The Current Energies in March 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 8 Tzi, March 2015


How have you been faring in these current energies?

For me, it has been one thing after another, some seeming to pertain to me (*you know it’s all of it) but most seemingly totally related to others. Moms and close relationships have pretty much been key for all of us. Have you noticed yourself getting agitated when people you love don’t take care of themselves?

Personally, this has been a theme throughout my life. As I watch (and sometimes suggest) how things can be improved, suddenly the stress “flips” and funnels right back, making one learn the lesson (ad nauseam) of practice what you preach…or teach.

I’m pretty holistic (some of you who know me are laughing right now, since you know I am the allopathic antithesis point), being a person who only uses Western allopathic medicine for necessary surgical procedures or broken bones.

In this matter you have noticed how people have totally chosen one side of the equation or the other. I have seen recently that there is more attention to food and supplementation. Even allopathic doctors are chiming in on this more than ever.

On another note, we may all be a bit tired or even exhausted from the last three years, so get your rest now while you can. Know your limits but push them a bit everyday. Do set healthy boundaries.

Have you noticed how clearing things out makes room for the new? If so, I bet you are still looking at what else can be let go of.

The Current Lunar Phase and Major Upcoming Square

We are currently entering the portion of the lunar phase to “let go.” Let go of what-ifs and procrastination of all kinds, let go of addictions to people, places and things. Stay centered in your heart.

The next exact Pluto/Uranus square happens on Monday/Tuesday, March 16/17 depending on where you are on the globe. We are thoroughly feeling and sitting in the energy as I write this article. After the exact square, the energy will start to ease up somewhat and the tune will change after we enter this next eclipse cycle, which begins with this next New Super Moon with a Solar Eclipse and the Equinox! Wow, fasten your seat belts!

I will post an article on this event in the next day or so.

Peace and Love,

~S.L. 2015

Esoteric versus Exoteric Psychic Readings

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Vulture, January 2014

There is a gaping chasm between “Esoteric” and “Exoteric” psychic and Tarot readings and readers, even between modes of divination and Tarot decks. If you don’t already know the difference I will explain here.

Psychic readings may be esoteric or exoteric. This applies to Tarot card readings as well as all other kinds of psychic readings.

Esoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Exoteric means something intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.

So now that you have the definitions, this is how it works in the world of psychic readers. Most are “exoteric” readers who may have even developed skills as a mind reader or have become an expert in body language (tell me what good that will do you).

You might get “what you want to hear” or not, but these people are reading from their own base of the collective consciousness (for God’s sake!). They will likely ask you for your full name, birth date and possibly even your mother’s first name. I have even come across Tarot and psychic readers who make you fill out an application! They are not doing psychic readings, they are just giving their opinion. And not likely even good counseling.

I worked with an engineer from Bulgaria for a few years. His question/response when we were considering taking on a patient, a client or another team member, would be “how big is their swimming pool?” This translates into what do they look like (physically) and what type of environment do they live in? Who and what do they attract? Are they successful in their chosen field? What do their clients look like before and after?

You won’t always have time to do this type of investigation, but I will tell you that you can take one look at a person and tell how they are running energy. And if they are wearing a floral print dress with a three-foot-wide ass, I would say they are not doing very well. And you should run the other way or become subject to their opinions, racism or religious beliefs all piled up in a story that vaguely resembles your life.

They almost always advertise.

Think twice, and be mindful. If a healer is running energy properly and is an open channel, you are not likely to see a lot of physical ailments or too many things out of whack. I’m just sayin.

Esoteric Psychic Readers

On the flip side, there are a few really good “esoteric” readers around, they are no longer all in secret. Though many of them have been trained in those types of environments as well as in jungles and in indigenous cultures from around the world, they are mostly known as shamans and diviners and are held in very special esteem and localized to their respective “areas” or tribes.

Esoteric versus exoteric psychic readings, what's the difference?

