Cord Cutting: Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Tzi, October 2014

We hold onto things energetically. People hold onto us energetically. Clearing the field is beneficial for all parties concerned and also gets us out of a rut in our thinking and our emotional states. Cord or Line cutting is a practice I was taught many moons ago when I was in my teens. Later, when I was associated with two foundations for psychic research we did lots of experiments on the principles and the outcomes of this type of work.


How to Clear Energy

There are many ways to cut and clear energies. My suggestion is that you start with a smudge (read my post), then a shower or salt bath followed by the practice of “line cutting.” This can be done in many ways, such as a recapitulation technique (read my post). Recapitulation is used when there is a remaining emotional charge to the subject; it is best performed before the remaining lines are cut to the subject or subjects.

After you have cleared your aura and the emotional charge around the subject, clearly visualize yourself, then the subject or person. “See” the line and connections. Some may look like rope or string, others might look like rotted spagetti or roots. It is not necessary to clear the other person, and I suggest you just stick to yourself on this one. Look all over yourself, especially behind the shoulder blades, in the chest area, front and back and ladies between your legs if you have had any guests there, men too, check your connections and see who has left a hook a line or something.

When you have an idea of “where” they are attached, then pull out a sword or a giant pair of scissors and snip, snip, chop, chop, just like cutting weeds. The other end will go back where it came from. After performing this, breathe deeply the light and fill those holes with clear white light until they are radiating light, until “you” are radiating light. Now seal your aura, and you are done… next!

Don’t worry about cutting a valuable connection. If you cut the existing energy, it will re-connect and be a clearer and stronger connection. When I do cord cutting now, I use one fell swoop and cut all previous connections. I find that my loved ones always reconnect with me and that we are clearer than the previous vibration. Usually I can get a good nights rest, an *extra bonus.

Line cutting allows us to let go of attachment and make room for the Universe to do its job. Our responsibility is to clear and hold space for what we are manifesting, which is rarely a person or money. We may have issues or past experiences with people that need to be cleared or let go of for our best interest and to move forward.

I am posting this article at this time since we are in the very last of the Balsamic Moon and getting ready for a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse (a powerful one). Whatever of the past we can let go of between now and then will serve us much more greatly than we can at this time imagine. Do the work, do your work, it serves your highest good.

Otherwise, a general good day for line cutting is a Tijax day on the calendar Maya. It is also a practice that is well served on the last quarter lunar phase in preparation for the new cycle. Set yourself free.

Love and light. See you on the other side of the Eclipse!
~SL, 2014

Sacred Sites, Power Spots, Portals and Star Gates

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Ajpu, August 2014

All sacred sites are special, some are very specific. All activate something inside you. Power spots can be personal or planetary.

Power Spots, Portals and Stargates

We all have our certain places where we have been or have created that make us feel connected, grounded, present and inspired. Those are personal places of power.

When you go there physically or in your mind, you are refreshed and powered up. You can return again and again, literally or on a “journey.” I highly suggest if you are not using this type of visualization or practice, that you find, create and use it now, preferably on a daily basis.

Places “remember” us. It does not only go one way. You remember a tree? It most certainly remembers you, so say hi. You may go to that place, not to take anything, but to plug in and be refreshed, re-inspired, relaxed and to re-connect.

I live in a power spot, a sacred place. Living or visiting a place such as this will bring things to the surface. Things to be cleared will become apparent, and the opportunity to do so will present itself. Once these blockages are cleared, it allows room for more inspiration and refreshed thought.

I notice a lot of people these days recounting past experiences, it seems to be coming out in stories of the past. These are productive only if you are still in process with these energies. Some cultures, such as my ancestry, the Tewa, utilize storytelling as a way of teaching through metaphor, so it removes the personal story and makes it a functional teaching tool.

If you are telling stories of the past, you most certainly need to look at what you missed the first time around. If you catch yourself “stuck” in a specific time frame loop of stories, stop the action and look at what this is telling you about you. It may not be bad, you could simply be tapping a happier time. Well, what made that a happier time, or more anything? The answer is You.

How have you shifted and changed, or not? What have you been repeating, or not repeating, that your own consciousness wants to take you to another time and place to process? What can you do currently to be fully present in this moment to the point that no thought of the past or future enters here?

Sit with your pet, a flower, your garden or something inspirational. Please, above all, practice meditation! If you do not practice some type of meditation, how can you possibly make any progress of true expansion?

A sacred site or power spot (personal or planetary) can assist you greatly with this procedure or process especially if you enter into it with clear intention.

