Techniques for Deep Primordial Yin Meditation

Written by Sherrie Locke on 12 Qanil, June 2014

meditation 4

Picture the Yin-Yang symbol. We live in the white part. What we are working to achieve is balance. In order to do so, we must access the primordial Yin, the birthing place.

One moves “down” and “in,” sinking and expanding into primordial Yin.

There are two basic ways of doing this. I learned both techniques from two respected elders, may they rest in peace.

General Relaxation and Meditation

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, hands and feet uncrossed. I find a straight-backed chair or lying down best.

Take several deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to clear the energy.

Adjust and get comfortable.

Start breathing deeply, long in breath through your nose breathing deeply from your diaphragm. This is known as “pot belly breathing.”


Exhale slowly, collapsing the diaphram until all air is exhausted.

Do this a few times.

You can also use this to breathe out impurities and anxieties, and to let your thoughts pass.

I like to do this flat on my back. Sitting in a chair works well too.

This basic technique can be used for all types of meditation, such as centering, grounding and earthing.

Over the years I have been exposed to many traditions and types of meditation. I felt guided to share two of the most powerful I have ever run across. Each was taught to me by a mentor, a respected elder, these are advanced meditation techniques to be used to access the plane of the absolute….

A quote that came up as I was preparing to write this article:

“Beyond the Plane of Creation is stillness, the Plane of Absolute. This is beyond time and space. On this plane, the Universe is only information that can be read and altered. From this plane, physical life is a hologram of this information.”
– Carola Arcadia

The Movie Screen Technique

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and well grounded (read my post about Grounding Techniques), hands flat, palms down on your thighs or in a cupped position, spine straight. Start the breathing process. Allow the profusion of your thoughts to come into and flow around your head (feels uncomfortable eh?). This is your daily life and thought process. Crazy huh? That is only what is in the field of awareness. Just think what all is running in the background programs of old trauma and belief systems.

meditation 7

While you experience this to its fullness, narrow it down to a TV screen and put all that on the TV screen. Push that TV to the far side of the room.

Let the comfort of stillness and darkness begin to surround you, the way the lights are dimming in a movie theatre. Feel yourself in the movie theatre of your life, apart from the screen, watching the movie.

Move further back in your consciousness until the screen becomes a drive-in movie theatre (farther away), then to something you have to view through a telescope. You will realize that you are sitting in primordial Yin. Let the screen run in the distance, listen or view it if you must, but if you can still tell what’s going on, move the screen farther away. Use this as a point of focus, a pinhole thread.

You are now in “the space,” the “place.”

This is not a place to put out your will, but a place to surrender and receive. Yin “in’..” Just breathe and regenerate. Sit with that part of yourself, that part of your divine nature.

In more advanced techniques one may place the screen on a rolling torus. You might want to work up to this, so wait a bit for such advanced heart expansion work.

For now, bask in the place of regeneration. Heal, reboot, allow yourself to transmute to transcend.

After a while, bring your attention back to the screen. You may wish to place an image or a symbol on the screen, as a sort of intermission break. Pick something beautiful. Whenever you wish to stop mental chatter, go to that picture or symbol and take a mental break or intermission if you will in the long movie that is your life.

Return to the present.

Submerging into the Depths Technique

I like this technique and use it for lots of things. I have a regular set place I can sink into in the bottom of the Mariannas Trench (the deepest part of all the oceans).

This technique is applied in a prone position, flat on your back. Now do as you did with the previous style of meditation…



Float on top of the ocean or any body of water you are comfortable with (I will expand on this subject in a future post). If a kiddie pool seems safer to you, go with that. The idea is to sink slowly to the bottom, under the water. This is a visualization, so don’t try it in a bathtub or pool, at least not without scuba gear, and never ever do this meditation in the ocean literally.

The idea is just like what happens when diving or snorkeling. All the stuff going on in your everyday world is above the surface of the water. If you have ever had the opportunity to scuba dive, you will get what I am saying. The surface is “up there.” The deeper you go, the less of it you can see and hear until you only know where it is but not what is going on there. Enjoy the fish, the coral reef, the depths and find or create yourself a space or a place you like to go explore or feel safe to chill. Remember, you can breathe there very well, gills or not.

water meditation 2

This is a place you can access anytime by diving beneath the hustle and bustle of the world to chill and rejuvenate your soul. Hey, it’s called achieving great depth. You can return to the surface world anytime you like and won’t even get the bends or have to decompress.

You can also use the floating on an air mattress on water technique for quick meditations and balancing. The 3D world is above, primordial Yin is beneath. You are the line, thus balanced between the two.

In closing…
After using these techniques for just a bit, you will find fresh inspiration welling up from the depths inside of you. These are your true callings, gifts and talents being birthed. You will find new points of interest and a fresh view as you have made sacred space, a vessel to be filled. This technique will also assist you in your Yang manifestations so they have a chance to gestate and be born.

meditation 3

These meditations are for “making space.” For recognizing the process of thought and perception. They are for deepening and expanding both fields: consciousness and awareness. Not in conflict but in harmony and balance.

One talks, one is silent.
One is high as the sky, one is as deep as the abyss.
Live in the balance of these.

It is done!
~SL 2014

Meditation is Key

Written by Sherrie Locke, 1 Serpent, March 2014.

You cannot continue to “yang” out and push and push to get your will done. As the silence between notes also creates the music, so does meditation create a balance in our busy lives.

Going to primordial Yin will bring your manifestations into being through a birthing process. All life comes through the divine feminine, the mother, the vessel where creation happens; all else is a manifestation of pure yang ego and will not hold up over time.

Don’t be afraid of the dark!

She is your true ally, not the black/white good/bad polarity of the 3-D, but the essence of the divine feminine principle, the vessel.

The balance of the divine yin and yang is the goal, blending into a synthesis of creation, a dance. The more you dance this rhythm the more you align and the faster and clearer your manifestations appear.

In and out, turning yourself inside out, rolling the torus.

Practice makes perfect!

May the force be with you!