They can read you like yesterday’s newspaper in a glance, know who you are, where you came from, what brought you here and likely your mother’s first name, which tribe you are from and your intention even when it is not clear to you (though they would never tell you).
An esoteric psychic or tarot reader may appear in your life from a call you have put out to the Universe, or be mentioned to you at some critical juncture. Take heed and seek this line of information. It will likely be more valuable to you on your path than you may even know, sometimes for years to come. I have had this experience.

A good reader will want no information from you at the beginning. *I always tell new clients when they want to give me info, “Please don’t. I don’t want to know anything about you before the reading.” Nothing. The less the better.

When the reading begins (in sacred space, see my post about Sacred Space) first the aura appears. Then the connection held in that sacred space will flow like a river. The reader, shaman or healer is then in tune with your higher self, actually in oneness, with the source of the consciousness that is your true self. Then real communication begins and the soul pours forth what the being sitting in it needs to hear, be it words, music, energy or myriad other frequencies that we are then able to open ourselves to and be transformed by. How great is that?

So the purpose of an esoteric psychic or tarot reading is to find out what your SOUL wants for your current incarnation at this juncture, who certain people are in this life and what purpose in your life they serve. Sometimes that is tied in with a past life or many of them, though I find that in “this” time/space/dimension on Earth it is more about what we are preparing ourselves for or becoming that is the important information, rather than where we have been (with the exception of the dynamics of your ancestry, which can be very potent at this time in the history of planet Earth, just look at the “Idle No More” movement.)

For more about this topic, see Esoteric and Exoteric Psychic Readings.

If you are ready to give up on, “does he like me?’” and “is this relationship…blah blah blah,” you might want to ask your Self what it might like to know and then put the call out to the Universe, and the right person will show up in your path for you to access the information that is rightfully yours.

Note: this can also be done through discipline, meditation and years of introspective study, but hey, these days who has all that time, right? The time has come that the sages and diviners who were hidden away and protected by their clans and tribes are now out in the world and are accessible for those who seek their highest manifestation in this incarnation.

SL 2014

The Shift from 3D to 5D

We are always hearing about the 3D to 5D construct.  Some ask, what happened to the 4D?  To put it quite simply, the 4D is the disharmonic stepping stone from the polarity consciousness of the 3D world….

He said/She said

3D is fragmenting. Once that fragmentation occurs in 3D, then a short trip through the hell of 4D on to the heart-centered shift into the 5D realm occurs.

It’s a slippery passage. One can be yanked back to 3D at any time, so be vigilant.  When you get pissy or in pain, know that you are firmly rooted in the 3D construct.   Break free!  The task will truly be your most daunting passage of life, but worth the cremation.

In the past we had to elevate spiritually through initiation, to then die and (hopefully as in Tibetan culture) return at a higher vibratory rate, rather than repetitive patterns through myriad lifetimes of lower energies and consciousness.

Now, due to “where” we are in space, we can actually activate or mutate our heavier carbon-based bodies into a higher vibratory, more crystalline structure, or, if you will, activate the light body more easily and rapidly than ever before and not have to die in the physical to do so.

It’s all about dropping density, letting go of lower draggy energies and habits.  See the body and all things as sacred (thus the name of my project, Sacred Way).

This, of course, cannot all be done at once. It is a process, that’s why it’s called the ascension process.  Doing things that give you more energy rather than combatting lethargic energies.  Through healing rather than a poultice or a splint.

Meditating Your Way Through 5D Ascension

Meditation is the key (read my post, “Meditation is Key”).  You must balance out your busy yang life in order to come to a point of recovery.

It is not that productive to go plumbing the depths looking for a problem that you yourself caused. And if you think someone else ’caused your issue, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D polarity and may want to just stop.  Stop blaming, stop talking about your problems, stop begging for someone else to “fix it,” stop sharing your agony…just STOP!

Don’t talk about your…

Or bad luck.

As Grandma used to say, “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing.” This totally applies to you, too!

On the flip side, if you have let go of limiting relationships, beliefs and juggling possessions, you may be one of the fortunate ones who are having a quantum breakthrough at this time — with increases in cognition, psychic abilities, even talents and abilities rising to the surface, either long submerged or repressed or even savant-like abilities just coming up seeming to rise from the depths of your soul.

