Esoteric versus Exoteric Psychic Readings

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Vulture, January 2014

There is a gaping chasm between “Esoteric” and “Exoteric” psychic and Tarot readings and readers, even between modes of divination and Tarot decks. If you don’t already know the difference I will explain here.

Psychic readings may be esoteric or exoteric. This applies to Tarot card readings as well as all other kinds of psychic readings.

Esoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Exoteric means something intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.

So now that you have the definitions, this is how it works in the world of psychic readers. Most are “exoteric” readers who may have even developed skills as a mind reader or have become an expert in body language (tell me what good that will do you).

You might get “what you want to hear” or not, but these people are reading from their own base of the collective consciousness (for God’s sake!). They will likely ask you for your full name, birth date and possibly even your mother’s first name. I have even come across Tarot and psychic readers who make you fill out an application! They are not doing psychic readings, they are just giving their opinion. And not likely even good counseling.

I worked with an engineer from Bulgaria for a few years. His question/response when we were considering taking on a patient, a client or another team member, would be “how big is their swimming pool?” This translates into what do they look like (physically) and what type of environment do they live in? Who and what do they attract? Are they successful in their chosen field? What do their clients look like before and after?

You won’t always have time to do this type of investigation, but I will tell you that you can take one look at a person and tell how they are running energy. And if they are wearing a floral print dress with a three-foot-wide ass, I would say they are not doing very well. And you should run the other way or become subject to their opinions, racism or religious beliefs all piled up in a story that vaguely resembles your life.

They almost always advertise.

Think twice, and be mindful. If a healer is running energy properly and is an open channel, you are not likely to see a lot of physical ailments or too many things out of whack. I’m just sayin.

Esoteric Psychic Readers

On the flip side, there are a few really good “esoteric” readers around, they are no longer all in secret. Though many of them have been trained in those types of environments as well as in jungles and in indigenous cultures from around the world, they are mostly known as shamans and diviners and are held in very special esteem and localized to their respective “areas” or tribes.

Esoteric versus exoteric psychic readings, what's the difference?

They can read you like yesterday’s newspaper in a glance, know who you are, where you came from, what brought you here and likely your mother’s first name, which tribe you are from and your intention even when it is not clear to you (though they would never tell you).
An esoteric psychic or tarot reader may appear in your life from a call you have put out to the Universe, or be mentioned to you at some critical juncture. Take heed and seek this line of information. It will likely be more valuable to you on your path than you may even know, sometimes for years to come. I have had this experience.

A good reader will want no information from you at the beginning. *I always tell new clients when they want to give me info, “Please don’t. I don’t want to know anything about you before the reading.” Nothing. The less the better.

When the reading begins (in sacred space, see my post about Sacred Space) first the aura appears. Then the connection held in that sacred space will flow like a river. The reader, shaman or healer is then in tune with your higher self, actually in oneness, with the source of the consciousness that is your true self. Then real communication begins and the soul pours forth what the being sitting in it needs to hear, be it words, music, energy or myriad other frequencies that we are then able to open ourselves to and be transformed by. How great is that?

So the purpose of an esoteric psychic or tarot reading is to find out what your SOUL wants for your current incarnation at this juncture, who certain people are in this life and what purpose in your life they serve. Sometimes that is tied in with a past life or many of them, though I find that in “this” time/space/dimension on Earth it is more about what we are preparing ourselves for or becoming that is the important information, rather than where we have been (with the exception of the dynamics of your ancestry, which can be very potent at this time in the history of planet Earth, just look at the “Idle No More” movement.)

For more about this topic, see Esoteric and Exoteric Psychic Readings.

If you are ready to give up on, “does he like me?’” and “is this relationship…blah blah blah,” you might want to ask your Self what it might like to know and then put the call out to the Universe, and the right person will show up in your path for you to access the information that is rightfully yours.

Note: this can also be done through discipline, meditation and years of introspective study, but hey, these days who has all that time, right? The time has come that the sages and diviners who were hidden away and protected by their clans and tribes are now out in the world and are accessible for those who seek their highest manifestation in this incarnation.

SL 2014

Symbols or Weapons of the Four Directions

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Serpent, March 2014

The Four Directions and their Symbols and Weapons

Direction Time Color Tarot Suit Symbol or Weapon
East Sunrise Yellow Sword Feather or Dagger
South Noon Red Wands Wand or Fire
West Sunset Black or Blue Cups Chalice
North Midnight White Coins Coin, Pentacle or Shield

This is according to Western occult tradition. Some indigenous people, such as the Maya, may use other directional colors for their ceremonies. (The Maya use red for east and yellow for south.) Most are reversed north to south at the equator.

The four directional colors represent the four races:
Yellow of the East
Red of the South
Black of the West
White of the North

The four elements are:

Most traditions I work with are generally in this format due to my obsession with the “connecting thread.”

As in anything, traditions are also evolving, so colors and gender may vary in schools of thought and study both in older and more recent curriculum of esoteric study. I will say the Western initiatory path is pretty much standardized back to basic Kaballistic theory.

