The June Solstice of 2015

Written by Sherrie Locke on 4 Tzi and 5 Batz, June 2015.


Happy Solstice!

Welcome to the first Solstice of 2015. We welcome the element of Fire into the Northern hemisphere and the element of Earth in the Southern hemisphere.

The exact time of the Suns entry into Cancer (in western astrology) marks the Solstice which occurs at 12:38 PM on the US East coast, 9:38 AM on the Pacific coast of the US, 16:39 GMT (UT). It’s also Father’s Day in the US. Rather appropriate since we have been in a cycle of processing Male/Father issues for a while now.

This Solstice occurs on 6 Road on the calendar Maya in a Deer trecena (13 day cycle) which is very powerful in itself.

This entry into Cancer will feel like a ‘slingshot effect’ for many, we are moving from a time of focusing and cleaning up our intentions and setting trajectory to a time of full on action. As soon as the Fire element hits its entry point it will set us on a course of Right ACTION. If you are reading this blog you are with us on the cutting edge of the 5D shift.

Many of you still have people in your circles that are clearly embedded in the density of the 3D, this can be uncomfortable at minimum and if you are resonating at a higher frequency it can make these relationships uncomfortable to deal with. Take a deep breath and remember you are only responsible for your own actions.

This entry into Cancer will clearly show where changes must occur and could be stressful if you are resistant to change in general. Comfortable or not, the time is now. Keep your trajectory on point to your goal and prime directive. Distractions abound and 3D’ers can prove to be maddening to interact with and definitely (if we allow it) pull our energies down. Just remember, you have a choice in all of this to interact or pass.

The Sacred Holidays and how they work for us…

There are four sacred holidays each year that mark the change of elements or seasons. The progression of the elements shift the energy into a completely different flow every three months, thus four seasons, four elements, AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH.

Since it is Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, North and South, the energies are very different.

Here’s a rundown of how this works. I will first base it on the Northern Hemisphere since that is where I am (geographically) at this point.

Entry into Aries, Spring Equinox. Element of AIR. The time of Right INTENTION. Air element relates to our thinking/thoughts/intentions.

Entry into Cancer, Summer Solstice. Element of FIRE. The time of Right ACTION. Fire element relates to movement.

Entry into Libra, Autumnal Equinox, Element of WATER, the time of right EMOTIONS. Water element relates to our feelings and emotions.

and finally…

Entry into Capricorn, Winter Solstice, Element of EARTH, the time of Right RECEIVING. Earth element relates to receiving and manifestation of the energies we have been focused on in the previous three elements.

It works like this in the Southern hemisphere…

The Autumnal Equinox occurs at the exact same time as the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere is the exact same time as the Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere. So you see how certain things must be adjusted in regard to your location, so you are able to optimize the energy wherever you are on the globe at any time.

One can utilize this energy for international travel and it has business applications as well. If you are an international business person this can benefit you greatly. To be conscious of how this works puts you 10 steps ahead in the game. *Always a good thing.

Within these elemental cycles there are three phases (and also three months)…

1. Entry into the element
2. Full energy of the element
3. Preparation for the next element

To master and optimize these energies gives you a huge heads up as to timing. If you have other questions about how this works or are interested in business consultation let me know, I have been using this for years.

To sum up the energies we are about to shift into let me say that this is a time to either take Action toward your dreams (Northern hemisphere) or to open your arms to Receive (Southern hemisphere) what you have made manifest in this last gestation period. Either way, have fun with it, stay out of drama and distractions, believe in yourself and your dreams. Be a blessing in your own life and the lives of others or cease the activity all together and reboot, the choice is yours.

I wish for all of you that your greatest dreams and blessings be made manifest and your consciousness expand beyond all measure.

May this Solstice be a turning point in your life to achieve your greatest mastery.
S.L. 2015

The Solstices of Summer and Winter

Written by Sherrie Locke on 1 Akabal and 2 Net, June 2014.

The Solstice marks the longest or shortest day of the year depending on whether you are north or south of the equator.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from space.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from space.

Summer Solstice is the longest day and shortest night. Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from Earth.

The equinoxes and solstices as seen from Earth.

Each solstice marks a turning point.