Give yourself some “alone time” for introspection and processing.  Take a break after events to get your bearings in the new energies that are shifting rapidly.  Choose ye well.  Be happy.

Expect miracles, see yourself in perfect health.  Let go of old and outdated wants and desires.  Live in the fullness of the present.  If you are not happy with something, don’t complain. Change it or at least be open to change.


Be a blessing to your own soul and thus to the planet.  BE the shift.  Show through example, not talk.  Strive to be more loving and tolerant to yourself and others.  Walk away without engaging if necessary and above all….

Be happy!   Change is good!

Namaste’, Blessings in LVX,
Sherrie Locke, 2014

5D Shift

Written by Sherrie Locke on 11 Seed, April 2014.

Shift Happens

In recent times we have all been experiencing great shifts in perception, changes in relationships of all kinds, earth and weather patterns shifting, a feeling of the unknown. The change is unprecedented.

We chose to incarnate at this point to witness, to be a part of, to transcend all from the past and come into the fullness that we are. Full human potential. A quantum shift in consciousness in all kingdoms, human, plant, animal, mineral and elemental is taking place at this time.

Our perception is sharpening, our radar refined, our purpose being clarified.

All this may seem a blur, an upheaval. For some a huge breakthrough, for others a complete breakdown. Give thanks if you are centered somewhere in the middle.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself during this ongoing process that will last the rest of your life…

Hydrate with good pure water.

Breathe and be conscious of your breath.

Give yourself time for relaxation, meditation or ceremony.

Try not to have a fixed plan while holding on to overall vision. I call this the prime directive.

As you drop layers of illusion, your vision will become clearer. The right people will appear and synchronicities will abound.

If you are feeling sick, stuck or in blame of others for your current situation, then you are firmly rooted in the 3D pain body. It is telling you to make changes. For some a subtle shift may move mountains of past trauma, even generationally; for others, the shift may be a radical upheaval or a tearing down process. This is the dissolution of illusion, “what lies beneath” is the real you and your true life. Believe me, you will be happy beyond measure when that treasure is uncovered.

For so many of you, you likely possess all the skills you need to fulfill that potential. In many cases it is a process of unlearning what you have been taught and accepted as a belief system. Be open, be adventurous, don’t attach.

During these years of shift many are having health issues rush to the surface to be healed once and for all. For others the process is much more emotional.

There are…




Nausea or a feeling of being “sea sick,”

Hot or cold sweats,

Ringing ears,

Frenetic energy,


A heightened sensitivity to most everything.

So choose ye well your circles and interactions, for if they don’t jive with your current energetic frequency, these interactions will be uncomfortable. You may not be able to tolerate certain energies as you did before.

Please try to stay away from criticism of all kinds, especially self-criticism. Rather than acknowledging pain and suffering, do something to take the attention elsewhere…

Play music.

Watch something silly.

Do artwork or a craft.

Good food and supplementation will assist you…

Avoid Alcohol.

Eat lots of fresh veggies.

Cut down on heavy foods, meats and sugars.

Some vitamins are helpful like the water solubles, Vitamin C, B-Complex and B-12 with Folic Acid. Personally I find Silica gel to be helpful; after all it is basically the building block for all plants and crystals and what we are evolving into.

For extra nutrition Chlorella or Spirulina are helpful.

Herbal teas of all kinds can be helpful.

Use natural oils for cooking.

Use essential oils and “Bach Flower” remedies.

Drink lots of water!

Notice how your tastes are changing, which colors you are drawn to, how your perceptions are changing and how things are different with these new perceptions. Work on refining your personal skills, change your routine placing yourself as number one on the priority list…

Do something healthy for yourself everyday.

Treat yourself once in a while.

Celebrate milestones and breakthroughs.

Get rid of old and outdated clothing from the previous version of you. You can certainly keep beloved articles, but wear them.

Grow something, even a houseplant.

Say “good job” to yourself when you complete a task, and take a break before you plow into another.

Never make money or a person your goal.

Refine, observe, be kind to yourself.

