Sirius Rising: The 2014 8/8 Lion’s Gate

Written by Sherrie Locke on 7 Qanil, August 2014

We are approaching the yearly portal known as “The Lion’s Gate.”


The Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th every year.

The 8/8 Lion’s Gate marks the time when the star Sirius begins to rise in the sky. Sirius has been hiding for approximately 70 days.

The Lion’s Gate stargate portal is linked with the rising of the binary star Sirius, which opens a portal to the power of the heart (through our Sun). It points to and activates the path of the heart. The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is symbolic of the human DNA helix.

Think of the 8/8 stargate as a new Vesica piscis, a new womb of creation opening up as the binary star system Sirius opens her transformational and magical (magickal) energies to us.

The star Sirius rises every midsummer, this rising is associated with new thought, new light and new beginnings. Solar power moves into physical form, uniting the hemispheres of the brain in a vesica piscis, thus, cosmic fusion. A new seeding occurs that increases mental capacity, IQ and the ability to remember (past and future).

The mysticism and symbolism of Sirius is a thread that runs through many indigenous cultures. It is “The Heart of The Lion,” thus the Sphinx. The Dogon culture has known Sirius to be a binary star system long before astronomy even existed as a science; their entire cosmology is built on it.

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful passage that, when utilized mindfully and wisely, can be a super passage, a before and after event. Some Lion’s gates and other portals are more powerful than others. Remember the 8-8-2008 portal? The 9-9-2009, 10-10-2010, 11-11-2011 and 12-12-2012 portals?

What makes this Lion’s Gate portal special is the astrological and lunar intensity. The Full Super Moon in Aquarius this August occurs two days after the Lion’s Gate portal and is the most powerful Super Moon of 2014. Yes, I know that I have repeated this many times, now this time is at hand.

Think of it like this…

We are in the FIRE of FIRE, which is “right action.” We have been letting go of what no longer serves us, be it health issues or people. We have made space and are quite ready for forward progress.

Let us use this Lion’s Gate as the “portal of no return.” No return to bad habits, self-doubt, illness or poverty (financially or emotionally).

The Lion’s Gate is a before and after event; the full moon breaks impasses. Let this be a portal to a new you, a new way of expressing your highest self.

These portals are like keys to the subconscious. You can use them or not. I find working intentionally gains WAY more ground. People who do not acknowledge these portals are still affected by them. Do some research. What happened around the 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 portals, we will have no more of those during this lifetime. We will continue to have other portal openings like the Sirius rising event, every year to come.

You will not be the same person going into the Lion’s Gate as you are coming out of the Lion’s Gate, so pay attention. Some changes are subtle, others radical. I prefer mine somewhere in the middle, but hey, sometimes you actually don’t get to choose the “hows” OR how prepared you are (or are not) for change and transcendence.

Most of all, be gentle with yourself. If you are a Leo (in Western astrology) or have a birth date around this time, the effect will be stronger, and I am most certain you will be familiar with this annual event.

If you were born on August 8, you actually are a portal. I bet some of you 8-8’s can share some interesting stories.

This year the 8/8 Lion’s Gate occurs on 1 Tzi’kin (Eagle) in the calendar Maya, so in that regard August 8 begins a new 13-day cycle, or trecena as it is called here in the land of the living Maya, so this Lion’s Gate is even more of a before and after event, and you will feel the energy shift — the end of yet another chapter and the beginning of a new one.

This Lion’s Gate will seem somewhat extended or stretched, since we will come directly out of this portal into the Full Super Moon event. I always like to mark these occasions with a ceremony, a meditation and then a feast.

Just remember, The Lion’s Gate is “The Heart of the Lion,” it resides in your chest. Tap it, use it, open your heart.

~SL 2014

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