!

Avoid talking, try listening for a change.  Many times I find myself whispering to others if I choose to speak at all.

And Above All

Give thanks you have walked on this sacred ground, for now it is in you.

AHO!  Mitakuye’ Oyasin!