Don’t talk too much about what you are doing with people who are not involved.

Stop asking friends for advice. Seek professional guidance if necessary.

Above all, Be Happy! Breathe!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and the world will reflect it back to you, in peace, love and harmony.

Much love and transformation I wish for you all,

Aho! It is done in a good way.

Meditation is Key

Written by Sherrie Locke, 1 Serpent, March 2014.

You cannot continue to “yang” out and push and push to get your will done. As the silence between notes also creates the music, so does meditation create a balance in our busy lives.

Going to primordial Yin will bring your manifestations into being through a birthing process. All life comes through the divine feminine, the mother, the vessel where creation happens; all else is a manifestation of pure yang ego and will not hold up over time.

Don’t be afraid of the dark!

She is your true ally, not the black/white good/bad polarity of the 3-D, but the essence of the divine feminine principle, the vessel.

The balance of the divine yin and yang is the goal, blending into a synthesis of creation, a dance. The more you dance this rhythm the more you align and the faster and clearer your manifestations appear.

In and out, turning yourself inside out, rolling the torus.

Practice makes perfect!

May the force be with you!

Choosing a Tarot Deck or Other Divination System for Personal Growth

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ahau, March 2014

Remember, “The path of initiation opens doors that were previously closed.”

So this means, “to open a path.”

All the knowledge of that path comes after one enters the gate.

Tarot Cards
The 22 trumps or major arcana relate to the evolution of the soul.

The four suits are not only a regular playing card deck, but esoterically also the four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The 22 trumps or major arcana depict, a construct or a passage of the soul from the Fool to The Universe. I will discuss esoteric reversal and replacement of certain cards in the order of the construct as we progress over time.

Each Tarot trump, and every card, for that matter, conveys a thought, a principle or an archetype. The study can go on for a lifetime.

When choosing a Tarot deck, take these things into consideration.

Choose one at your level of understanding.

I like to start people out with a Ryder-Waite deck, or my favorite for many years, the Albano-Waite deck. Slight differences make the Albano version more correct, and the four suits (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) have a background theme throughout each element that keeps your attention on that element. For example, Water has a water theme that is mostly blue, Fire is a bit of a hot background theme, Air is more yellow and spring looking, and Earth is, well, earthy. So the Albano-Waite deck triggers the subconscious, helping you to make the connections.

So choose a tarot deck wisely. You are not going to go out and buy one, put up a shingle that says
“Tarot Reader” and do yourself or anyone else a service. Let’s keep this personal at this stage, and for soul development.

The Thoth Tarot Cards
I read the Thoth Tarot deck but I would not suggest it to novices or anyone without a basic knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet, The Tree of Life (basic Kabala), astrology and certain other initiatory practices. It’s too much for the layperson, and Crowley will smack you right in the face with your own shit. For real.

Other helpful divination systems are runes and, of course, the I-Ching (pronounced the Ee-Ching). Note that the 16 court cards in a Tarot deck correspond to 16 hexagrams (of 64) in the I-Ching divination system. I will elaborate on this in my book.

There are many other oracles, from Persian to Maya to Greek, to West African systems. They utilize everything from tea leaves to cowrie shells, from sticks of yarrow to stones and bones…it’s endless. So as I said, keep it on your level of understanding and training.

Researching Divination Systems
Sit with each system and see which one resonates with you.

You are only to use these divination systems at first to determine your own state of character. Second, to determine what a scenario or person is teaching you or its underlying meaning, and finally (after lots of practice on the first two), you may inquire about a person, a business partner or viability of any operation from starting a venture to a magickal working.

I would like to leave you now with a hint.

Meditate on tarot trump number 1, The Magician. Also related to this concept is Hexagram number 1 in the I-Ching, The Creative or the 7 Dragons ascending to heaven. These are the “control’ “elements and the doorway to open either the I-Ching or the Tarot to you for further studies.

I suggest you sit with either of these systems on a daily basis meditation until you feel yourself shift into them. You become the Magician, you become The Creative.

Now go forth and find your system to advanced personal insight and growth!

