Letting Go

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Chicchan, August 2014

Here we are at the last quarter lunar phase of the most powerful Super Moon of 2014. What did this Super Moon bring up for you? What are you processing?


Now is the time to let go. Let go of what worries you, let go of what makes you feel any less than happy and motivated. Let go of control.

On this day I woke up thinking about what I wanted to post today. I started writing this before I realized it is 11 Snake on the calendar Maya. Shed those layers, squiggle out of that old skin. Ignite a new koyopa!

If you have been dealing with health issues, this is your week to throw them away in preparation for a pro-active, positive forward progress new moon that will occur next Monday, August 25 at 9:13 AM Guatemala time. So do your work of identifying and eradicating anything that no longer serves your path.

No more:

Self doubt.

Toxic relationships.

Giving your power away to worry.

Stop it! If you must in order to witness it, do it one last time and then let it go permanently. Do salt baths, let it out, say goodbye.

Letting go does not mean giving up on your dreams. It means letting go of control of how you “think” things should manifest, getting out of your own way. Let go of control. You know what you want. Make way for the Universe to shape shift and provide that option to you.

Yes, it is a choice. When that opportunity opens up and shows itself to you and you know it is related to what you want, don’t question, manipulate or micro-manage it to death, simply let it unfold. Just do it, jump onto the ride.

This week may have challenging “ghosts” arising. Past relationship memories or things that set you off. Observe these things, preferably without judging yourself or others. Take a moment before you react. See if it’s a valid memory/emotion, or just another trigger to throw you into a loop of despair or anger. Pull your feelers back into you rather than the world at large.

What inside of you needs healing? Fix that and the external world will follow suit. If you were not at war internally, there would be no war externally. So do your work for yourself first. Find a place of peace in your heart and happiness within you. Start there.

Hope and desire will start to build within you and doorways to healing and the space for that to occur will miraculously appear.

So let go and give yourself permission to be happy and healthy!

“By letting go all gets done.” – Lao Tzu

Much Love,
~SL 2014