Star Gates

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a current or stream of information/energy/knowledge to come into our sphere for a certain period of time. A star gate has a mathematical and geometric alignment, thus creates a synchronicity. A star gate can facilitate a new way of thinking and processing by bringing in “new” energies. Sometimes the effects are immediate, and sometimes we ‘get it’ but it takes a while to integrate.

Every so often we get hit by a gamma ray burst or X-rays from a distant constellation like Cygnus. These are also star gates, allowing new energies into our sphere. The higher our vibratory rate, the greater the break through and the less physical discomfort we experience. Resistance is futile and also uncomfortable, so it’s best to just go with the flow, or “surf,” as we call it. Don’t get dragged under by these new energies, stay on top of the wave.


Portals exist and can also be opened, thus created. Ask anyone who has done ceremony with elders or knows any ritual magick, and they are likely to give you a lecture on learning to hold space before you go poking about with energies you are not familiar with.

Knowing your intent and setting, holding and closing space is essential knowledge. These works open portals. If you don’t close them properly, it’s a problem. Open and close all rituals and ceremonies, clean and clear the space before and after. If you have closed properly, there will be no necessity for a mop-up job afterwards, just sayin’. The portal will shut down after your intended works.

There are lots of stories of houses and places that become “weird” after a ceremony or ritual has been performed. I am telling you it’s due to the fact the people performing the openings don’t really know their stuff. They leave leaks or open portals all together. These are a challenge to shut down, since one likely does not know the ritual that opened them to begin with. Therefore, be mindful of your level of understanding!

There are also areas that are known for portals to other dimensions. We have an area here at Lake Atitlan, Lalibela Ethiopia is a portal area, and there’s also Mount Shasta, a couple of places in Argentina and of course Peru. Peru has many star gates and portals. You can do the research, or better yet, go there and talk to the locals. Lake Titicaca has been termed a portal area.

Just remember…

A star gate is an alignment that opens up a channel and subsequent current of transformative energy for a certain period of time.

A portal may be a fixed location or can be opened ritually.

Please remember to be mindful, intentional and know your stuff. Protect yourself as necessary.

It’s super important to be mindful of both what you are doing and why you are doing it. You hear me say this all the time, but are you truly conscious of what I am saying?

~ SL, 2014

Ceremony and Ritual

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 T’zi (Dog), June 2014


A ritual is a series of actions in a religious or spiritual ceremony, but can also be any procedure that is followed on a regular basis. A ceremony is usually a ritual with spiritual or religious intent, and is devotional in nature.

Shaman Performing Ceremony


People perform many rituals on a daily basis, from your morning ritual to the things you do the same general way, every time whenever possible. For women, it may also be beauty and personal care. The examples are endless. These are rituals.

You can, on a daily basis, also add other rituals that benefit not only your physical body and environment, but which also open you up to expansion in other realms, help and assistance from ancestors, communication with your higher self and connection with all things. Special ceremonies have been performed for aeons to mark special events, dates, seasonal beginnings, births, deaths and myriad purposes in between.

For special events, you can choose to gather special foods, flowers or things related to what you are doing. They may be for healing, such as in a plant ceremony, or a rite of passage of some sort, which is lacking in most Western cultures. We from indigenous heritage find these rites of passage very useful. They let you know you current responsibilities in the tribe or family unit.

In Tewa culture, there is never a family slot unfilled. When a grandmother passes, one of the mothers (usually the eldest) becomes the grandmother and the eldest daughter then becomes the mother. So there is always someone to speak to regarding things you would ask Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Aunt or Uncle. For instance an Aunt or Uncle would be consulted if the subject were an inappropriate question to ask a parent or grandparent.

This also puts the family in a mindful state, which produces the proper guidance for the one who seeks it. So in each family and tribal unit, there is a resource available to be tapped and utilized. My cousins and I used to laugh and say the tribe was in trouble when become the elders. Well, we have matured and have built on what we were taught as children, with the added wisdom of what we had to overcome in our generation. We are the extension of our family and tribe. Our life is also our resource. Now we are prepared. If this was practiced more in today’s society we wouldn’t be in the state we are currently in.

We do ceremony to remember. We do ritual to transform and strengthen ourselves.

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin! ~SL 2014

Techniques for Deep Primordial Yin Meditation

Written by Sherrie Locke on 12 Qanil, June 2014

meditation 4

Picture the Yin-Yang symbol. We live in the white part. What we are working to achieve is balance. In order to do so, we must access the primordial Yin, the birthing place.

One moves “down” and “in,” sinking and expanding into primordial Yin.

There are two basic ways of doing this. I learned both techniques from two respected elders, may they rest in peace.

General Relaxation and Meditation

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, hands and feet uncrossed. I find a straight-backed chair or lying down best.

Take several deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to clear the energy.