Ho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Holding Sacred Space

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Qanil, March 2014

The idea and concept of “holding space” has been around since life arose on this planet. From a lion’s pride, to a wolf pack to a mushroom patch, it’s a natural tendency in construct of creation.

We are here today to discuss the space you intentionally hold for yourself, for your loved ones and for any operation or manifestation with which you are currently working. So be mindful, don’t juggle too much and maintain what you are intending.

The point of a ritual is to zero in on what you want to do.

Do you want:
A clean high vibe space?
Protection from harm?
Connection to your ancestors?
A creative or healing space?

Are you opening and holding space for a new creative project or business endeavor?
For learning or saturation environment?
A channel to receive something?
Subcategories, such as knowledge, prosperity, healing?

It goes on and on and on.

How to Hold Space
As I have stated over and over, know your base of knowledge and understanding and work with that to its fullest everyday. If you do not apply it, how can you refine it?

Periodically check your works to see if they still apply. Have they ramped up or down? Do they need more attention or action, or are they toodling along? Are you happy with the results so far? Are there any results?

Adjust, adjust, adjust. Let go of the way you think it should manifest; that’s not your issue! Your job is to hold space, be intentional, be motivated to succeed and ready to act at any moment 24/7/365.

To do so you must be clear about your intentions. If your brain is in a jumble, you are not going to get anything done. The point of a ritual is to maintain focus and clear out blockage to the achievement of your goals. It’s a routine of diligence, of knowing yourself and your motivations.

If you are not clear on these personal factors, in understanding yourself and what makes you tick, what motivates you or awakens your passion, then you might want to hold off and do some personal work before you start attempting to effect change on a broader scale. As they say, clear out your own shit first before entering a lodge or proceeding with a magical working.

It is vital to understand that life is not happening to you, that you are creating it from the inside out.
So start at the starting point, which is “Know Thyself!” In Egyptian culture, the symbol of the scarab says it all, “Man Know Thyself!”

If you do not know yourself and why you are motivated to make certain choices, then you will repeat them over and over again, ad nauseum, until you are finally done with it. Keep it up. Your choice, pain is optional, and I would never deny someone as much pain as they would like to indulge in. I practice tomasic energy work in my bag of modalities, so I am not afraid of bringing the pain body to the surface for eradication.

OK, back to holding space. So you have figured out something you wish to effect change. You have cleaned the space. You have opened a space through intent and ceremony.

You have determined the general duration of the working. You have set certain components to work for you, things such as candles and Power Items.

The space is set, the work is in progress.

For longer term projects, just check in on them at least on an annual basis.

These things run like a software program, either constantly working or all at once with a big push to build energy and momentum.

If you wish to hold space for a loved one, such as in a prayer or healing energy, set a field (space) and picture you and the person together in that space. Call in the energies of the green healing ray, any helpful assistants such as helpful ancestors or other healing or plant energies, and invite them into the space you have created for that purpose. If healing someone who is far away, visualize the space surrounding the person wherever he or she may be.

So go forth, light a candle, do a magickal working to help yourself or someone else, Keep it Light, do it with LOVE, be clear on your intentions and don’t overlap too many things at once. Watch your works increase as you practice. And above all, get to know yourself better and get in touch with what motivates you.

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin
Blessed Be.

Storytelling, The Native American Way

Written by Sherrie Locke, 5 Akabal, March 2014.

In Tewa tradition, we are renowned storytellers.

Stories are about learning to listen.

Many times the stories are real or told like a campsite tale, but if grandma or grandpa or even a cousin say they have a story, all would gather around to listen. The story would always have a significant teaching but was never presented as something “One should learn,” not even along the lines of, “the moral to the story is….” Nope.

It’s more like the story itself gives the understanding of a much larger picture, a scenario, or a fundamental life lesson knowledge key. Then later if they wanted to remind us, they would say, “remember the story of the woodpecker, or the story of ….”. Sometimes we would tell funny stories and everybody would laughs and laugh, a point would be made without the usual someone telling you what to think or feel. No one would ever say, “That’s not true!” or even ask why.