The Summer Solstices

At the summer solstice the sun has reached its zenith, and after this day the hours of sunlight decrease, therefore the days get shorter. With the winter solstice, the following days increase in light and the days get longer. So whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, the summer solstice is the strongest point.

Factoid: When you get closer to the equator, day and night are almost equal with sunrise at 6 AM and sundown at 6 PM. The farther north or south you go, the more the effect, thus the darkness at the poles in winter.

The Equinoxes and Solstices

Remember, the equinoxes are balance points. The solstices are apex points of light and of darkness.

In my home tradition, in most indigenous cultures, and certainly in the pagan community, we celebrate the four sacred holidays, the four seasons, thus the four elements. Whatever you call it, this is the cycle of equinox and solstice, the changing points.

This table is based on zodiacal New Year at zero degrees Aries tropical astrology.

  • Northern Hemisphere
  • Spring, sun enters Aries – Equinox – March – Element AIR
  • Summer, sun enters Cancer – Solstice – June – Element FIRE
  • Autumn, sun enters Libra – Equinox – September – Element Water
  • Winter, sun enters Capricorn -Solstice – December – Element EARTH
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • Autumn, sun enters Aries Equinox – March – Element WATER
  • Winter, sun enters Cancer Solstice – June – Element EARTH
  • Spring, sun enters Libra – Equinox – September – Element AIR
  • Summer, sun enters Capricorn – Solstice – December – Element FIRE

I will mention, once again, that in this day and age there are lots of pseudo-ceremonies performed on the solstice and equinox points, or around the correct date and time. We are fortunate that this coming solstice falls on the requisite 21st of June this year. Maybe this year most people will schedule their celebration on the correct day.

The Time of the Summer Solstice in 2014

The solstice has an exact time, and this year it occurs at 10:51 UTC. This translates to 6:51 AM on the East Coast of the United States, 3:51 AM on the West Coast of the United States. Here in Guatemala it will be at 4:51 AM, around sunrise for us.

I was at a summer solstice festival in New Mexico many years ago, and a lot of “rainbow” types attended. The festival was in a really cool old mining town I was living in at the time. I had been tracking astrology for many years, but for some reason at that time I did not have access to my ephemeris so I did not know the exact time of the solstice. I was pretty sure it was in the early afternoon that year. Back then nobody had a smart phone and certainly no Internet.

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Solstice at Stonehenge

I looked around and decided the event organizer might be a good person to ask, since after all, he was the person in charge, I just wanted to know the exact time of the solstice. His answer was both laughable and anger provoking. He yelled at me… What is wrong with you? The solstice is today, that’s what we’re here for! Then he walked off puffing something about, “ It’s ALWAYS a woman asking stupid questions.” I am certain most people would have been offended back then, and these days he might even get slugged by a female.

Well folks, the solstice is not all day, it has an exact time. It happens in an instant. Bam! We change elements.

At least on the equinox we get four minutes of balance. That totals eight minutes annually. On a solstice we simply go straight into the new element.

As I stated, we have four changes of element and eight minutes of balance, and twice a year we pivot and change from increase of light to decrease of light. See the rhythm? Awesome, huh?

The feasts and celebrations would traditionally commence “after” the exact time of the solstice or equinox.

So for those of us in the Northern hemisphere we go from element of Air (right intention) to element of Fire (right action) from the apex of light to increasing darkness. For those in the southern hemisphere, you go from element of Water (right faith) to element of Earth (right receiving), from the apex of darkness to increasing light.

See how this works? Rather like a global Rubik’s Cube, four on top, four on the bottom, always with the opposite elements in play. Air/Water, Fire/Earth. Cool huh?

How to Prepare for the Summer Solstice

Prior to this solstice, I ask those of you in the northern hemisphere to let go of what is holding you back. Burn, give away, and let go. Pause on solstice this Saturday, preferably at the exact time of the event.

If that is not possible, prepare a feast and take the day for celebration. Give thanks for yet another new beginning. This time we get to take right action. I am certain, after months of setbacks and clearing, that if this blog has reached you, then you know exactly what I am referring to and are ready for the new refreshed energy.

