Living the Sacred Way


Written by Sherrie Locke, 28 October 2018, 9 No’j

One must make a commitment to a way of life. Stay focused on the vision.

This is what brings the energy and the people that share the experience. There is strength in numbers and shared vision.

It takes years of trial and error, success and failure, both personal challenges that lead to growth and challenges in learning with whom we work in harmony. Also to learn about conflict, which is a predecessor to any creation. For out of chaos comes order and refinement of vision. Then we are at a vantage point, correct alignment and only then will the proper action be revealed. It is our responsibility to act upon it.

Thus refining the skill sets, expanding the vision and developing  unique individual expression – which contributes to the greater whole. Be it music, art, education one has to offer… (the list can go on and on to encompass several more blog posts by this author). The principle is to focus on our strengths and utilize the potential of each individual that contributes OR benefits from our efforts, even if all we get in return is a heart felt Thank You.

I felt directed to write this post today as many of you are facing life changing opportunities, possibly seen by you as impossible challenges. I ask you on this day to sit still, to quiet your mind, to tune into your heart and then focus on the beauty around you, the miracles that occur around you on a daily basis. The fact that this life is a blessing and it is always your choice in which energies you participate and thus bring forward into the manifestation of your future.

Do you choose love? Do you choose happiness? Are you feeling empowered and driven? Are you willing to make the changes required to have these dynamics in your life from this day forward?

If your answer is yes to this inquiry then you already know the level of dedication that is required to implement the daily disciplines that are necessary to stay in a focused state, with a clear head and a pure heart. To be in a state of gratitude and awe at the beauty and splendor of your life, YOUR creation. Be it a breakthrough or a lesson that benefits you to better understand yourself and others. You are the author of your story, make sure you edit accordingly so it is a model for your life and an inspiration for yourself others.

Blessings, Love and Light… S.L. 2018

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The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

written by Sherrie Locke

Here we are at the greatly touted Solar Eclipse of 2017. It is the second new moon in Leo in this annual eclipse season. Yes they happen every year in two rounds. What makes this eclipse special is the fact it tracks across the entire United States from West to East in a 65 mile wide, 1500 mile+, coast to coast sweep in about 90 minutes.

This eclipse will be the most photographed in history, it will have more video produced than any other eclipse and the fact that it crosses the U.S. makes it an auspicious event for our country. Here’s the information for Dallas Texas, you can adjust the times to the East or West coast…

We have been energetically preparing for this eclipse for approximately six months, the effects of this eclipse will last for the next six months. Pay attention to what has been causing anxiety, these arrows point to what, or whom needs to be let go, what you need to transcend to grow. For some it may be a health issue, for others this time before the eclipse may have signaled what you need to change. The six month period after this eclipse will give you the opportunity to re-work things.

This eclipse is also in the middle of a Mercury retrograde which has similar properties of addressing hidden issues that may arise. So this cycle can be a huge breakthrough if you have been feeling stuck. Go easy on yourself and others, watch what comes up and lovingly feel the energy and let it pass right through you.

Be careful if you choose to view the eclipse. In many Native American cultures we would not view the eclipse (we didn’t have the technology to do so in the past) and would retreat into lodge, kiva or prayer. It s a time to be close with family. A time to close our eyes and meditate as the sacred dance occurs on our home soil.

Pray for Peace, ask for help and clear guidance to optimize the healing of this beautiful planet, yourself, your loved ones and pets. Enjoy the mystery and wonder without judgement or opinion and above all, let this eclipse open your heart, you have so much share with the world, maybe more than you have ever known.


S.L., August 20th, 2017, less than 24 hours before the Great American Eclipse.


The Full Super Moon of October 2015


As we approach the full moon of October 2015 (exact at 8:05am on the East coast of the US and 5:05am on the Pacific coast) Tuesday October 27, may we reflect on the year so far. What changes have you experienced this year? What is still welling up from underneath that you have been avoiding paying attention to? What breakthroughs have occurred and how have you honed in on your ‘prime directive’?

These changes were a precursor to the energies at hand, do not fear them, embrace them, as they are the stripped naked version of you. Don’t criticize yourself (or others), look for the beauty and simplicity of each moment while holding vision of your true self, living in happiness, harmony, good health and abundance. These points will serve you well in the weeks and months to come.

Let go of ‘the way things have always been’. Make room for the unexpected and expect the best. Hold true to your higher self by letting go of conflict and control and ‘allow’ things to be different. Hold space for the best outcomes and versions of yourself and loved ones. Feel your heart chakra. Give thanks you have made it this far.

If things in the world are upsetting you, look for a solution and do not polarize with the issues at hand. See a positive outcome for all even if you think it’s a fairy tale. Above all, if something is upsetting you, turn it off or walk away and get back to what makes you feel good in the moment.

For some this Full Moon will signal the return of productivity and creativity, whew, we need that one after expending the energy of creativity to get out of a logjam or a ‘groundhog day’ loop.

Remember, full moons break impasse so go within and let go of that thing that has been bugging you and get on with the new paradigm.

Lots of Love and Blessings to you all!
-SL, October 2015

New Moon, April 18, 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Kej, April 17, 2015.