As you gather your weapons, they will likely be what you use from here on unless you decide to replace them with an upgrade.

Note: with feathers, we (the Elders) find that the feathers of a living bird are the most powerful kind, and many times are “gifted” by a spirit animal, It’s a totem thing, very strong.

Next a ritually sacrificed animal. Don’t freak, it’s done all the time in tribal cultures, in a sacred manner and all parts of the sacrifice are utilized, nothing is ever wasted.

Third, some feather whose history you do not know can be a symbol you can relate to.

In the USA, please be aware that possession of certain feathers carries a hefty fine and some are not allowed to be transported anywhere. So don’t do show and tell or hang it from you rearview mirror. We as first nations people actually have to have a permit to possess and carry certain sacred objects, go figure. One eagle feather incident could be a $50,000 fine and jail time if they wanted to push it, so be mindful.

Also, it is better to use a cup or knife whose history you know rather than picking up some antique that has been God knows where or used for what purpose. Be mindful!

As I have said before, some items, particularly ritual items, cannot be cleared, so I can read them, if I would choose to even touch them. If I am not in the same location with said item, I can easily check its vibe and likely its history, too. Yes, I do this work, but please don’t show up with questionable items and expect me to do whatever you ask. I may not, I might, it certainly will not be for free.

For representation of earth I may use some dirt or a rock, but usually a coin of some kind.

Be creative, stick within your base of knowledge. If you start changing currents of natural flow, you had best be conscious of WHY. Stick to the basics of what you understand for now; you can get elaborate with banners of the four directions, symbols and items as you learn and grow more accustomed to working a medicine wheel or ceremony for invoking or evoking an energy. I have already posted a blog on the subject of evocation or invocation, and suggest you know the difference before you commence on this subject.

In the mean time… have fun, learn, refine, expand!

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin!
Blessed be!
It Is Done.

Choosing a Tarot Deck or Other Divination System for Personal Growth

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ahau, March 2014

Remember, “The path of initiation opens doors that were previously closed.”

So this means, “to open a path.”

All the knowledge of that path comes after one enters the gate.

Tarot Cards
The 22 trumps or major arcana relate to the evolution of the soul.

The four suits are not only a regular playing card deck, but esoterically also the four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The 22 trumps or major arcana depict, a construct or a passage of the soul from the Fool to The Universe. I will discuss esoteric reversal and replacement of certain cards in the order of the construct as we progress over time.

Each Tarot trump, and every card, for that matter, conveys a thought, a principle or an archetype. The study can go on for a lifetime.

When choosing a Tarot deck, take these things into consideration.

Choose one at your level of understanding.

I like to start people out with a Ryder-Waite deck, or my favorite for many years, the Albano-Waite deck. Slight differences make the Albano version more correct, and the four suits (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) have a background theme throughout each element that keeps your attention on that element. For example, Water has a water theme that is mostly blue, Fire is a bit of a hot background theme, Air is more yellow and spring looking, and Earth is, well, earthy. So the Albano-Waite deck triggers the subconscious, helping you to make the connections.

So choose a tarot deck wisely. You are not going to go out and buy one, put up a shingle that says
“Tarot Reader” and do yourself or anyone else a service. Let’s keep this personal at this stage, and for soul development.

The Thoth Tarot Cards
I read the Thoth Tarot deck but I would not suggest it to novices or anyone without a basic knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet, The Tree of Life (basic Kabala), astrology and certain other initiatory practices. It’s too much for the layperson, and Crowley will smack you right in the face with your own shit. For real.

Other helpful divination systems are runes and, of course, the I-Ching (pronounced the Ee-Ching). Note that the 16 court cards in a Tarot deck correspond to 16 hexagrams (of 64) in the I-Ching divination system. I will elaborate on this in my book.

There are many other oracles, from Persian to Maya to Greek, to West African systems. They utilize everything from tea leaves to cowrie shells, from sticks of yarrow to stones and bones…it’s endless. So as I said, keep it on your level of understanding and training.

Researching Divination Systems
Sit with each system and see which one resonates with you.

You are only to use these divination systems at first to determine your own state of character. Second, to determine what a scenario or person is teaching you or its underlying meaning, and finally (after lots of practice on the first two), you may inquire about a person, a business partner or viability of any operation from starting a venture to a magickal working.

I would like to leave you now with a hint.

Meditate on tarot trump number 1, The Magician. Also related to this concept is Hexagram number 1 in the I-Ching, The Creative or the 7 Dragons ascending to heaven. These are the “control’ “elements and the doorway to open either the I-Ching or the Tarot to you for further studies.

I suggest you sit with either of these systems on a daily basis meditation until you feel yourself shift into them. You become the Magician, you become The Creative.

Now go forth and find your system to advanced personal insight and growth!

Ho Mitakuye Oyasin!

My New Blog about Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Hi Everyone,

Today I am initiating my new blog!  I plan on bringing you diverse and eclectic info about psychic readings, tarot readings, aura readings, sacred sites with psychic properties and other exclusive information from the land of the Maya for your perusal and enjoyment. Blessings!