Choosing a Tarot Deck or Other Divination System for Personal Growth

Written by Sherrie Locke on 9 Ahau, March 2014

Remember, “The path of initiation opens doors that were previously closed.”

So this means, “to open a path.”

All the knowledge of that path comes after one enters the gate.

Tarot Cards
The 22 trumps or major arcana relate to the evolution of the soul.

The four suits are not only a regular playing card deck, but esoterically also the four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The 22 trumps or major arcana depict, a construct or a passage of the soul from the Fool to The Universe. I will discuss esoteric reversal and replacement of certain cards in the order of the construct as we progress over time.

Each Tarot trump, and every card, for that matter, conveys a thought, a principle or an archetype. The study can go on for a lifetime.

When choosing a Tarot deck, take these things into consideration.

Choose one at your level of understanding.

I like to start people out with a Ryder-Waite deck, or my favorite for many years, the Albano-Waite deck. Slight differences make the Albano version more correct, and the four suits (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) have a background theme throughout each element that keeps your attention on that element. For example, Water has a water theme that is mostly blue, Fire is a bit of a hot background theme, Air is more yellow and spring looking, and Earth is, well, earthy. So the Albano-Waite deck triggers the subconscious, helping you to make the connections.

So choose a tarot deck wisely. You are not going to go out and buy one, put up a shingle that says
“Tarot Reader” and do yourself or anyone else a service. Let’s keep this personal at this stage, and for soul development.

The Thoth Tarot Cards
I read the Thoth Tarot deck but I would not suggest it to novices or anyone without a basic knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet, The Tree of Life (basic Kabala), astrology and certain other initiatory practices. It’s too much for the layperson, and Crowley will smack you right in the face with your own shit. For real.

Other helpful divination systems are runes and, of course, the I-Ching (pronounced the Ee-Ching). Note that the 16 court cards in a Tarot deck correspond to 16 hexagrams (of 64) in the I-Ching divination system. I will elaborate on this in my book.

There are many other oracles, from Persian to Maya to Greek, to West African systems. They utilize everything from tea leaves to cowrie shells, from sticks of yarrow to stones and bones…it’s endless. So as I said, keep it on your level of understanding and training.

Researching Divination Systems
Sit with each system and see which one resonates with you.

You are only to use these divination systems at first to determine your own state of character. Second, to determine what a scenario or person is teaching you or its underlying meaning, and finally (after lots of practice on the first two), you may inquire about a person, a business partner or viability of any operation from starting a venture to a magickal working.

I would like to leave you now with a hint.

Meditate on tarot trump number 1, The Magician. Also related to this concept is Hexagram number 1 in the I-Ching, The Creative or the 7 Dragons ascending to heaven. These are the “control’ “elements and the doorway to open either the I-Ching or the Tarot to you for further studies.

I suggest you sit with either of these systems on a daily basis meditation until you feel yourself shift into them. You become the Magician, you become The Creative.

Now go forth and find your system to advanced personal insight and growth!

Ho Mitakuye Oyasin!