Tomorrow, April 18th, 2015 at 2:57PM on the East coast of the US, 11:57AM on the West coast and 1:57PM here in Texas, we have the New Moon in Aries (in Western astrology).


Since the last New Moon actually occurred at 29 degrees Pisces, this last lunar phase has had an emphasis on continuing to let go of what no longer serves us and our elevated path.

This New Moon will have a different feel altogether. It may seem more like a new beginning than the last lunar phase, even with Pluto having gone retrograde yesterday and remaining in retrograde cycle for the next six months.

This coming week will feel like certain things have become clarified, crystallized, a new path clearly being shown to us. It was like training for the Olympics for the past three years, the games are now on for real. Welcome to the 5D playground. Sometimes it may seem more like The Karma Cafe’, no menus, you get served what you deserve.

This new lunar phase is all about setting intentions (with new info and people) so be clear on what you wish to manifest. State your intentions, out loud, do affirmations, out loud. Visualize and FEEL what you want, you will be shown the way to acheive it. Be FEARLESS! Your heart is the beacon. Keep your brain from overanalyzing the current info, you are also processing your own fears and reconciling past experience.

You CAN be happy, you CAN have what you want.

How have you made space for these things to arrive? Don’t pre-judge, don’t pre-determine DO work on your trajectory. Do remember the time from now until the New Moon (less than 24 hours) is the balsamic lunar phase, time to LET GO! Set your new revised intention when the New Moon occurs and hold that intention.

Healing comes from letting there be room for all of ‘this’ to happen: room for grief,
for relief, for misery for Joy.
-Pema Chodron

~S.L., 2015

Jupiter Direct

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Tijax, April 8, 2015


Finally, after four months and some change, Jupiter, the planet of all things expansive, goes stationary/direct. This event is exact at 11:57AM here in Texas, 12:57PM on the East coast of the US and 9:57AM on the Pacific coast.

Shortly after this event (give it a couple of days) you will start feeling the effects of this turn around. It will be noticeable. It is the first truly expansive energy that has hit us in a while so keep your energy on point with your prime directive.

Jupiter energy is like ‘super sizing’ everything so make sure your point of focus is on some area you wish to INCREASE.

Take a deep breath, stay on point!
~S.L. 2015

The Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon April 4, 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Batz, April 1, 2015.

Blood moon eclipse

Happy April everyone!

Whew, seems like event after event happening rapid fire in 2015. We all knew it was coming but how does it feel since we have made it most of the way through the first Eclipse wormhole passage of 2015? This right after the exit of the 3 year, 7 hit, Pluto Uranus Square (with some Mars on top at the end). That’s a lot of transformation, realization, letting go and now, realignment.

After this next Eclipse things will start falling into some sense of order, I hope you are happy with what has landed on your plate. I know I am.

I ask frequently, how are you faring in these energies? What has left your life? What habits have you dropped? More importantly at this juncture, what, or who, has shown up in your new, personal post apocalyptic life? What information have you received about you? Your relationships? Your future? (*which you are creating now)… Clearer isn’t it? You may still not know the outcome, but you DO know the desired effect you wish, so stay on vibrational track with that.

They say the split has happened. I certainly will say it cleared some things up (and people out) and there have been quite a few interesting amplifications just to make sure we are awake and on point with what we actually would like to achieve and create. Some powerful alliances have come together out of the seeming clear blue (that’s not quite what happened). These people, places and things in your life are a reflection of how you have grown internally, spiritually. If you are happy with the current results then keep that up and just keep adding more of what you like to the experience.

We have entered the playground of the 5D where what is inside of us is the reflection we see in the world around us. What are you seeing? Where has your focus been drawn lately. What do you want to quit? What do you want more of? Now is the time that all those hidden and buried feelings, desires and wishes are raging to the surface making you wonder why on earth you didn’t make more room or let go of old stuff sooner. Well welcome to the new, welcome to the 5D. Have you noticed you cannot spend too much time in the old 3D construct? It’s like… Run!

Relevant details of this eclipse:

First off, this Lunar eclipse occurs at 14 degrees Libra 21 minutes (in western tropical house astrology). The exact time of this full moon is 8:06am on the East coast of the US and 5:06 am on the West coast of the US which will likely be the best viewing of the total lunar eclipse. Here’s a link for all that info…

This event happens on a Jaguar day on the calendar Maya, a 6 Ix day, in a trecena of Water (Toj) so this eclipse is very significant in several respects and in relation to many cultures. The Moon herself is feminine, the Jaguar or IX represents the divine feminine, the trecena of water of course deepens the effect even further.

This eclipse will trigger a huge shift in consciousness (yes, another one) this time with forward progress as we have now exited the wormhole/portal into the new chapter of our lives, don’t rush the process, FEEL the change, allow yourself to shapeshift into the new you.

The ‘way’ is IN, the ‘way’ is DEEP, the ‘way’ is LOVE.

~S.L. 2015
See you on the other side! Blessings!

Enter the Portal

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Tijax and 4 Kawoq, March 20, 2015


We are entering the first Eclipse cycle of 2015.

Fasten your seat belts and keep your eye on the prime directive… Love and Gratitude.

I wish the best for all of you during this time of transformation as we move into and through the portal.

See You on the other side!
~S.L. 2015