Adjust and get comfortable.

Start breathing deeply, long in breath through your nose breathing deeply from your diaphragm. This is known as “pot belly breathing.”


Exhale slowly, collapsing the diaphram until all air is exhausted.

Do this a few times.

You can also use this to breathe out impurities and anxieties, and to let your thoughts pass.

I like to do this flat on my back. Sitting in a chair works well too.

This basic technique can be used for all types of meditation, such as centering, grounding and earthing.

Over the years I have been exposed to many traditions and types of meditation. I felt guided to share two of the most powerful I have ever run across. Each was taught to me by a mentor, a respected elder, these are advanced meditation techniques to be used to access the plane of the absolute….

A quote that came up as I was preparing to write this article:

“Beyond the Plane of Creation is stillness, the Plane of Absolute. This is beyond time and space. On this plane, the Universe is only information that can be read and altered. From this plane, physical life is a hologram of this information.”
– Carola Arcadia

The Movie Screen Technique

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and well grounded (read my post about Grounding Techniques), hands flat, palms down on your thighs or in a cupped position, spine straight. Start the breathing process. Allow the profusion of your thoughts to come into and flow around your head (feels uncomfortable eh?). This is your daily life and thought process. Crazy huh? That is only what is in the field of awareness. Just think what all is running in the background programs of old trauma and belief systems.

meditation 7

While you experience this to its fullness, narrow it down to a TV screen and put all that on the TV screen. Push that TV to the far side of the room.

Let the comfort of stillness and darkness begin to surround you, the way the lights are dimming in a movie theatre. Feel yourself in the movie theatre of your life, apart from the screen, watching the movie.

Move further back in your consciousness until the screen becomes a drive-in movie theatre (farther away), then to something you have to view through a telescope. You will realize that you are sitting in primordial Yin. Let the screen run in the distance, listen or view it if you must, but if you can still tell what’s going on, move the screen farther away. Use this as a point of focus, a pinhole thread.

You are now in “the space,” the “place.”

This is not a place to put out your will, but a place to surrender and receive. Yin “in’..” Just breathe and regenerate. Sit with that part of yourself, that part of your divine nature.

In more advanced techniques one may place the screen on a rolling torus. You might want to work up to this, so wait a bit for such advanced heart expansion work.

For now, bask in the place of regeneration. Heal, reboot, allow yourself to transmute to transcend.

After a while, bring your attention back to the screen. You may wish to place an image or a symbol on the screen, as a sort of intermission break. Pick something beautiful. Whenever you wish to stop mental chatter, go to that picture or symbol and take a mental break or intermission if you will in the long movie that is your life.

Return to the present.

Submerging into the Depths Technique

I like this technique and use it for lots of things. I have a regular set place I can sink into in the bottom of the Mariannas Trench (the deepest part of all the oceans).

This technique is applied in a prone position, flat on your back. Now do as you did with the previous style of meditation…



Float on top of the ocean or any body of water you are comfortable with (I will expand on this subject in a future post). If a kiddie pool seems safer to you, go with that. The idea is to sink slowly to the bottom, under the water. This is a visualization, so don’t try it in a bathtub or pool, at least not without scuba gear, and never ever do this meditation in the ocean literally.

The idea is just like what happens when diving or snorkeling. All the stuff going on in your everyday world is above the surface of the water. If you have ever had the opportunity to scuba dive, you will get what I am saying. The surface is “up there.” The deeper you go, the less of it you can see and hear until you only know where it is but not what is going on there. Enjoy the fish, the coral reef, the depths and find or create yourself a space or a place you like to go explore or feel safe to chill. Remember, you can breathe there very well, gills or not.

water meditation 2

This is a place you can access anytime by diving beneath the hustle and bustle of the world to chill and rejuvenate your soul. Hey, it’s called achieving great depth. You can return to the surface world anytime you like and won’t even get the bends or have to decompress.

You can also use the floating on an air mattress on water technique for quick meditations and balancing. The 3D world is above, primordial Yin is beneath. You are the line, thus balanced between the two.

In closing…
After using these techniques for just a bit, you will find fresh inspiration welling up from the depths inside of you. These are your true callings, gifts and talents being birthed. You will find new points of interest and a fresh view as you have made sacred space, a vessel to be filled. This technique will also assist you in your Yang manifestations so they have a chance to gestate and be born.

meditation 3

These meditations are for “making space.” For recognizing the process of thought and perception. They are for deepening and expanding both fields: consciousness and awareness. Not in conflict but in harmony and balance.

One talks, one is silent.
One is high as the sky, one is as deep as the abyss.
Live in the balance of these.

It is done!
~SL 2014