New Moon with a Mercury Retro on Top

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Caban/Noj, May 17, 2015.

I haven’t posted in a while, partially due to the fact that I am (almost) in the middle of my Path of the Plummed Serpent, partly due to the fact that I myself have been indulging in the transformative energies at hand. I bet you have been having a time with the energies too (hopefully a good time).

Here we are, already in the middle of May. This is the last full lunar phase before we change elements on the Solstice in June. This feature of Mercury going into the core of the retrograde at the same time the moon is moving into the next cycle is super interesting. It is giving us one last round of review before we enter the next element on the coming Solstice, which for us here in the Northern hemisphere is an exit from the element of AIR, the element of RIGHT INTENT and entering into the element of FIRE which is the element of RIGHT ACTION. For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, you will be exiting the element of WATER the place of RIGHT FAITH/EMOTIONS and entering the element of EARTH the place of RIGHT RECEIVING.

You might ask WHY I am explaining all this the month prior to this event, well, there is a purpose. There are approximately 3 lunar phases in each element, the first is the entry segment, the second is the full energy of that element, the third is the energy preparing us for the next element. What have the last two lunar phases shown you about yourself and others? Where do further changes need to occur to optimize your run through the next element. I am most certain the Universe (You) is showing this to you. If you cannot yet see it, don’t worry, this Mercury retro will bring it up for you to view, review and revamp.

The good news, as always, is… you don’t have to make these changes all at once. The more you willingly make the changes the faster you will transform and be on a totally different platform to achieve the goals in your life. Cleansed, purified, streamlined and ready to rock. The more we willingly let go of control of the way it manifests the bigger and better it can and will manifest. It’s all about holding that space and vision with PASSION.

If you have done your internal work properly you have overcome your internal obstacles and the path opens up ahead of you and all you have to do at that point is say YES and walk through the door into your newest manifestation. It’s as simple as that.
Blog photo-2*side note: when what you have been asking for arrives, you must honor it by letting it change you and your life. If you say no, now is not the time, you may never have the chance again, so be prepared for a huge shift and willing to say yes to the changes when they occur.

Technical details:

This New Moon Occurs at 12:13 AM on the East coast of the US, 9:13 PM on the US West coast, May 18, 2015. Mercury is stationary at the time I am posting this article and will go retrograde at 9:49 PM on the East coast and 6:49 PM on the Pacific coast of the US, about 19 hours after the New Moon.

As always, stay on your prime directive, after all this is a New Moon even with the review cycle it will present. Remember, we are preparing for another elemental cycle, if you set it up right it will carry you to the manifestation of your dreams.

Blessed Be,


Lunar Cycles and the New Moon

Written by Sherrie Locke, on 9 Batz, June 2014

This is the first of a four-part series on lunar cycles and how to optimize these cycles.


As I write this article, we have a #NewMoon approaching on Friday, June 27, at 5 degrees Cancer 37 minutes. The new moon occurs at 4:08 AM EST in the United States.

There are some things we can do at this juncture to ensure our progress on this next very powerful lunar phase.

We have three new moons each element or season. There is actually an extra one every year, since we actually have thirteen lunar cycles in one year: 3 x 4 = 12 + 1 = 13.

The first new moon after the shift of an element, as in the one we are about to experience, is the “commencement” of said elemental energy. There is also the influence of the zodiacal sign in which each new moon occurs. For instance, a new moon in Aries may feel more energetic than a new moon in Pisces. That is a sweeping generalization, due to the fact that each may affect a certain person much differently depending on their natal chart. Just presenting an example.

The Root Element

Also occurring in each season is the “root” element, which is also represented by the Aces in the Tarot deck. In this case, the Air of Air, the Fire of Fire, the Water of Water and the Earth of Earth, are Energies that we call the “root of the powers of AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH,” which appear at certain intervals and are very significant.

They happen at the Sun/Moon conjunction in the sign that is also the element of that season. The Air of Air, for example, will occur in an AIR sign in the element of Air, so it will be on the new moon in Gemini, the first air sign of the zodiac. The Fire of Fire will occur after the Summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere) and on the new moon of the first Fire sign, Leo, and so on, north or south of the equator. You can take this and expand as far as you like, all the way to planetary and elemental days and hours.

The New Moon

Each new moon occurs when the sun and moon are conjunct (close in the same sign).

This upcoming new moon in Cancer (in Western tropical house astrology), we are sure to have emotions (Cancer) rise to the surface for review and clearing. The more you can clear prior to the new moon, the less amplification (drama) you will need for clarity and clearing, or to get the point, so to speak. The waning moon, (where we are at the time I write this post) end of the lunar cycle is super productive for letting go, so use this time before the new moon to let go and clear as much as possible in preparation for the next step forward.

To effect change that is upon us, we can go with the flow or swim against the current (which is exhausting), your choice. It is not for one to float aimlessly down the river, but to set a goal and trajectory and ride both the calm and the rapids with the skill of a kayaker aiming for the outcome rather than the individual challenges. Be prepared for challenges, but steer around the boulders and through the passage as quickly and easily as possible. Like shooting the rapids, know where you want or intend to end up at the end of this run.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, don’t get agitated (Fire element), and for you folks in the southern hemisphere, don’t let the weight (Earth) of the tasks hold you down. We have a three-month cycle that is about to begin in earnest, so do your best.

The new moon does not appear in the sky until about three days into the lunar phase. In indigenous traditions, commencement also relates to visibility.

The last three days of the lunar phase, the shift to new moon and a day or so in, is considered to be the dark of the moon. A time of being still (hopefully after letting go of what no longer serves you). It’s like General MacArthur or Ghengis Khan the night before implementing “the plan,” which I might add has been reviewed, reconsidered and is ready to rock, on the first moonrise.

In closing, I urge you to recapitulate and let go of what no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. When you free yourself of fear and self-condemnation and let go of drama (yours or others), you are then free to move forward with correct action toward your goals and dreams. You have room in your life to “receive” what you truly desire. I am most certain you do not desire more drama and setbacks.

Re-adjust, let go.

Re-align, aim high.

Go forth on this new moon and bring your dreams into manifestation!
Remember… “Always Forward”…

~ SL 2014