The Effects of Solar Flares and Space Weather

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Tijax, June 2014

As I write this article, I am struggling with the effects of the very subject I am writing about, since in the past 48 hours we have had three X-class solar flares. Not facing Earth (thank God) but with effects all the same.

I will elaborate on the subject of “Space Weather” and how it is affecting us in a future post as to keep this one shorter, for the effects of the solar weather have our brains running a bit “sideways.” To briefly reference….

The quadrant of space we are currently entering and traversing is the “trigger” that is affecting the paradigm shift.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

Solar flares and other space weather can affect people as well as the electrical grid and electronic equipment.

For now, since this is happening right now and relevant, let’s stick to the subject of solar flares and their effect on our ascension process.

Solar Flares and Us

We (the Earth) NEED solar flares. The current solar maximum has been a bit disappointing in that department. We need solar flaring to boost our weakening magnetosphere, which shields us from cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts (which we have also been hit with recently), and other types of space weather.

So you see, we must have this energy. We require it for a shift, an upgrade so to speak, to be able to not only tolerate the current influx of energies, but also to thrive, evolve and expand in it.

We are truly in new and uncharted territory energetically.

First we must move out of the density. An old mentor once told me… “Relax, you have to let it pass right through you.” This translates into…

When you tense up or are resistant to a toxin, a thing, a person, an energy, you are then “engaged.” If you relax and let it pass right through you, it will not trigger your own density and the weighty reaction that might otherwise occur. Let it all pass through. Let it transform you.

Solar flares are waking up our DNA, shap-eshifting us. Yes, they cause us stress and upheaval . The frequencies affect our mind and body. Solar flares clear the memory stored in our cells and break up old energy patterns, so you will likely see and feel them come up and out.

Solar flares also affect the grid: electronics, communication (and Mercury is retrograde on top of this). They often trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, So as you can see, these are not easy or comfortable times.

When a solar flare happens it affects the earths magnetic field thus affecting our own magnetic fields waking up our DNA. Solar flares change physical reality. We are in mid shift. The best thing to do is to let it happen, as it will anyway, preferably without too much struggle.

Positive affirmations are a must, as old patterns are being dragged up and out. Be gentle with yourself and others. This energy is super high-powered, bringing with it the power to manifest instantly, so be diligent, be positive. Don’t focus on what you are letting go of, just let the emotion out and get back to ‘happy’ as soon as possible. Thinking of something that is ‘not’ wanted will attract that unwanted thing much faster in this time, so monitor your thoughts but don’t let them get you. Look at it as a movie review before the final edit.

On top of this energy is a very powerful full moon. Which is occurring after the end of a very powerful and transformational eclipse cycle. So we have already “changed.” Now we get to figure out how.

Some of you have been dealing with health issues, so it’s easier for you to see which way progress has occurred. Stop for a bit and contemplate all of this, and thank yourself for having come (or made it) this far.




Be not impatient. Know things are happening beyond your current view and that these are positive changes. Know that you and everything around you is evolving, morphing. Focus on what you love or what pleases you. Focus not on your displeasure or discomfort. Think about your perfect world, your perfect health in this very moment, the perfect circumstances manifesting.

Be diligent and repel (or eradicate) fear or doubt. Stamp your foot if need be, and proclaim your divine right to health and well-being. Smile at the craziness and know it leads somewhere fruitful and that your current attitude is key.

Happy Full Moon and Shape-shifting Everyone!

Happy Friday the 13th!

SL, 2014