My First Tarot Readings

Even though I knew since childhood that I had psychic abilities, I was definitely not interested in psychic readings or Tarot card readings, as I thought it all pertained to gypsies and Indian fakirs. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I was in a bookstore looking for more interesting and ancient texts that a woman came up to me and asked me if I would like to develop my gifts.

I said, what gifts? She told me, “You have the ability to see light or auras around people.”

I said, well how do you know? She replied, “I see them too, and there is a way of learning to control that ability.” She said she had been “receiving in meditation” that she was to take on six students after all these years of avoiding it (she used to be a government research psychic et al, and she thought I was one of them).

She gave me her card, I went home and threw it away. When it turned up on my dresser a few days later, I threw it away again. A couple of months later when cleaning out a closet, I found the card laying in the bottom under some shoes, I thought, wow, ok I might call, so in a few days I did.

She said, “There you are! I was awaiting your call the others are ready, and we can begin classes soon.” Classes? Where? When? She said twice a month for two years! I was like huh? I contemplated until she called with the date and time, and I said yes, I will be there.

(Those two years of study are another story. You can refer to the 2009 film The Men Who Stare at Goats for the short version.)

Upon our graduation, she invited the most intimidating people she could find: doctors, lawyers, a candidate for senator, old “lodge” types and the like. We were required to bring all out tools and trades to this event, though it had been stated in advance that we would do what we were best at or our main modality for the guests that night.

I was confident that I could do fifteen or so aura readings and past life readings in the time allotted to me, and then we were to have a break and then a lecture or something by our teacher, Rose.

Rose had told me on several occasions that I would become a very famous Tarot reader. I always laughed and said, “That’s funny, I don’t even like Tarot or readings and have never sought them out, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even study that part.” (Hee hee.)

So after the sessions I was eating a cookie when Rose announced that it was time for the second guest of the evening. She said that she would not be doing the rest of your Tarot readings this evening, that “we have a very good reader here who will be taking over for me at this time.” I was in the kitchen barely listening to what was going on when I heard her say, “Sherrie Locke will be doing all the readings for the rest of the evening, feel free so line up for this treat.”

Needless to say all the blood drained out of my face. I went out and grabbed Rose by the arm and took her into the kitchen. I told her I hadn’t studied and was the worst choice for the job. She told me she had all the confidence in the world in my skills and I should go out and “knock ‘em dead.”

My first reading was a candidate for Senate, then the head of some lodge. I did them all and was laughing by the end. One week later I started getting requests for bookings and was contacted by the matriarch of the “psychic fair” world, Nevada Hudson. Thus began my journey in the world of professional psychic readers and Tarot readers in 1983-84.

I was still working for Saxon Oil then. I began working full time as a professional psychic in 1987, traveling, doing lectures and eventually teaching for several years while submerging myself in other metaphysical “hobbies,” organizations and training in diverse healing modalities.

The cool thing about all that work and discipline is that out of the six of us, Rose turned out five professional psychics, all with different skills and specialties, who are working today on four continents with the added bonus that we all learned each others skills, if not by interest, training and practice then by osmosis. It was truly a blessing to have been a part of that group as well as the youngest member.

And that was my first Tarot reading, which opened a door to a whole new world of psychic experiences and adventure.
Sherrie Locke, 9 Eagle in January 2014

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