For you southern hemisphere folks, your faith (element of Water) has been tested and you are moving into Earth element where all your hard work and intention will pay off and crystallize (hopefully), and if you didn’t quite get it right this time you will have a chance to begin again on the spring equinox.

Many astrologers calculate a chart at the solstice and equinox points, the beginning of each element, like a birth chart. This kind of chart is good for three months and is the theme for the next three-month journey.

The old way of being can shift in an instant. The old way, of narcissistic behavior, we are leaving behind. No more exclusion, no more I, me, mine mentality. We are moving more fully into unity consciousness

In the meantime, between the time I publish this post and the Solstice point on Saturday June 21, 2014, 10:51 UTC, let go and give thanks for what you have learned, realized, let go of, forgiven and transcended. Good job! Let’s go into the next element happy, optimistic and in gratitude.

Love you all!
Mitakuye Oyasin!
~SL 2014

Equinox, Solstice, Eclipse Cycles and the Grand Cross

Written by Sherrie Locke on 2 Road, April 2014

As many of you have heard, right now on this planet, on this day, we are experiencing a “wormhole” or eclipse passage – a very powerful eclipse passage for humanity.

On the last full moon, we had a total lunar eclipse at 25 Libra 16 on 3 Ajpu, April 15, 2014. This was also the first day of Passover for 2014. I was fortunate to witness it firsthand with two very dear fellow surfers of the Zuvuya, Cass Maenius and the infamous Shay Addams at a sacred site, Tak’alik Ab’aj in Guatemala.

Spring Equinox and Fall Equinox 2014

Let us begin with current events so far this year. Spring Equinox (in northern latitudes) was on March 20th, at 10:57 AM Guatemala time. Note: I am always surprised when an indigenous group or even a country such as Mexico staunchly celebrates the equinox on the 21st of March or September every year when they rarely occur on those dates as they shift a bit due to astrological alignments. I don’t think we have another equinox on the 21st for about 50 years or so, give or take a decade.

So we will stick with the correct and exact time the sun moves into the zodiac at the beginning, Aries, which is the Spring Equinox, also referred to as the Vernal Equinox north of the equator, and called the Autumnal Equinox south of the equator.

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on September 22 at the exact time the sun enters Libra, which is 9:29 PM Guatemala time this year.

Equinoxes are very special events here on earth, since they provide the only eight minutes of harmonic balance we receive on this planet: four minutes in the spring when the sun enters Aries and four minutes in the fall when the sun enters Libra. As a child, I got to go on field trips to a big building (usually the Masonic temple) on an equinox if it fell during school hours, where we would do our science experiments with a raw egg to do the “balancing” trick to prove our theories. Fun!

Summer and Winter Solstices

The Solstice mark the extreme points north or south on the sun’s track, so the apex points or peak points or the reverse. I will explain traditional rituals for the four sacred holidays in a future post.

We also have annular eclipse cycles, which means they occur regularly annually. This happens about twice a year, usually Spring and Fall.

The Current Grand Cross

This year we are past halfway through a roughly three and a half-year passage marked by the recurring Grand Cross alignment (check any astrologer or Google for more info on this subject). We are at point 5 out of 7 exact alignments that will conclude roughly in April 2015.

This particular passage is past the midpoint.

So to recap, first we had the Equinox 2014 entry into Aries on March 20, then the new moon and eclipse wormhole began on March 30. Next the full moon total lunar eclipse took place at 25 Libra 16 on 3 Ajpu, April 15, 2014, a sustained transformational open wormhole eclipse passage maintained with the Grand Cross.

Tonight we have the new moon in Taurus and a Solar eclipse, which will trigger the next two weeks of this passage. Fasten your seat belts!

How Eclipses Affect People

I was taught that…

The lunar eclipses change the way we feel about things.

The solar eclipses change the way the world sees us.

The proof is in the pudding.

What are you seeing in your life during this incredible life changing evolutionary passage so far?

Remember to love and honor yourself and those close to you that are going through transformation and even life-changing events, personally, locally and globally during this unprecedented time on earth.

Blessed Be and be a Blessing –

Love and Light on our journeys!

See you on the other side of the eclipse passage!


Bon voyage!

Que el camino sagrado te bendiga!

Buen viaje!

Happy trails!