Other times, we cousins would tell stories of the future (wild fantasies), and we would all be riveted. Then when we were all enthralled in the story, one of our names would come out of the storyteller’s mouth and we would all laugh with glee to hear about cousin Jeff’s future escapades or mine.

Sometimes there were creation stories, sometimes a story about how something “came to be.” Usually right after we saw one. My cousins and I preferred the more metaphysical and paranormal stories, ours many times with a “moral to the story,” which was usually, “Don’t go lookin’ for trouble!”

We told stories that we had heard from other tribes (not Western gossip). If we told someone else’s story, it was usually a great inspiration, or one of those “how things work” stories from grandma. We Tewa are not alone in maintaining our storytelling tradition. Here are links to contemporary Native North American storytellers:

Larry Littlebird               Ed Lee            Butterfly Garcia

Ho! Mitakuye’ Oyasin!

Amulets, Talismans and Other Power Items

Written by Sherrie Locke on 6 Net/Lizard, March 2014

In most first nation traditions of North America, powerful “things” come into one’s life at certain junctures as a person matures. For others, a medicine quest can bring one items of connection and power.

These items could be anything from a root, a feather, a crystal, a stone, a tooth, a claw, an amulet, a piece of jewelry and so on. Sometimes they come from a family member or, an elder, from the earth or even from a store (hey, this is the 21st century).

Some items are more powerful than others; possibly they have been ritually prepared or “fed” in some way by a shaman.

My intention for this brief post today is, rather than to explain the usage of objects of power, to simply address the existence of these beautiful symbols of individual or even tribal power. They help us to learn reverence, they help us to remember, to connect.

Treat your power items with respect, and each time you handle them, do so with reverence for what they represent, how they came into your life and what they have shown up to teach you.

These items may not always be with you, you may not have them forever, but they will be “in you” and “of you” and accessible to you in real-time or for always through connecting and remembering.

Ho! Mitakuye’ Oyasin!

On Being Mindful

Written by Sherrie Locke on 5 Akabal, March 2014

I was planning to post a different article today, but this one seems timely. Being mindful is part of being and staying “awake” as they say. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction, or like attracts like, and so on…there are myriad metaphors from all sides of the equation. Today we’ll discuss being mindful of your surroundings and the impact you have on the surroundings around you.

In order to hold a 5D construct, we need to be mindful of the energy of the space we are holding, both your own and the space we inhabit on a daily basis. I have provided information in previous blogs regarding space clearing and will post one soon on holding space and also one on closing space, but for now let us focus on this particular subject, Being Mindful.

When you go to the time and trouble of setting and holding sacred space, it enhances the positive energy in the entire area. Same goes with the theory that if you have a sacred space, a vibratory wavelength set up you might want to be mindful of inviting or hosting contrary energies. I will explain:

If you are holding space for a certain intention, or projects or a business, or a home, don’t you want to invite only those energies that are compatible into that space?  Well, of course! And if you were protecting your space, would you want to go pick up anyone off the street and bring him or her home to partake of the family meal? Well, some of you will, of course, say yes.

However, at this time we are talking about bringing into a space what you wish to create. In this case, the way like attracts like. When you are anchoring energies for the positive evolution of something, anything, don’t you want to shield it from anything that might disrupt it’s positive and fruitful growth?

Case in point, I live near what is referred to as the Sedona of Central America, Lots of very specialized healers and therapists and the sort. Also scads of tourists in the high season, most here to do ceremony, a healing quest, or further their education in some modality, of which many are available. All that is great.

Across the lake and not a far boat ride is another town with a bit more of a reputation as a party town. So why is there still the mixing and lack of mindfulness not only from the tourist types but also with the locals, do tell.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice private party or a music venue on any given day is a wonderful outlet for everyone, but please, if you plan to start a rave, a drumming circle, or blast techno (which I have nothing against in reasonable hours) please be mindful of first, your neighbors, then the community (the indigenous first!) and even of how you are affecting the area. If you will be mindful of this, it will save you future challenges with people of your community, please work together!