My First Psychic Experiences

A dear friend once asked me how I ended up being a professional psychic. I had to sit with this for a bit, because in reality there has never been a time in my life that I didn’t have “extra” things going on.

When I was very small (in a high chair) I remember seeing light around the dog, my mom and the plants and trees. I always knew that they were beings too. I was a kid with a few health issues so occasionally, when running fevers, I would talk with all the beings that were by my side. When there was a death of a relative on my mom’s side of the family, they always appeared in my room to let me know the news I would be receiving in the morning.

It wasn’t super special in the Tafoya clan, for everybody in the family has “skills,” though many of them just take them for granted and even think “everybody” does that. My mom, my aunts and I always said we could have a conversation with our “eyes,” and it could get very entertaining at outings and family events what with everyone prying in on your business. We used to say that if you even get near the border of Colorado, you better go see grandma or at least call, cos she “knows” you are near.

My Aunt Lorenza taught us kids how to “read the signs” and to use “eagle vision” (currently known as remote viewing). To this day my cousins and I call it our FM.

Based on the firm fact that I “knew” there was more than was answered for me, and the blessing that I was not in a practicing religious household due to the fact that my native American lineage was firmly embedded by this time in Catholicism and my dad’s family was Church of Christ, we only had to attend certain events, so I was spared all that. My father was a chiropractor and didn’t like allopathic medicine, so we were basically a “holistic” family.

I always asked questions that were not sufficiently answered. So since I learned to read and write at a very early age (way before kindergarten) and had two sets of encyclopedias in my room. I started doing research (yes, before kindergarten). I had a list of things and places and people and religions I wanted to investigate. This turned into a lifelong fascination and course of study. Philosophy, religion, magick and what I termed looking for the “golden thread” that connected it all to the real deal and where that may lead.

These were my “formative years” and my first of innumerable psychic experiences.
Sherrie Locke, 9 Eagle in January 2014

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